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  1. Hoodz


    add me on discord if you want to get things sorted. I cant give you a refund because im not authorised to do that. And please: "has already got one of my accounts banned just off the basis of it being disfunctional" there is no proof of that and kinda harsh to say.
  2. Hoodz


  3. Hoodz


    You haven't send me any bug reports. The script should work fine and if it gets stuck somewhere i can fix it. Message me on discord and we'll get it sorted edit: don't use dreambot breaks as its not supported.
  4. Can the javadocs get an update?
  5. Hoodz


    Bug fixes: - fixed correct name checking for pots - fixed looting dragon bones edit: jamflex updated their game on wednesday and they added this: * Baby dragons now have their colour in their name in order to help colourblind players determine which is which. I believe i fixed baby black dragons, if the script doesnt attack them please report to me.
  6. Hoodz


    Update - added npcs: wyrms, drakes, hydra (all require boots of stone and battlefront teleports) - added a few more web areas - added battlefront teleport to web unsupported npcs update These npcs are currently not supported: "mutated zygomite", "brine rat", "locust rider", "spitting wyvern", "smoke devil" Ill try to add these in the next update.
  7. Hoodz


    i have cannon support in v2 which is not released yet
  8. Hoodz


    join the discord Another update! - Added dark beasts (requires slayer rings) - Added blue dragons - Small GUI fixes - Added the basalt rocks route back to the lighthouse
  9. Hoodz


    Several bug fixes have been pushed. GUI image fix normal combat potion fix some traversing bugs (karamja related) other traversing bugs (added black listed tiles) some other small fixes.
  10. Thank you for adding blacklisted tiles method
  11. Hoodz


    Bug fixes: - Elf camp teleport fix - Elf naming fix - Npc assigning should be 100% accurate now - A possible bug with stamina potions fixed - Divine potions are now ignored - Some zeah teleportation locations are fixed
  12. Hoodz


    what tasks?
  13. Hi, I would lie a refund of the slayer script please

  14. Hoodz


    Script is working and up to date Delayed although some progress has been made
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