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  2. Realm Lands Realm Lands is a in development RPG game for mobile, It is real world map based similar to games like Pokemon GO. The Objective of the game is to play with a party of 4 players or solo, you will explore your world around you fighting monsters, battling bosses, exploring dungeons, collecting resources to craft gear, join guilds or create them and build guild halls to control areas on the map. Fight other players in PvP, Have guild wars all in a free-to-play never pay to win mobile game. We are currently looking for some Alpha testers to report bugs and let us know some features you would like to see in the game. Website: https://www.realmlands.com Discord: https://discord.gg/zBQVfCr Android Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realmlands.game
  3. Firstly, I would like to state I handled the dispute with stefanie very unprofessionally and like a child, this forum is a part of my life and should have been given more respect then what I have shown, I apologize for making myself look like an ass and unprofessional in this community. This will not happen again, and if another dispute opens against me I will treat it with more respect and attention so this type of situation wont happen again. The dispute has been settled and I was wondering if I could get my TWC removed with the promise that the events from before wont happen again.
  4. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/profile/55134-nex/ you can send him a private message
  5. your prices are a lot higher then other sellers btw, you can get a tut prime account for 1m, and 800k for the prime acc
  6. i have refunded the user,
  7. I guess it is time i post discord screenshots of this, https://gyazo.com/966707a3922260f7f9a69bf6cb8ecd99 https://gyazo.com/72ad8339d4be96b6caa1d565a52826e7 https://gyazo.com/e41e648dd2e82d45a082865659f62f70 So that is why i said to dispute it, this guy is IMPOSSIBLE to work with, even while communicating he is going off on me, and for that paypal message i run an online store and have multiple people manage it, that is a default message my friend uses for all cases thats why it seems weird and referring to my website he was not sure what it was. If you think i deserve to be banned for dealing with this monkey you are not looking at the full picture you are doing this in spite of me hashtag, the ORIGINALLY offered him $500 to do this for the 2-3 days but he begged me to go lower, and we agreed on $100, so a 1/5 the price so I would argue that it will take 5x as long as the 2-3 days and it is, its a highly complicated software as i need to reverese engineer to make a bot client for aurarose game, if you think this is super easy go and take a look at it and you will see that it takes time. Here is what happened at the start, he low balls and he has ZERO clue how complicated it is https://gyazo.com/e41e648dd2e82d45a082865659f62f70 https://gyazo.com/186376b891becc9a0315d2125d32b362 https://gyazo.com/e70a4b4cc074b204ffea70b857188d76 https://gyazo.com/688e3cff3bed54d25fb8cd56bf77d036 so if you want to get technical he says he doesnt even want a bot from the start, i did not scam this guy, he thought it would be a super quick thing as he is a monkey, I cant actually believe you are taking this guys side, I hope this can shed some light. Update: Last night he sent me a quick text document with my name, and quickly deleted it, im not sure if this is a scare tactic or he is trying to dox me but i will do not do business with terrorists.
  8. We have been in contact but he is now demanding a refund, and going off on me, with the work ive done if he wants his money back he can dispute it with paypal and they will be the moderators on this. Very difficult person to work with, and i am still in contact.
  9. No that still does not blame me, when someone contacts a staff member here and you are busy and they get frustrated does that mean its the DB staff team? no.. I did give clear saying trying to finish does not equal will be finished by tonight, its complicated and I can still finish it depending how this dispute goes. Also we both probably go to md donalds, you should maybe call mcdonalds to speak to a manager.
  10. Why were you so hasty to dispute then? and i just messaged you
  11. I have communicated with the user, they just seem to think it is super easy to do, i have unblocked the user for contact, but they have already opened a paypal dispute so im not sure where this will be going now.
  12. This also does not seem like a Dreambot matter, as it has nothing to do with, and was not contacted through or via Dreambot, but merely an old friend contacted me on discord.
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