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    1. As stated previously - there is no scam. If I had any intention of scamming, would I not have taken the 400m+ bank that you trusted me with in order to maintain development of the script? I have explained the situation in the previous post regarding my current issue. I will not be issuing a refund for development time that has been used, so if your intention in this event is to ban me, please do so. I have had no intention of scamming or not-completing the script nor have I ever denied that I will be continuing the work on the script. Thanks.
    2. Script is still in progress. It has taken exceptionally long I understand however the script itself has a lot of issues in the way that DreamBot handles things - which I have discussed with another scripter who made the same script for another individual. There is no scam, I've started my (IRL) work again Monday this week and I cannot disclose the nature of it but I've been unable to be at my PC and Discord hence lack of communication which is out of my hands. As stated, there in the grand scheme of things - small tweaks here and there to be made, but with every tweak arises another issue leading to more needing to be done. I will have more availability at the weekend to focus more on such things however I cannot guarantee a time to which it will be completed as it simply cannot be effectively estimated. I understand my time estimate was wrong and I should of communicated this more effectively but that has been and gone now. - Banker
    3. hello banker I have some questions about the casionrs bot script I downloaded it and I try to run it and I input my username then do any of the commands in the global chat !roll !abc !dd etc. and I doesn't work any thoughts on why I doesn't work, and I see you talk about join a cc "clan chat' but it says I need to be skill 150 so do you mean something else because I see level 3 bots using your script

      thank you-F0rkySp00n

    4. Banker

      Random TWC?

      You're 'Trade With Caution' on Sythe and potentially other places, if you're TWC on other reliable forums then it makes sense for staff here to apply the rank to you here also to protect the community. Referenced Account: https://www.sythe.org/members/dovis-gold-shop.1190504/ Proof: Matching Discord Handle on Threads.
    5. Rates change every hour if not more frequently, if I advertise the best rates then they’ll be the best rates. I can’t be active every hour to update the rate every time it changes
    6. When selling RSN you probably shouldn't publicly reveal the name on the chance that someone may report the name with evidence of its sale (RWT) to Jagex and the associated account would get banned.
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