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  1. Not sure why xephys post was even approved, that's highly unprofessional in itself. I could have had the customers project completed by now if he accepted that. I had a very bad string of luck so I wasn't able to work. I don't want any pity or anything so I won't go into details, but it set me back quite a bit. I offered to pay the customer back with extra money due to the inconvenience, but it's going to take time. I'm not really sure what else to do now, maybe I fucked up by giving him the option of having it completed instead of just completing it and giving it to him late.
  2. I did tell him it would take 1-2 months also, so if he would have approved me to continue working, I would mostly be done by today which is 2 months. Maybe a little over for the bot manager.
  3. I told him I will give him his money as soon as I get enough, I even offered to complete the project and he declined so there's not much I can do at this moment.
  4. Sure man either pm me when you want it, or you can get one through my discord bot.
  5. Please PM me if you still haven't figured it out. If you can't see the chat from another account you are muted. This can happen very quickly if you trigger the auto mute system by using gambling terms.
  6. Those enum values aren't updated anymore. You will have to check them manually using player settings.
  7. Script is currently in beta, please let me know of any issues you find. Also make sure to grab a trial from my discord bot in my server below before purchasing. Please join my discord if you need any support or would like a trial. https://discord.gg/DGQ4fKA Features How to use You will need the following items: - Coins - Hides of your choice - Optional: Stamina, Super energy, or energy potions Once you have all the supplies, just start the script in Al Kharid. Break System All break times will be in minutes. - Break Frequency - How long to wait before breaking - Break Frequency Variation - Random amount to adjust the frequency. - Break Length - How long to break for. - Break Length Variation - Random amount to adjust the length. Quick Start Hide Type: 0 - Cowhide (Leather), 1 - Cowhide (Hard Leather), 2 - Green dragonhide, 3 - Blue dragonhide, 4 - Red dragonhide, 5 - Black dragonhide Potion Type: 0 - None, 1 - Stamina, 2 - Super energy, 3 - Energy Break Frequency (Minutes) Break Frequency Variation (Minutes) Break Length (Minutes) Break Length Variation (Minutes) Example Usage: -params 3 1 90 30 15 5 SDN Status Active Price: $6.99 Buy Now! Change Log
  8. You have to click the export generated class files checkbox.
  9. The version number doesn't really matter. Did you hit refresh on the local scripts? If you did and it's still not showing up, recheck that you are building the jar correctly.
  10. Did you put a ScriptManifest in your main class?
  11. Yeah, I will try to get it to drink at different times. I'll check into the skeleton thing, I've never gotten attacked by them before. Not sure if I will add energy potions right now, possibly in the near future. I will add an option to keep food in the inventory. It teleports as soon as it is attacked by a player, and hops worlds when it is back in edgeville. Initially when I made the script, I made it required to have stamina potions, so it always pulled out max 26 orbs, I'll also change that in the next update. It does only support (4) as of now. Thank you both for the feedback.
  12. Annotations are also case-sensitive. @Override
  13. Nice guide so far, although you have a couple problems in your code. public class Main extends AbstractScript { public void OnStart() { } public int onLoop() { return 600; } public void OnExit() { } } should be: public class Main extends AbstractScript { @Override public void onStart() { } @Override public int onLoop() { return 600; } @Override public void onExit() { } } The method names are incorrect, ie: OnStart should be onStart. Also, you should always use the override annotation when you are overriding a method, which would prevent the first problem from occurring. It will check the super class for a method named OnStart and would give an error when it doesn't find it.
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