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  1. when you wanna protest police brutality but you also gotta get that new Vizio 

  2. The Kingfighter script is pretty awesome. I love how it can loot specified items, bury bones, and pick up arrows. I appreciate your work in building it. 

    Few usage anecdotal notes on my experience

    I have found that the save button for saving new configurations doesn't reliably work. I think I'll try just editing the *.ini files to get all the setting I want in there. 

    I have also observed that after running the script for longer than ~10-20 minutes that the monster killing slows down. Specifically it stops making the decision to start attacking a new monster. Note that I'm using it in the Waterfall dungeon but I do not have the dungeon specified since it's not in the drop down. 

  3. Yep.. it all should work perfectly fine. The thread is locked still - should probably ask to get it unlocked
  4. can you please pm me i would like to request a person script and it would be very similar to your kingfighter with some minor changes and add ons thanks

  5. Could probably look for widgets containing a certain string and then do something when it finds it.. pretty bad way though I think. Just wait until it appears again and grab the ID's
  6. Use the 'widget hover tool' and verify the id in the Game Debugger
  7. I have one script using nodes but it's small, I mostly use enum for States and a switch statement
  8. I'm fairly sure what covert mode does is only known to the devs of Dreambot so how anybody could determine if it's 'working' or not I don't know.
  9. If you're using nodes I believe you will have to do what I said not in the Main class but in your Node class, you then extend your Node class to your other nodes and they will all be able to access the AbstractScript methods. I'm unfamiliar with node classes i'm afraid
  10. Only extend AbstractScript in your main class, you can do it like this: Firstly in your Anti_Ban class: import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; //Import AbstractScript public class Anti_Ban { //create instance of AbstractScript private AbstractScript s; //Constructor to allow our class file to access AbstractScript (This is called from Main class) public Anti_Ban(AbstractScript script) { this.s = script; } Then in your Main class declare this: //Creates a new Antiban object called antiBan using the AntiBan constructor passing in the context Anti_Ban antiBan = new Anti_Ban(this); Your methods in the Anti_Ban class would then look something like.. public void addFriend() { s.getFriends().addFriend("Mod Mark"); //Notice we are calling the method 'getFriends' against our instance of AbstractClass 's' } You can access your Anti_ban methods from your Main class by doing: antiBan.addFriend(); Hopefully that makes sense
  11. Noticed one of my bots was stuck for 1 hour ish attempting to dismiss an invisible random event, I've never encountered this before so have turned off the automatic dismissal of random events
  12. Whilst I don't log in to the forums I do frequently check my scripts still work correctly, I will try get it added back.
  13. Hey there king, are you still updating your KingFighter sript? IT would be great if we could move the stat window above the chat box so we can read it.

  14. Ah interesting, presumably this is only whilst inside the game client. Sounds like the safest thing to do is move the mouse outside the client when possible then.
  15. In my script the mouse has the chance to randomly move, mostly though we will move the mouse out of the RS client whilst waiting for the NPC to die which is what I would do if I was playing legit and doing something else. I'm not entirely sure how much data Jagex collect about the position of your mouse on the screen but I believe it's more likely they are detecting repeated clicks on the same area following a specific timing pattern rather than your mouse path. Who knows though!
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