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    1. Following up, I have personally messaged him, after he claimed it got him 'banned in two hours' via Script Issues, and I haven't received a response (though he read it 5 hours ago). @semispaz I'm curious how the script failed to run, lost you money, simultaneously got you banned, and was restarted multiple times all in the span of two hours (not including time to set up anything in the script). Could you explain what happened in here? Otherwise, feel free to respond to my DMs and we can personally figure this out Edit: By the way, I can see that from when you first purchased it to when you made this post, you had the script for at most a little over an hour.
    2. This does not happen. The script is used 60 times over every day, and I've never once heard of this issue, even from new users. You have also failed to contact me, or provide any explanation as to what you're doing to cause this. Feel free to DM me to rectify this at 'Im a Baller#6006' on Discord.
    3. ^ this. Pretty sure hashtag only cares about the master branch
    4. Mule for Baller Grand Exchange Flipper
    5. wine maker gets stuck in bank wont exit the bank screen every time.

      1. Im A Baller

        Im A Baller

        Odd - I'll take a look tonight and get back to you. Thank you for contacting me

    6. Hey everybody! If you'd like to directly contact me, please do so over PM or Discord! (Baller#6006)
    7. I do not check the script thread very often (maybe once or twice a week at most) - the main page says to contact me directly on Discord. If you'd like to add me on Discord to discuss, I'd be happy to help you out My username is "Im a Baller#6006". There is also a link to the Discord server in the script thread if you want to check out daily conversations about the script . If you don't have Discord, also feel free to DM me on Dreambot
    8. Use proxies and take regular breaks as well
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