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  1. hey just bought the agility pyramid script but its stuck not doing anything at all. help pllease!

  2. Baller, it says you cant receive messages on the forums. 


    Can you please send me a PM so i can reply with my private script request.

  3. just purchased Baller's Beast tanner, not sure if its just a problem on my end but every time i go to run the script it immediately goes to my bank and then logs me out and help would be greatly appreciated thank you! 

  4. Sorry you're having that issue It hasn't been reported to me before and is working fine for me. Can you post a longer video displaying the issue with the logger open? It's possible you might not be able to connect to the database?
  5. Still up and running. No problems as far as I can see, though extra updates have stopped for the time being simply because I'm busy with schoolwork for the next couple weeks. Soon enough, AI mode and a few other updates will be rolled out, though
  6. Can't seem to PM you, so what would it cost for a private script that'd kill and loot lava drags?

  7. Update: Script was delivered, @eistdrah is still experiencing some issues, so the dispute should be kept open.
  8. I was hoping to see if you’re able to provide me with a 24 auth of your script (MoneyMaker) so I could test it out. Please let me know if that is still a possibility, thanks

  9. I appreciate your understanding; it's kind of you. As of now, I have 3 exams this week (oral language exam, written language exam, and physics exam :\), but spring break is this weekend, and I'll have Friday-Monday completely free, if that works for you. If not, I still have the gold sitting on my account, and am happy to give a complete refund, or the script itself and a 50% refund. your call
  10. For the last month or so, I’ve honestly been pretty inactive, and I apologize for this, as my daily life has been cutting into my time for scripting drastically (i’m even typing this on my phone now bc I was notified of the dispute). I can deliver the script and a 50% refund as well, or just give a full refund. I’m happy to do either, because I recognize that this has been far, far too long, and that I shouldn’t have accepted a request with my schedule.
  11. Shoot me a PM over discord! (Im a Baller#6006) I'm always happy to help everybody; 20k/hr isn't good profit at all, and the script definitely has better capabilities to take advantage of
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