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    1. Haven't been active recently, anyone used this lately and can confirm it's still working/have any issues to report?
    2. Yeah as I said before, can you show your declaration of 'item'?
    3. - Show us where you're assigning a value to 'item'. - Why are you iterating 28 times? - You should be sleeping (dynamically) upon interaction to avoid 'spam clicking'.
    4. You'd more than likely have to use a hiscores query.
    5. Python is well worth learning irrespective of whether your intended application is botting or otherwise.
    6. Pseudo

      Tracking a npc

      Even if the NPC isn't visible in the scene you ought to be able to determine its location if it's loaded in the region.
    7. [code] Keyboard.pressShift(); for (int i : dropOrder) {//dropOrder being an array of type int[] of the order you want to drop the items Item item = Inventory.getItemInSlot(i); if (item != null //any further criteria can be added here) { if (item.interact()) { //sleep(s)? } } Keyboard.releaseShift(); [/code]
    8. https://www.javatpoint.com/java-jspinner#:~:text=The object of JSpinner class,value from an ordered sequence.
    9. Walking.getDestination is what you need bud. Sleep until X tiles from destination tile before continuing the walking cycle.
    10. Not sure off-hand if there's a field to determine the last clicked entity, but it would be pretty easy to write your own. The interact method has a boolean return value so you can base a lot of your assumptions of what you are/were doing based on last successful 'click'. In addition Movement class has a method for getting the destination tile which may suffice for your intentions.
    11. Think it's due to MessageListener removal if I had to guess.
    12. Try null checking the parent first, see if that works. Like so: [code] WidgetChild ourWidgetChild= Widgets.getWidget(446) != null ? Widgets.getWidgetChild(446,35) : null; if (ourWidgetChild != null && ourWidgetChild.isVisible()) { //do shit } /code]
    13. Pseudo

      @ Crabs

      Nice release fam👍
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