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    + X Marks The Spot (quest #48) Case sensitive Profile name Example: java -Xmx512M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:/YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar /YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username "forumsname" -password "forumspw" -account "savedacc1" -script "RQuester" -params "myprofilename"
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports custom locations Supports banking Supports item selling Supports pack opening Supports world hopping 16/7 customer support Gallery @arvydaslt123 @gnomechill44 @arvydaslt123 @arvydaslt123 @zenterian @ScrewYouDrive @zenterian @mindmaster @mindmaster To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of fishing spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2P - Supports Sharks - Works on DMM aswell - Supports most fish - Supports Shift-Dropping - Progressive mode (Catherby) What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 fishing - Gets you alot of money along the way! Requirements: - 1 fishing and some fishing supplies in bank How to start: - Start the script on the location selected or near it - Have the right fishing tools in bank or inventory GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! else it will right click drop. Proggy's: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fisher.png] On the SDN for only 7.99 Click here to buy! Request a trial: Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Why choose this script ? 3 Dream methods: Absorption , Prayer & Combined Will buy new potions if barrels are running low Will restock from the barrels/bank Smart trackers on the paint Wil re-enter a dream Easy UI for setup How to start ? Have a selection of NPC's pre-set in the dream menu and have entered once before. Start preferable near NMZ or on the rs ground floor level Have coins in your coffer Proggy: Signature: Get you're own by adding: http://nexscripting.com/users/YOUR_USER&script=nmz.png In your signature. Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of Mining spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2p & P2p - Supports Shift-Dropping What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Mining Requirements: - 1 Mining and a Pick axe How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor - Have a Pick axe either equipped or wielded GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! Proggy's: On the SDN for only 5.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Best combat experience per hour Rock cake support Prayer flicking support Supports potions Supports power ups Re-enters dream Supports special attacks Leave when max points are gained 16/7 customer support Requirements 5 quests Preferably high combat stats Gallery @dariuss56 99 Strength! @Cj1010 168 hours! @Tjtheking1 @bhf @jangan @icheat1337 @Tjtheking1 @redmaster16 @Sappig @Sonder @theman55 @iJava @juanrossi @juanrossi @Gains Nightmare Zone guide To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    [Nex] Zulrah ~~ [BETA] ~~

    Released to beta.
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    I use IntelliJ, compiles jars fine for me. Its probably something in your ide settings. Even if I get the warning, the script still gets replaced. When you go back to your client, make sure to refresh the scripts (go to like free scripts and back to local scripts or something) to make sure they're updated as well.
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    Forums Activity Suggestion

    Personally, I believe we have to understand the base audience before we can follow suit with any of these additions. So, who is our base audience? My distorted views; Staff - Which mainly chime in to keep us informed on important information needed/the glue that holds the scripting and market places securely together. Scripters - Which mainly chime in to get updates for the API / reporting client-script issues / get-set ideas / advise-help those using their scripts-creating scripts. Blackmarketers - Which mainly chime in to sell-buy related products. Reconginitioners - Which mainly chime in to get noticed / get attention. Botters - Which mainly chime in to get help / find scripts / ask advice. Bullshitters - Which mainly chime in to place their downfalls on the client-community / attempt to influence others-make legitimacy of their bullshit. With how I see the current foundation of our community, I feel those features mentioned wouldn't be used in the correct fashions implemented and may create more work load for authenticity purposes. The chat-box upgrade (if exists) may just be overkill as Babble is a pretty powerful integrated chat-box with tons of features as is, including auto-moderation functions. VIP for content posts I don't feel would work under this business model. However, I have used some of the aforementioned above to success in Private Server communities, which are usually more community driven. I just have doubts that will be effective with our base. I would suspect to see lots of fake admissions for Proggy contests I would suspect to see a lot more low quality post content (which could hurt pagerank, if anyone cares about that type of thing) I would suspect the Youtube channel would become inactive shortly after. I would suspect the giveaway option would be contributed to by few and possible won by non-contributors. I am normally okay with the periodic reminder emails for inactive users, but would need to know the percentage of how many users are using temp email address still accessible to the world. Last thing I want to do is remind someone to login that is not the person they should be. Shit this got big, sorry. On another note though, just keep posting content as you are now and you will drive a conversation as easy as you just have done.
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    [Nex] 💻Bot Servers 💻

    @Nex You forgot to tell us about connection speeds, connection types, shared IP-dedicated IP, bandwidth limits and so fourth, etc.
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    Death Handling

    Suggested edit for your first function. private HashMap<EquipmentSlot, Item> slots = new HashMap<EquipmentSlot, Item>(); private void getItems() { for(EquipmentSlot i : EquipmentSlot.values()) { if(getEquipment().getItemInSlot(i.getSlot()) != null) { slots.put(i, getEquipment().getItemInSlot(i.getSlot())); } } }
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    Death Handling

    Would suggest a hashmap for this
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    Dispute against 7804364

    I guess it is time i post discord screenshots of this, https://gyazo.com/966707a3922260f7f9a69bf6cb8ecd99 https://gyazo.com/72ad8339d4be96b6caa1d565a52826e7 https://gyazo.com/e41e648dd2e82d45a082865659f62f70 So that is why i said to dispute it, this guy is IMPOSSIBLE to work with, even while communicating he is going off on me, and for that paypal message i run an online store and have multiple people manage it, that is a default message my friend uses for all cases thats why it seems weird and referring to my website he was not sure what it was. If you think i deserve to be banned for dealing with this monkey you are not looking at the full picture you are doing this in spite of me hashtag, the ORIGINALLY offered him $500 to do this for the 2-3 days but he begged me to go lower, and we agreed on $100, so a 1/5 the price so I would argue that it will take 5x as long as the 2-3 days and it is, its a highly complicated software as i need to reverese engineer to make a bot client for aurarose game, if you think this is super easy go and take a look at it and you will see that it takes time. Here is what happened at the start, he low balls and he has ZERO clue how complicated it is https://gyazo.com/e41e648dd2e82d45a082865659f62f70 https://gyazo.com/186376b891becc9a0315d2125d32b362 https://gyazo.com/e70a4b4cc074b204ffea70b857188d76 https://gyazo.com/688e3cff3bed54d25fb8cd56bf77d036 so if you want to get technical he says he doesnt even want a bot from the start, i did not scam this guy, he thought it would be a super quick thing as he is a monkey, I cant actually believe you are taking this guys side, I hope this can shed some light. Update: Last night he sent me a quick text document with my name, and quickly deleted it, im not sure if this is a scare tactic or he is trying to dox me but i will do not do business with terrorists.
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    Hey! Mashing together code is fine, but learning to read the javadocs is important, since it not only helps you learn what a function does, but what it returns for certain use cases Handle dialogue is good, but we might want to make it more generic, and a little bit safer, and can move the dialogue check to here, so free up some loop markup. We can also turn it into a Boolean so that it functions just like getDialogues().inDialogue()getDialogues() but with the added functionality of doing the dialogues private boolean handleDialogue(){ if(getDialogues().inDialogue()){ //move the dialogue check here to isolate dialogue logic away from script while(getDialogues().canContinue()){ //do a loop in case we experience unexpected dialogue for some reason getDialogues().clickContinue(); sleep(750,2000); //personally thing two seconds is a little high } return true; }else{ return false; } } If you are using a switch statement you should really only use it if you have 3 conditions or more, less than that, it makes more sense, and uses less markup to use if statements private void moveCursorOffScreen() { if(Calculations.random(1, 3) == 1) { if (getMouse().isMouseInScreen()) getMouse().moveMouseOutsideScreen(); } } sleepUntilCooked is probably your weirdest function, you use a thread.sleep instead of a normal sleep, and then you also use normal sleeps. It feels really mashed together, and should just use the sleep function provided. private void sleepUntilCooked(String foodName) { while (getInventory().contains(foodName)) { //The sleep is probably not needed, but I personally would randomize it sleep(2000); if (handleDialogue()) { //here is an instance where our new handleDialogue comes into play getInventory().get(foodName).useOn(getGameObjects().closest("Fire")); sleep(1500); getKeyboard().typeSpecialKey(32); sleep(5000); } } } I'm not 100% certain but I'm pretty sure your onStart doesn't do anything because you did not @Override it but I could be wrong @Override public void onStart() { resetPlayerPosition(); } Here is what a slightly modified loop would look like @Override public int onLoop() { NPC fishingSpot = getNpcs() .closest(item -> item != null && item.getName().contains("Fishing spot") && item.hasAction("Lure")); if (!fishingSpot.isOnScreen()) { log("fishing spot is not on screen, rotating camera..."); sleep(Calculations.random(0, 1500)); getCamera().rotateToTile(fishingSpot.getTile().getRandomizedTile()); sleep(Calculations.random(0, 1500)); } if (getInventory().isItemSelected()) { log("Some item is selected, deselecting... (" + getInventory().getSelectedItemName() + ")"); getInventory().deselect(); sleep(Calculations.random(0, 2500)); } if (getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == -1 && !getInventory().isFull()) { fishingSpot.interact("Lure"); walkSleep(); //this was outside of the loop scope for some reason, causing uneeded waits sleep(Calculations.random(1500, 2500)); } while (getLocalPlayer().isAnimating()) { handleDialogue(); moveCursorOffScreen(); sleep(Calculations.random(2500, 5000)); } if (getInventory().isFull()) { resetPlayerPosition(); NPC fire = getNpcs().closest(item -> item != null && item.getName().contains("Fire")); if (!fishingSpot.isOnScreen()) { log("fire is not on screen, rotating camera..."); sleep(Calculations.random(0, 1500)); getCamera().rotateToTile(fire.getTile().getRandomizedTile()); sleep(Calculations.random(0, 1500)); } //Personally I would isolate this into another function called "cook" or something getInventory().get("Raw Trout").useOn(getGameObjects().closest("Fire")); walkSleep(); sleep(2500); //Id also randomize some of these waits if it were me getKeyboard().typeSpecialKey(32); sleep(5000); sleepUntilCooked("Raw Trout"); getInventory().get("Raw Salmon").useOn(getGameObjects().closest("Fire")); sleep(2500); getKeyboard().typeSpecialKey(32); sleep(5000); sleepUntilCooked("Raw Salmon"); getInventory().dropAllExcept("Feather", "Fly fishing rod"); // End of where that "cook" function could be resetPlayerPosition(); } randomCamera(); return Calculations.random(400,600); //this is the rate of your script we dont need it to run every millisecond because rs doesn't run that quickly } this is what your cook method could look like as well to avoid repeating the same logic for each food item public void cookFood(){ List<String> foodNames = Arrays.asList("Trout", "Salmon"); for(String food: foodNames){ if(getInventory().contains("Raw " + food)){ getInventory().get("Raw " + food).useOn(getGameObjects().closest("Fire")); walkSleep(); sleep(2500); getKeyboard().typeSpecialKey(32); sleep(5000); sleepUntilCooked("Raw " + food); } } getInventory().dropAllExcept("Feather", "Fly fishing rod"); } Also im not 100% sure, since I don't have an account avail to test the script, but it looks like sleep until cooked, also has the logic for cooking? rather than just waiting. you might want to pull the cook functionality out of that
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    Why Choose this script: - Low bans - Dart making - Bow stringing - Bow Fleching - Arrow making - Bolt making - Fast Exp What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Fletching - Makes you Money Requirements: - 1 Fletching - Membership - Fletching supplies How to start: - Start the script near a bank booth - Have Fletching supplies in the bank! GUI: Proggy: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fletcher.png] On the SDN for only 6.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQYF
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    Coordinates Overlays

    Just draw MP elsewhere onscreen?
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    Manly Hunter Features: Notes: This script uses a bit more CPU power than most other scripts, therefore users may see spikes in CPU usage at certain stages of the script. Lag and delay will cause the script to malfunction. The script can hunt black chins but there is no support for deathwalking etc. Shift dropping with bones may bury them, resulting in prayer XP. The script can get stuck whilst walking from certain places due to the web (whilst using banking/auto progression). So if this happens, the script will just idle. So be careful! Instructions: Position player where the base tile should be when generating Plus/Cross patterns.Make sure the tiles are walkable. Have at least 10 traps in inventory. Have a bow equipped without arrows so misclicks on chins do not attack them if hunting chins. Refresh all scripts in script loader. Start script. Select pattern type in GUI. If using custom pattern, stand at each tile and click the 'add tile to pattern' button. Click the start button. Auto Progression: Banking is recommend to be enabled so that the script can go get traps if required. The script will hunt the following creatures at the following levels: 1-9 = Crimson Swifts 9-19 = Copper Longtails 19-53 = Tropical Longtails 53-63 = Grey Chins 63+ = Red chins Progress Pictures: Trials: I'm looking for an account so I can test improvements to the script. Let me know if you can provide one. I can offer an extended amount of time on one of my scripts. Upvote this post and ask for a trial. You will get a 12 hour trial as soon as I see it. You will be ignored otherwise. Purchase Here:
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    Latest update: 9th of January, 2019 Gets your Firemaking level 99 in no time! Features: Trains your Firemaking, Woodcutting and Fletching level. Makes a fair amount of gp at the same time. Smart point calculation (Tries to get at least 500 points every time). Chops Bruma roots, fletches them into kindlings and burns them at the brazier. Relights the brazier when needed. Eats food when low on hitpoints. Leaves the game if out of food and very low on hitpoints. Withdraws more when at the bank. Refills hitpoints at bank. Runs to the door and afks after gaining 500 points and burning all of the kindlings. Opens the crates before banking if wanted. Will need room in the bank if wanting to deposit them as crates. Instructions: Level 50 Firemaking is required. Fill out the gui. Have warm clothes equipped (Read wiki). Have any axe equipped or in inventory. Have food in inventory. Have tinderbox in inventory. Have knife in inventory. Recommended to start the script inside the mini-game while Wintertodt is returning. Ideal inventory consist of: Tinderbox, Knife, 7 Food. Gallery: @Dankillazzz "Hey man a 30 hr proggy. going to see how far it can go" @bynotify "That's making about 200k/hr. I also managed to get 2 full sets of the pyromancer outfit, 6 bruma torches, and 5 pairs of warm gloves. From my testing there is 0 risk of death, the script is VERY solid, even for long stretches of time (16+ hours straight), definitely worth the money." @zenterian @Dankillazzz "Bruh..!" If you run into problems with the script, let me know by replying this thread and I will fix them. Store link Upvote the thread and comment for a 12 hour trial.
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    thanks for the guide
  24. 1 point
    Interesting. Nice share. Next time though, give us some more descriptive information to bring your post to life.
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    Checks the status of all specified accounts from the .txt file and saves results to specified directory. Features Easy format (username:password) Specify your own directory where results will be saved Creates three separate text files at the output directory Instructions/Pictures First, click on the >Account File< button Locate your .txt file which contains accounts you want to check Next click on the >Output< button Locate the directory where you want results to be saved Check if everything is in order Click on the >Start< button to start the script Quickstart Accepts 2 parameters. 1. Account text file path 2. Output directory path java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "Debela's Account Checker" -params INPUT_FILE_PATH OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_PATH Example: java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "debelamuha's Account Checker" -params C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\c.txt C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\AccountChecker\\ NOTE: USE TWO BACKSLASHES WHEN SPECIFYING INPUT AND OUTPUT PATHS Get yours now! NOTE: Locked accounts will be treated as disabled accounts. Also, use non-member worlds.
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    Customized order for dropping items

    I know this post is dead, but this day has come! Thank you sir.
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    I exclusively use this bot and no others, here is my vouch, as you can see im 18+hrs runtime with no ban (on this session). I've used this bot for months now with no ban. +1 vouch from me. Never had any issues running it or anything.
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    More screenshots: How to use Quickstart (VIP+) with this script: FAQ: Misc Current Version: 1.53 Change Log: Purchase script at: Script Store I am willing to give 48 hour trial to VIP/Sponsor members. Contact me!
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    Botting is pretty much dead

    So you're basically saying you could make more money but you just don't want to? If you want to pay for my scripts then I'll gladly sell them you. I'm not gonna give them away for free just to prove to some random person how good they are. And again, you are completely missing the point because I don't even know what "good" antiban is and neither does anyone else because we don't know what jagex is looking for. I just did my best to make the bot look as a human would. But is very unlikely that a jagex employee watches the account play and tries to judge if it is human or not anyway, it is all automated. I am sure that if I botted on my main account which is 12 years old with over 2100 total I would likely never get banned. But this is pointless because I can't make more accounts like that and scale up the production to a useful level.
  30. 1 point

    Remove on disabled

    a checkbox on settings that would remove accs from manage accounts list when they get banned
  31. 1 point


    Script almost flawless so far, only small issue I've experienced is that it got lost at animal magnetism. The part where it had to speak to the ghost husband, bot seemed to be lost at canfis. Walked to bot close to the house, and the bot worked again.
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    Manly Crafter Features: Incredibly fast, utilising keyboard shortcuts with the new 'Make-All' interface. Variety of crafting methods to gain xp/make money. Cuts all gems up to dragonstone. Crafts all possible items from different types of leathers. Creating all battlestaves. Creating all jewellery types (gold and silver) using a furnace (Only edgeville has been tested) Creating all glass objects using glassblowing pipe Creating molten glass using furnace (Bucket of sand + soda ash) Stops when out of input material(s). Instructions: Select the task you want to do in the GUI. Make sure you have the correct mould/chisel/needle & thread in your inventory. Press the start button. Trials: Upvote the post and post requesting a trial. Price: $5.99 One Time Purchase Purchase Here:
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    Client Release

    Yeah in agreement that would be lit, that or sub divide the script logging tab down further into script error, script info, script warn, script gen
  34. 1 point
    Nuclear Nezz

    Client Release

    fk That's what I get for not spell checking. Will be fixed in next release, I'll deprecate that one and remove it in a few releases. ty
  35. 1 point

    Client Release

    nvm im dumb
  36. 1 point

    Randerson Essence Miner

    Hi Randy, the TPIN state appears to be broken. it gets to audry's but wont actually teleport. everything else works great.
  37. 1 point
    I'll be in touch this evening to make a few purchases.
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    Authed. Just stats for the quests you want the bot to complete.
  39. 1 point
    Hyper Crusher

    Weighted Random Numbers

    I can't seem to figure out how to edit the main post, (or my reply where I merged my response and the quote, my bad) So here is an update I went ahead and decided that normal distribution was the way to go, so I spent some time working out a deviation and mean that I think worked with what I was trying to go for when I quickly wrote this up main post now reflects this update
  40. 1 point
    Nuclear Nezz

    Getting Started

    Hello, and welcome to DreamBot! This thread should give you enough information to get you right on your way to botting your account, along with link to some useful threads with more information. Pre-Setup How To Get The Client How To Get Scripts How To Run Scripts But It's Not Logging My Account In For some frequently asked questions you can see: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/7025-user-faq/ https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/1410-frequently-asked-questions/ https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/2360-dreambots-quickstart/ https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15221-guide-everything-you-need-to-know-about-proxies/ For any other questions you have, you can ask in the chatbox, PM a staff member, open a thread under "Ask the staff" or in whatever relevant section you can find for your question. Thanks, The Dream Team
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    HoodzSlayer Features Slayer - Slayer masters: Turael & Nieve (Steve) - Virtual tasks, allows you to kill your own selected NPCs! - Automatically chooses the best NPCs - Will skip unsupported tasks - Option to skip metal dragon tasks Combat - Special attack support - Advanced combat logic for every task - Combat style swapping - Looting - Protection prayer support Gear - Customisable - Auto detects needed gear for special tasks (no need to add them yourself, because it will replace the slots) - Armour state checking - Barrows armour repairing - Trident/blowpipe recharging Health - Guthans - Bones to peaches - Saradomin godsword - Food - Boosting potions - Restoration potions - Auto detects pools in POH GUI - Easy to use GUI - Informative - Load & save profiles for faster loading Paint - General paint for information such as combat and slayer xp - Interactive - Loot list, a quick way to discover your GP gains - Setting tab to check your settings Stats - Follow your progress of your account - Tracks: combat & slayer xp, money made, time run, tasks completed - http://www.pumba.org/users.php Support - Frequently updated - Private message me for any bugs - Fast bug fixing/features added - Always up for suggestions! The future - Vannaka is going to be added very soon (currently disabled) - Bone burying - Alch support - Herb sack support - Armour repairing/recharging support - Superior NPCs - Cancelling tasks - World hopping - All of these features can be added easily thanks to the script framework! Requirements Teleports - House required - Mounted glory in house required (if requested I can add non-mounted glory too) NOTE: might actually work without glory - Nardah teleport scrolls - Mos'le harmless teleport scrolls (only for Cave horrors) - Elf camp teleport (only for Elves) - Slayer ring (optional) - Trollheim teleport (only for spiritual creatures task) - Kourend teleport (only for lesser/greater/black demons) OR Xerics talisman - Xeric's talisman (optional) - Necklace of passage (only for desert lizards) - Lunar isle teleport scrolls (OR lunar isle teleport in house) - Piscatoris teleport scrolls (only for kraken task) - If you don't have the following portals in your house you need to have these tabs: Varrock, lumbridge, falador, camelot - Teleports with redirections are optional - Ring of duelings - Games necklaces - Spirit tree (optional) - Brimhaven teleports (if no glory) - House teleports - Fenkenstrain’s castle teleports (if no slayer rings and no kharyll portal in your house) Slayer items - Leaf bladed battleaxe - Rock hammer - Spiny helmet (replacable with slayer helmet) - Nose peg (replacable with slayer helmet) - Earmuffs (replacable with slayer helmet) - Ice coolers - Witchwood icon - Facemask (replacable with slayer helmet) Other items - Lightsource: Bullseye lantern (be sure its lit) - Anti dragon shield (OR dfs) - Elemental shield (wyverns) - Antidote++ potions - Extended antifire potions - Slayer gem (or ring/slayer helmet) - Shantay passes - Food Instructions Start the script with a slayer helmet/enchanted gem/slayer ring and some house tabs Close to a bank for best results Before selecting gear/prayers for npcs, select your master or npcs first! (otherwise they will be reset) Superiors are not supported Tzhaar & lizardman are currently not supported Notes Requirements will be update frequently DISABLE all warnings at doomsayer in lumbridge Bronze/iron/steel dragons require a one time payment of 5k trading sticks at Banisoch http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Banisoch All tasks will be completed at slayer only areas if possible Not all tasks are supported right now, block them if possible Gargoyles need auto smasher enabled for now Media More tutorials/media will be uploaded soon Discord Private message me for rank: https://discord.gg/xafBmZs Its possible to request for trials now, visit the discord and request it in the channel called: trial-requests.
  42. 1 point

    Randerson Essence Miner

    it wont let me talk to the npc to tele other then that not so bad
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    Hi everyone and welcome to my runecrafting script! I have been working on my first major script the past couple weeks and it is now available on the SDN. Here are the features available in this release: Fire runecrafting 17k xp/hr with Castle Wars banking method and ring of dueling Air/Earth F2P support (banks in Fally/Varrock East) Pure/Regular essence toggle XP and runes crafted tracking Start GUI (Not much currently, future GUI is below): A look at the progress and script status (This is an example showing nats which I am currently implementing): *EDIT* I changed the orange text name to "slasso's AIO Runecrafter:" in my SDN submission Here's some progress with fire runes. Timer kept running after I ran out of rune essence, but xp/hr is recalculated at craft time, so that 16.5k is accurate when I actually had essence. How to use: A few notes first:[*]Wear a tiara (this doesn't work with a talisman currently)and start in the bank (CW, fally, varrock), with or without essence in your inventory. .This script supports both essence types. Toggle the checkbox if you are using pure essence otherwise the script won't work.[*]For fire running, you need default F-key settings, rings of dueling(8) in your bank and you should be wearing a ring with an even amount of charges left when you start the script or you will get stuck at the altar when your ring crumbles. Besides that, put the jar in your DreamBot/script/ directory, start the script in dreambot and simply select your rune type, toggle essence type, and click start. This should be available soon on the SDN. I do have nature runes with the Karamja store selling to unnote method working but buggy so it is not in this release. The path my bot takes is sometimes dangerous and I have died to the jungle spiders. Looking into better pathing and possibly supporting food for this method. I had a better progress with roughly 500 nats in 1 hour from this method, however I died and stopped the script so the paint when away. Nats proggie: Future Features: Natures - Karamja store sell/buy unnoting (and runner(s)/crafter trading support) Natures/Cosmics/Law - Abyss Laws - Balloon method Astrals Cosmics - Zanaris banking Waters - lumbridge Stamina/food support Pouch support Any number of charges on dueling rings greater than 2 (Currently only supports 8 charged) Better pathing/clicks More progress statistics on the UI Any other community suggestions Future Start GUI: SDN Link: http://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=307 This is only my first SDN script guys, feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    Final Appeal

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    *THIS DISPUTE IS WITH @Viision* I'll try not to make this into a novel but I'll provide all the details that I feel are necessary. Let me first start off by saying I don't have any evidence that will 100% say he did it - all of my evidence is circumstantial. I have Discord chats with Viision, 1 of his workers (are you even allowed to let workers onto a customer's account?) and somebody he knows that has spoken about how he's been shady that I can provide if needed. All i have to "prove" the items are missing off my account is the empty item slots in my bank from valuables, although I know that isn't proof at all. I contacted Viision a couple weeks ago for his Barrows Gloves service. He was unable to fulfill at the time because of a snow storm - so I went to somebody else. 3/4 of the way through the service from the other guy, he got caught up in work and couldn't finish. He reimbursed me for the quests he hadn't done and even included a bonus 5 mil for the inconvenience to me. Not 1 item was taken off of my account (and it was 90m+). Since he couldn't finish I went to Viision to finish the service for me. He had some pretty solid vouches so I didn't even think twice about it. He quoted me way past his original post price because he knew the guy I was working with had a higher rate than him and said "wow that makes me feel like a slave". When I ignored that quote he brought the price back down. Shady act #1. We eventually agreed on 30mil for the completion of: Shilo Village, One Small Favour, Watchtower ,Spirits Of Elid, Client Of Kourend, Temple Of Ikov, Underground Pass ,Hero's Quest, Desert Treasure , Lunar Diplomacy, RFD Sir Amik, RFD Awowogei, RFD Culimancer, 54-58 Mining The payment happened in w308 with "Jake Sullie" at Edgeville bank on 2/16/19 at 8:45pm EST. For whatever all of that info is worth. I don't have any proof of the trade, however Viision claims to have recorded it. I only know all of this info because of our Discord chat. After payment I logged off and he claimed I was 3rd in line behind 2 others but that he would "afk" mine for me in the mean time. No clue what AFK mining means but to me the only true AFK mining would mean botting...but that's somewhat irrelevant. 2 days go by and nothing was done on my account. I log in on Sunday to check progress and he was still at the Fally mine. I immediately DM him asking why all my shit is gone. No response until the following day after I post on his thread saying what he did. I'll be honest - I was little surprised that he didn't block me on Discord this entire time. But that was likely to avoid looking suspicious in this entire ordeal. He goes on to tell me that he didn't steal anything and that he potentially had my login info leaked via Teamviewer. He needed a couple days to review this...for God knows why, but I granted it to him anyways. Today he claims that I'm trying to reverse scam him of 90mil - which is invalid considering I've already said multiple times that I'm not even expecting reimbursement. Except for maybe my service fee of 30mil because he didn't do anything on my account besides the 2 mining levels - he didn't really earn that 30mil. That's maybe 500k-1mil tops. At the end of the day it's partially my fault for being so trusting and leaving that much on my account. My non chalant demeanor really screwed me over - but I assure you I wouldn't go this out of the way for some elaborate scam considering I'm an adult with my own real world commitments. However, I definitely want to go out of my way to make sure people don't have to waste their time and money with his service. Anyways, I'm willing to provide whatever screenshots you guys might want to help settle this dispute. You can also reach out to me on Discord (Ace#0737) if you're willing to go that far.
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    dreambot sucks epic bot doesn't

    used epicbot for 2-3 months before coming here cause you guys have more free options. boy was i wrong to do so. all 3 of my accounts banned in first 6 hours of using dreambot. gg.
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