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  1. The Map API will be very useful for this: https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/map/Map.html
  2. Are you still around my man, your topics are all closed :(

    1. Im A Baller

      Im A Baller

      I'm revitalizing my scripts right now, actually, and expect everything to be back up soon :D 

  3. Can I get a trial of the GE flipper?  I'd like to see the functionality of it vs flipping on my own

  4. trying to buy the warrior guild script and it isnt allowing me it says this is not available?

  5. Can i get a free trial on your hide tanning script please? the topic was locked


  6. Hey! I was wondering if I could get a trial on your Beast Tanner script?

  7. Hey, looking for a trial on the GE Flipper, Thanks! The topic there is not available to me.

  8. Asking to get a free trial on wine maker. Thanks!


  9. not sure how to contact you, but I am interested in looking at your private script shop

    , ty

  10. wondering if i can get a free trial on your wine maker 

  11. yo what happen to ur tanner script

    are u still updating? cuz it was up for removal 

  12. Hi, i'am new to this. Was interested in a free trail of your beast tanner script. didn't know of a better way to contact you.

  13. Hello, I've tried messaging you but i would love a free trial to your AIO F2P please! 

    Thank you so much - James!

  14. could I get free trial?

  15. heey Baller!

    i tryed to buy your Baller GE Flipper. but when i try it it says it cant be find in the store of dreambot.. do the bot still works? and how can i get it? 

    hope to hear from you soon! 


    Siebe de Vries

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