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  1. Never trust an ⚛️, they make up everything

  2. [image]https://imgur.com/iSbAp1d[/image] This new game mode introduces players to the islands of Kebos and Kourend with a twist, adventurers are given tasks which will net them relics, alongside their usual xp. To maximize efficiency, players must collect resources and eqarn relics all while standing alone. That means no trading other players. Also new to the game is League Firsts. These include: First to reach 99 in any skill. First to complete a Master clue scroll. First to obtain a twisted bow.
  3. What's the scenario? Turn on force-mule At this point what happens: does the auto-walker kick on? Do the two toons meet-up? exchange bank items?
  4. @NexBot public Interface gui; Dungeon implements Area(){ } onStart() { gui = ( new JFrame("Good to see you"), client.getForumUser() , new DungeonInterface(ctx.getArea()}; }
  5. #ScapeGlider
  6. DefCon

    Flappy Task

    An attempt to morph Flappy bird (the mobile game) with the task-based system. 1. Create a task-based script (integrated .example. Woodcutter) 2. When player starts the script, flappy birds game will start. 3. Spawn a new tunnel object whenever a task becomes available. 4a. upon success, TaskNode's execute method will adtivate. 4b. On failure (bird hits tube or bird hits ground) , game resets and player has to click the start button again. Issues Starting a new Flappy Bird game isn't entirely fluid. Dreambot client doesn't have an io class to send over the activities to the game client...

    1. BeJao




      Pekk ym new minecraft skin on the gang bust down blled it slide if i dont drop some i cant leave it


  8. ['session':['time':'36000' gaines:['exp':'10000' 'exphourly':'23000'] 'antibanlevel': 'treefiddy']]
  9. DefCon

    LoginResponse Bug

    <code> Not sure if that function returns an enum but if it does then you might try toString() </code>
  10. DefCon

    LoginResponse Bug

    @Nuclear NezzNezzNezztNezzNe
  11. Bump. Will be sold by the end of this week.
  12. yes account is still available for purchase. Looking to get at least 150 for it PayPal. Post offers in thread.
  13. Hey

    Are you still updating scripts?

    Big fan in the past, wonder if they'll still work nowadays

  14. DefCon

    Runescape Gods

    Place your votes.
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