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    1. Where are you seeing these version numbers? On the official dreambot launcher the version is 3.9.5
    2. what if u call inventory.contains(coins) in a parent if statement, then u wont have to check it 5 times! can do this w/ the isfull methods 2
    3. https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/javaOO/returnvalue.html https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/codeconventions-namingconventions.html World potentialWorld = Worlds.getRandomWorld(w -> w.isF2P() && !w.isPVP() && w.getMinimumLevel() == 0); Instead of initing this variable and then resetting it, you could do Supplier<World> potentialWorld = () -> Worlds.getRand... potentialWorld.get(); or you know, just dont store it as a variable and just call the method 2 begin w/ What if bank.open fails???? bank.depositall/close is still going to be called
    4. i never said u couldn't haha im not a mod!!! ya i agree i wouldn't call this thread spam! I was just saying it may be easier for you to join the discord and get faster answers there :))
    5. Just a heads up: you'll get a much quicker answer + u dont have to spam create threads if u just join the discord. there r plently of ppl in there willing to help you th3ere
    6. 7500/5 = 1500/hr/acc l00l not even tick perfect!!! tickperfect can get u like 2.1k
    7. I can't wait for v
    8. bro u aint gonna comment on me being cute? heh, ur loss, punk!
    9. LOl they just added a tls client 2 the gamepack which increased file size by like 1mb for no reason, on top of leaving in debug messages inside the client. + they have been copy/pasting rs3 to osrs for like the past yr. ya it's called just spoof it
    10. They rly dont add that much shit over time when it comes to tracking. So 'overtime' you WILL be able to patch every hole Speaking that you can literally see exactly what they r sending via packets, i think you'll be able to see them xd
    11. if dblauncher is on ur desktop then cd to desktop and do java -jar whatever ????? Maybe u should switch to windows =//////
    12. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5774970/run-jar-file-in-command-prompt PoGGGGgggGGERS Lucky 4 u it's the same on LINUXXXX
    13. cuz linux is 4 hackers an im l33t hackr u know lizard squad bro? ya my ex wife's second husands brother is the CEO bro im a real skrreeeeet ahcker
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