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  1. thanks for that ill do that in an update
  2. whats the asking price?
  3. whats a starting figure you are looking for.
  4. Have you updated the graphics on your computeR?
  5. Thanks for the giveaway bro! Give that 500k to another lucky person! just choose one and give it to them like i said before im giving it back to the people.
  6. Bell

    Simple Potion Maker

    Someone will find this useful.
  7. Go into scripts, https://dreambot.org/sdn/mainscripts.php find a script and purchase it, if you dont have funds, but have GP message me or another player or ask and someone might get a voucher for GP
  8. glad you got it fixed
  9. I entered with #1Woodcutting,#1RockCrabs, I see what you are doing here great work, and good idea. To be honest if i win, i would most likely give back to the community buy 10 bonds and then give the rest back!
  10. Awesome to hear! we have a great an easy API if you ever want to write your own scripts or start selling or provide to the community
  11. Why would i do that? to provide my porxies i would charge you more
  12. Bell

    [FREE] GuamBoy

    Do you have any pictures to show?