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    Hey DreamBotters,

    Let's face it, our SDN has been a bit messy for some time now. There are a lot of unmaintained and broken scripts that not only confuse our users but also discourage scripters to release new scripts. I believe by getting rid of these unattented scripts, we manage to attract new scripters on our platform. In addition, we are able to provide a more pleasant experience to our users instead of having them spend too much time on finding a script that actually works and is being maintained.

    With that being said, I've gathered a list of scripts that have been reported as broken or have received no attention by their authors. The list is rather huge, meaning a lot of scripts will be removed from the SDN. Free and VIP scripts will no longer be able to be used after they've been removed. Premium scripts remain usable to existing users, but they won't be able to be purchased after removal.

    Now, I know questions will arise. Here are answers to some of them:

    • You removed a script that has worked for me for years! Why?
      If the script was working, then it was removed for the author's inactivity. Perhaps you knew how to get the script working, but dozens of other users have been attempting to contact the author for their issues with the script. Because the scripter has been inactive, those users have had a negative experience with DreamBot.
    • I purchased this script a week ago, and you're now removing it!
      Don't worry. You will not lose access to the script now. Product Refund Terms And Agreements apply.
    • The SDN doesn't have an alternative to this script I've been using and is being removed. What to do?
      Now it's great time to request other scripters to write a replacement script for it. Someone will be interest to fill the gap on the SDN the removal creates.

    These are targeted to scripters:

    • I'm very active and yet you're removing my script! Why?
      You most likely have ignored users seeking for assistance in your script's thread, triggering me to add your script to the list.
    • What happens to my scripter rank?
      If you're Scripter, you retain your rank as long as you have other scripts on the SDN.
      If you're Scripter+, you retain your rank as long as you have a free and a premium script on the SDN. If you only have a free script on the SDN after the removal, you will be demoted to Scripter. If your only free script is removed, you will be demoted to Non-Scripter and your all premium scripts will be removed from the SDN.
    • You've made a mistake! I'm active, I keep my script updated and assist users.
      I'm a human, I can make mistakes. In such scenario, please send me a message.
    • What can I do to prevent my script from being removed?
      You can prevent your script from being removed if you act within the time frame given. If the script is being removed for being broken, simply fix it. If the script is working, but you've been slacking on being active, send me a message and we'll discuss what will be done.



    Scripts set to be removed on January 9, 2020



    Scripts set to be removed on January 16, 2020



    Scripts set to be removed on January 23, 2020

    The Dream Team

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    About time like something like this happened, well done Dreambot staff.

    I remember using the bot years ago and the scripts did very well, it did feel like recently they didn't have the "oh my god, this is great" sort of feeling so hopefully this pushes it.

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