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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox


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    Case sensitive Profile name Example: java -Xmx512M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:/YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar /YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username "forumsname" -password "forumspw" -account "savedacc1" -script "RQuester" -params "myprofilename"
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Best combat experience per hour Rock cake support Prayer flicking support Supports potions Supports power ups Re-enters dream Supports special attacks Leave when max points are gained 16/7 customer support Requirements 5 quests Preferably high combat stats Gallery @dariuss56 99 Strength! @Cj1010 168 hours! @Tjtheking1 @bhf @jangan @icheat1337 @Tjtheking1 @redmaster16 @Sappig @Sonder @theman55 @iJava @juanrossi @juanrossi @Gains Nightmare Zone guide To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Phishing link advertisement

    RS2Ad has been hidden until they can get that resolved. I've reported it to their discord and to one of their owners. Thanks for the report!
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    Manly Hunter Features: Notes: This script uses a bit more CPU power than most other scripts, therefore users may see spikes in CPU usage at certain stages of the script. Lag and delay will cause the script to malfunction. The script can hunt black chins but there is no support for deathwalking etc. Shift dropping with bones may bury them, resulting in prayer XP. The script can get stuck whilst walking from certain places due to the web (whilst using banking/auto progression). So if this happens, the script will just idle. So be careful! Instructions: Position player where the base tile should be when generating Plus/Cross patterns.Make sure the tiles are walkable. Have at least 10 traps in inventory. Have a bow equipped without arrows so misclicks on chins do not attack them if hunting chins. Refresh all scripts in script loader. Start script. Select pattern type in GUI. If using custom pattern, stand at each tile and click the 'add tile to pattern' button. Click the start button. Auto Progression: Banking is recommend to be enabled so that the script can go get traps if required. The script will hunt the following creatures at the following levels: 1-9 = Crimson Swifts 9-19 = Copper Longtails 19-53 = Tropical Longtails 53-63 = Grey Chins 63+ = Red chins Progress Pictures: Trials: I'm looking for an account so I can test improvements to the script. Let me know if you can provide one. I can offer an extended amount of time on one of my scripts. Upvote this post and ask for a trial. You will get a 12 hour trial as soon as I see it. You will be ignored otherwise. Purchase Here:
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of Mining spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2p & P2p - Supports Shift-Dropping What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Mining Requirements: - 1 Mining and a Pick axe How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor - Have a Pick axe either equipped or wielded GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! Proggy's: On the SDN for only 5.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Why Choose this script: - Low bans - Dart making - Bow stringing - Bow Fleching - Arrow making - Bolt making - Fast Exp What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Fletching - Makes you Money Requirements: - 1 Fletching - Membership - Fletching supplies How to start: - Start the script near a bank booth - Have Fletching supplies in the bank! GUI: Proggy: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fletcher.png] On the SDN for only 6.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQYF
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    Post Your Desktops [Images]

    We all have different tastes in life, so lets see what your desktop tastes like! (Wait .. wut) Clean or messy, in it's current state, upload a image of your desktop and submit it below. Infidels "Out the Box" Desktop
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    I'm interested, do you have discord? You'd be going first since you're new though. LMK
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Gets 7 quest points for your accounts fast Supported quests are visible in the image below Collects required items Almost all actions are randomized Takes a list of accounts Supports DreamBot's QuickStart 16/7 customer support Gallery @death dead Tutorial Island finished in 6 minutes 32 seconds Currently supported quests Account file QuickStart To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Client Release

    Hello everyone! This is a very small release. In this release I've fixed world hopping for PVP worlds, as they changed the interface. I've also added an extra sleep for deadman worlds, because of the 10 second timer. A few minor log changes throughout the client as well. Thanks, The Dream Team
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of fishing spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2P - Supports Sharks - Works on DMM aswell - Supports most fish - Supports Shift-Dropping - Progressive mode (Catherby) What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 fishing - Gets you alot of money along the way! Requirements: - 1 fishing and some fishing supplies in bank How to start: - Start the script on the location selected or near it - Have the right fishing tools in bank or inventory GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! else it will right click drop. Proggy's: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fisher.png] On the SDN for only 7.99 Click here to buy! Request a trial: Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    went from shitty https://www.allbids.com.au/c/computers-it/widescreen/vivo-mled22-216-inch-widescreen-led-monitor-620644 To this beast https://www.mwave.com.au/product/msi-optix-mag271cqr-27-144hz-wqhd-1ms-freesync-curved-va-gaming-monitor-ac22571
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    Why does this not work?

    Credits for help to @Cystic
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    Empyrean GB

    Why does this not work?

    What does changing it to: log("Current distance to thile1 " + this.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(tile1)); if(this.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(tile1) <= 1){ log("TIME IT TOOK REEEE - " + (scriptBT)); } do?
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    Got it, looks to be working now
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    Post Your Desktops [Images]

    Ya'll to much😂 Putty/ssh = terminal gods.
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    double payment

    so basicly i bought the Sponsor 6 month rank for 40 dollars and it got written of my credit card 2 times. i can provide you anything if needed but i dont know if its smart to take screenshots of my bank and post them openly on this so im gonna wait for your reply.
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    Unable to use VIP access

    If you have WinRar installed, right click DBLauncher and select Open With > Java. If you do not have Java 8, I would suggest installing it.
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Coffee Thread

    I've been using my pour over stuff for coffee. Tastes great and it's a pre nice relaxing way to start the morning. I used to be a keurig guy, but tbh the coffee always felt less caffeinated. Plus environment.
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    Count to 10,000!

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    Count to 10,000!

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    Hey guys I made a super quick video on how to setup Intellij to develop scripts for Dreambot!
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    Just purchased your script after being very impressed by the 24 hour trial. Just wondering if there's any documentation about recommended Combat Levels / Gear that the bot should have before doing certain quests. Thanks
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    Impossible, I just ran 20 accounts these past 1-2 days
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    Name a better song from 1977

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    Selling 7 days membership

    bought 10 accounts, very smooth
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    its working now thanks for getting back to me.
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    HoodzSlayer Features Slayer - Slayer masters: Turael & Nieve (Steve) - Virtual tasks, allows you to kill your own selected NPCs! - Automatically chooses the best NPCs - Will skip unsupported tasks - Option to skip metal dragon tasks Combat - Special attack support - Advanced combat logic for every task - Combat style swapping - Looting - Protection prayer support Gear - Customisable - Auto detects needed gear for special tasks (no need to add them yourself, because it will replace the slots) - Armour state checking - Barrows armour repairing - Trident/blowpipe recharging Health - Guthans - Bones to peaches - Saradomin godsword - Food - Boosting potions - Restoration potions - Auto detects pools in POH GUI - Easy to use GUI - Informative - Load & save profiles for faster loading Paint - General paint for information such as combat and slayer xp - Interactive - Loot list, a quick way to discover your GP gains - Setting tab to check your settings Stats - Follow your progress of your account - Tracks: combat & slayer xp, money made, time run, tasks completed - http://www.pumba.org/users.php Support - Frequently updated - Private message me for any bugs - Fast bug fixing/features added - Always up for suggestions! The future - Vannaka is going to be added very soon (currently disabled) - Bone burying - Alch support - Herb sack support - Armour repairing/recharging support - Superior NPCs - Cancelling tasks - World hopping - All of these features can be added easily thanks to the script framework! Requirements Teleports - House required - Mounted glory in house required (if requested I can add non-mounted glory too) NOTE: might actually work without glory - Nardah teleport scrolls - Mos'le harmless teleport scrolls (only for Cave horrors) - Elf camp teleport (only for Elves) - Slayer ring (optional) - Trollheim teleport (only for spiritual creatures task) - Kourend teleport (only for lesser/greater/black demons) OR Xerics talisman - Xeric's talisman (optional) - Necklace of passage (only for desert lizards) - Lunar isle teleport scrolls (OR lunar isle teleport in house) - Piscatoris teleport scrolls (only for kraken task) - If you don't have the following portals in your house you need to have these tabs: Varrock, lumbridge, falador, camelot - Teleports with redirections are optional - Ring of duelings - Games necklaces - Spirit tree (optional) - Brimhaven teleports (if no glory) - House teleports - Fenkenstrain’s castle teleports (if no slayer rings and no kharyll portal in your house) Slayer items - Leaf bladed battleaxe - Rock hammer - Spiny helmet (replacable with slayer helmet) - Nose peg (replacable with slayer helmet) - Earmuffs (replacable with slayer helmet) - Ice coolers - Witchwood icon - Facemask (replacable with slayer helmet) Other items - Lightsource: Bullseye lantern (be sure its lit) - Anti dragon shield (OR dfs) - Elemental shield (wyverns) - Antidote++ potions - Extended antifire potions - Slayer gem (or ring/slayer helmet) - Shantay passes - Food Instructions Start the script with a slayer helmet/enchanted gem/slayer ring and some house tabs Close to a bank for best results Before selecting gear/prayers for npcs, select your master or npcs first! (otherwise they will be reset) Superiors are not supported Tzhaar & lizardman are currently not supported Notes Requirements will be update frequently DISABLE all warnings at doomsayer in lumbridge Bronze/iron/steel dragons require a one time payment of 5k trading sticks at Banisoch http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Banisoch All tasks will be completed at slayer only areas if possible Not all tasks are supported right now, block them if possible Gargoyles need auto smasher enabled for now Media More tutorials/media will be uploaded soon Discord Private message me for rank: https://discord.gg/xafBmZs Its possible to request for trials now, visit the discord and request it in the channel called: trial-requests.
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    [F2P] Fally Cow Killer

    Nice start on learning how to script. Congratulations on your first release
  31. 1 point

    [F2P] Fally Cow Killer

    fuckin lit glad to see you did it. Already doing better than 99% of the kids who DM me asking how to run a bot farm
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    Mogy Woodcutter Trial version

    Nice update buddy!
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    Misc: 1) Very important : Supply your account with around 100k if you want it to buy your armor for your, otherwise keep "Exchange?" Unchecked. 1) Equiping a shortbow will bank everything. 2)Anti-Idle, if for any reason the script starts to afk for longer than it should, it will fix it self or close the script. 3) You will see a "Stock up" button that you won't be able to press, this is normal, this is something i'm experimenting with and will soon be implemented if i think it suits the script. 4) Your player has low IQ , it will do things that don't need doing, such as cook a burnt fish. i personally believe that makes it look more humanlike, that's normal and not a bug. 5) Despite it's randomness, like any other script, this script isn't immune from getting you banned. 6) This will be updated based on requests, so keep them coming 7) The script will simply end once you reach mid level 40's on all combat skills. Price: 5.99 , Up on SDN! Two different occasions , 40 Hour proggy isn't the same as the 20 hour one. And it could have gone longer if it wasn't for the system update! http://imgur.com/mqqPfH4
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    Hi, I'd imagine the image below could help. Also, be sure to read the main post of this thread and its FAQ and guides to make sure you're using the script properly.
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    Hi, I'm afraid you can't purchase the script directly using PayPal. You'll have to contact someone who sells vouchers for PayPal. Try asking in the chatbox. Enjoy the trial.
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    henlo is me depresso

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    Sand crabs script

    Hey @bortiner Bans (or being scared thereof) are no valid reason for a refund. You could contact Hashtag with tips/advice to improve his product, however none of what you mentioned implies any mechanic of his script is broken. You can consult our Product Refund and Agreements here Refund request denied.
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    [FREE] Nova's AIO Jewellery Crafter

    You said it yourself, you used a bot. Botting is against the rules y'know
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    Never mind just read faq and realised what i was doing wrong
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    Why choose this script ? 3 Dream methods: Absorption , Prayer & Combined Will buy new potions if barrels are running low Will restock from the barrels/bank Smart trackers on the paint Wil re-enter a dream Easy UI for setup How to start ? Have a selection of NPC's pre-set in the dream menu and have entered once before. Start preferable near NMZ or on the rs ground floor level Have coins in your coffer Proggy: Signature: Get you're own by adding: http://nexscripting.com/users/YOUR_USER&script=nmz.png In your signature. Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    OtterRooftops OtterRooftops is a revolutionary lightweight script for training rooftop agility. [status: v1.02 Released] When it comes to some of the most tedious skills in Runescape, players may think of the dreaded agility. Whether they need to complete their graceful set, grinding for the infamous Giant Squirrel pet, or simply trying to get a few levels, this script is right for you. This script does not waste time, skipping over unnecessary precautions often placed into scripts to give the user a false sense of protection. With this being said, the script still continues to support antipattern actions in attempts to reduce bans. On top of this, the script will auto detect (when enabled in the settings GUI) food/potions inside the inventory and consume them at the needed time, or when the user specifies. Most importantly, this script actually works. Unlike many scripts, this script is actively being maintained, and once a bug report is submitted, it was be solved in a timely manner. Features: Detects the current course, or walks to the next best course. Picks up Marks of Graces. Unique antiban for every user. Alching support. A refactored interact specialized for handling rooftop interactions. Teleport support (see Will idle during low health to ensure no deaths. Drinks any type of energy potion (including Stamina) when under energy threshold. Supports a plethora of different types of food and will eat when under a threshold. Supports every rooftop course. No paint to minify CPU usage. Customizable eat/drink at percentages. It actually works. *Note: Progressive mode may be limited due to the restrictions of dreambot's web. GUI: Purchase Here
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    Why Choose this script: - A lot of Tree's - Works on DMM aswell - Progressive mode! - F2p & P2p What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Woodcutting! Supports: Lumbridge. Draynor Village. Varrock. Edgeville Camelot Catherby Requirements: - A axe in the bank/inventory/equipped. How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor GUI: Proggy: On the SDN for only 6.99! Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQY
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    Anti-Ban Techniques

    So, I am currently Having some luck with anti ban that I am working on using data i gathered while playing and ruining it through some ML to produce human like actions, and then programming these events in. ( I would build in the model to the script but ceebs) An example would be I record myself lets say, tanning hides for an hour while capturing all the input I do, i then throw these inputs into a simple jerry-rigged LSTM model and then generate a bunch of new inputs. After running some analyses over these inputs, I add these inputs into script that can be called at certain times in random order. A lot of the actual actions are coded hard ( mouse movements) etc. This what i have been doing anyway and it's proving to be useful.
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    7 days membership 1.5M / 7 DAYS If you wish to place a 7-day membership, be sure to add me to discord. Price 1.5m each. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Discord Factivo # 3827 ID único: 604822626212249607 Solicite siempre Sythe PM antes de comerciar, para evitar impostores. Simplemente haga clic en " Agregar discordia " para agregarme a la discordia. _______________________________ _______________________________
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    Looking for simple Script 50m GP

    The only non-Scripter+ scripter I know is reliable and trustworthy by experience is @yeeter01 when it comes to private scripts at least. Idk his current schedule though 🤷‍♀️

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