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  1. Trials added for you both. Thanks, glad you liked it! And yeah, they have been cracking down on gambling bots hard lately.
  2. Trial added. First, make sure you have enough money to cover paying out the max bet in your inventory or the script will shut down. Second, enable fresh start in the client settings and reload the client.
  3. Enable fresh start in the client settings and reload it.
  4. I still haven't heard from him at all regarding this matter. The only issue he described above is due to a corrupt cache or not having enough money.
  5. Added 24 hours. I will check it out, I haven't tried it since the update so maybe something happened with that. I am planning on releasing some updates soon that will add the option to set typing speed, run timers, and a couple other things.
  6. Thanks You can buy a voucher from somebody for paypal if you want to pay with that.
  7. If you would like to add me on discord Milasoft#2531 or PM me on here explaining the bugs you found I'd be glad to fix them. As far as the script shutting down after 1 message, that is usually due to either not having enough money to payout a winning bet, or a corrupted cache not reading coins correctly. Also, they just recently started cracking down heavy on gambling bots, but in the store description and script thread I make it very clear that you will most likely get muted or banned using this.
  8. Trials added for 24 hours. It should work on any world in edgeville.