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    + X Marks The Spot (quest #48) Case sensitive Profile name Example: java -Xmx512M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:/YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar /YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username "forumsname" -password "forumspw" -account "savedacc1" -script "RQuester" -params "myprofilename"
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    SDN 2020 Cleanup

    Hey DreamBotters, Let's face it, our SDN has been a bit messy for some time now. There are a lot of unmaintained and broken scripts that not only confuse our users but also discourage scripters to release new scripts. I believe by getting rid of these unattented scripts, we manage to attract new scripters on our platform. In addition, we are able to provide a more pleasant experience to our users instead of having them spend too much time on finding a script that actually works and is being maintained. With that being said, I've gathered a list of scripts that have been reported as broken or have received no attention by their authors. The list is rather huge, meaning a lot of scripts will be removed from the SDN. Free and VIP scripts will no longer be able to be used after they've been removed. Premium scripts remain usable to existing users, but they won't be able to be purchased after removal. Now, I know questions will arise. Here are answers to some of them: You removed a script that has worked for me for years! Why? If the script was working, then it was removed for the author's inactivity. Perhaps you knew how to get the script working, but dozens of other users have been attempting to contact the author for their issues with the script. Because the scripter has been inactive, those users have had a negative experience with DreamBot. I purchased this script a week ago, and you're now removing it! Don't worry. You will not lose access to the script now. Product Refund Terms And Agreements apply. The SDN doesn't have an alternative to this script I've been using and is being removed. What to do? Now it's great time to request other scripters to write a replacement script for it. Someone will be interest to fill the gap on the SDN the removal creates. These are targeted to scripters: I'm very active and yet you're removing my script! Why? You most likely have ignored users seeking for assistance in your script's thread, triggering me to add your script to the list. What happens to my scripter rank? If you're Scripter, you retain your rank as long as you have other scripts on the SDN. If you're Scripter+, you retain your rank as long as you have a free and a premium script on the SDN. If you only have a free script on the SDN after the removal, you will be demoted to Scripter. If your only free script is removed, you will be demoted to Non-Scripter and your all premium scripts will be removed from the SDN. You've made a mistake! I'm active, I keep my script updated and assist users. I'm a human, I can make mistakes. In such scenario, please send me a message. What can I do to prevent my script from being removed? You can prevent your script from being removed if you act within the time frame given. If the script is being removed for being broken, simply fix it. If the script is working, but you've been slacking on being active, send me a message and we'll discuss what will be done. Scripts set to be removed on January 9, 2020 Scripts set to be removed on January 16, 2020 Scripts set to be removed on January 23, 2020 Thanks, The Dream Team
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Best combat experience per hour Rock cake support Prayer flicking support Supports potions Supports power ups Re-enters dream Supports special attacks Leave when max points are gained 16/7 customer support Requirements 5 quests Preferably high combat stats Gallery @dariuss56 99 Strength! @Cj1010 168 hours! @Tjtheking1 @bhf @jangan @icheat1337 @Tjtheking1 @redmaster16 @Sappig @Sonder @theman55 @iJava @juanrossi @juanrossi @Gains Nightmare Zone guide To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Why choose this script ? 3 Dream methods: Absorption , Prayer & Combined Will buy new potions if barrels are running low Will restock from the barrels/bank Smart trackers on the paint Wil re-enter a dream Easy UI for setup How to start ? Have a selection of NPC's pre-set in the dream menu and have entered once before. Start preferable near NMZ or on the rs ground floor level Have coins in your coffer Proggy: Signature: Get you're own by adding: http://nexscripting.com/users/YOUR_USER&script=nmz.png In your signature. Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports custom locations Supports banking Supports item selling Supports pack opening Supports world hopping 16/7 customer support Gallery @arvydaslt123 @gnomechill44 @arvydaslt123 @arvydaslt123 @zenterian @ScrewYouDrive @zenterian @mindmaster @mindmaster To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Gets 7 quest points for your accounts fast Supported quests are visible in the image below Collects required items Almost all actions are randomized Takes a list of accounts Supports DreamBot's QuickStart 16/7 customer support Gallery @death dead Tutorial Island finished in 6 minutes 32 seconds Currently supported quests Account file QuickStart To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Client Release

    Hello everyone! This is a bit smaller of an update than the last few. Pandemic is preparing to do some updates to our server and it requires a small change client side. You won't be logged out like the previous forced update, but you are going to need to update to this client version. There's also a few fixes: Bank scroll area we use has been shrunk, I believe this has been the cause of some of the banking issues, it gets right on the edge of the area but could not actually scroll, getting stuck. Added a getRandomThread to the script class for debugging purposes, feel free to use it if you'd like. I'm trying to narrow down an issue with solvers no longer running when they should. Added a few things that may actually (hopefully) fix the random manager bug, testing on my accounts with a local client has not shown the issue popping back up. Added some more information to the account loading, I believe it's failing to decrypt at a certain step, so I've added a fail check to re-try the decryption. Thank you everyone, The Dream Team
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of fishing spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2P - Supports Sharks - Works on DMM aswell - Supports most fish - Supports Shift-Dropping - Progressive mode (Catherby) What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 fishing - Gets you alot of money along the way! Requirements: - 1 fishing and some fishing supplies in bank How to start: - Start the script on the location selected or near it - Have the right fishing tools in bank or inventory GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! else it will right click drop. Proggy's: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fisher.png] On the SDN for only 7.99 Click here to buy! Request a trial: Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    The null pointer, I need that full stack trace not just "null pointer on deposit" since the stack trace tells me where it actually is erroring out. How often are you opening bank? Are you hopping a lot as well? I need more detail on this, as I'm not getting this error. Any suggestions on reproducing it are welcome.
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    Scripts aren't appearing FIX

    Hello Everyone, I've been contacted by several newbie scripters complaining about after they add their first script in, all scripts disappear from the Script Manager. I'll be listing 2 probable causes and their fixes! So let's get on with it! First Probable Cause: ScriptManifest isn't added to the main class. How to Diagnose: 1) Open your Script Main Class (The File that contains the OnLoop method) 2) Look above class declaration public class MainClassName extends AbstractScript 3) Do you see the following or something similar? @ScriptManifest(author = "Scripter_Name", category = Category.CATEGORY_ENUM, name = "Script_Name", description = "Brief_Script_Description", version = 1.0) If the answer is YES, then proceed to the next probable cause otherwise keep reading the following: Add the ScriptManifest line above the main class declaration as shown below: @ScriptManifest(author = "Scripter_Name", category = Category.CATEGORY_ENUM, name = "Script_Name", description = "Brief_Script_Description", image = "image path", version = 1.0) //ADD THIS ^ public class Main extends AbstractScript { A short explanation of the fields: author = Put your name there category = Dreambot has several category that your script type can fall in, ex: FISHING would be Category.FISHING name = Put your script's name here description = [OPTIONAL] add a brief description here (Will appear in the script manager) version = Put the version number of your script here.. default: 1.0 image = Put your script icon/image path. Thanks @Infidel Second Probable Cause: SDK/JDK isn't set to 8 in the IDE Even though you do have JRE 8 installed and used on your computer, you may have selected the wrong JDK Compiler Version when first creating your project and/or you don't have JDK 8. How to Diagnose? IntelliJ Step 1: - Open Project Structure by clicking the button with "1" written under it in the picture. - Click Project on the sidebar - Does the SDK say "1.8"? If not, change it to 1.8 and click apply. If SDK 1.8 doesn't appear in the dropdown,carry on to the next step: Step 2: Click "New..." and go to the JDK 1.8 Folder located in either "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" and click save. If there is no JDK 1.8 in your system, download it here then restart IntelliJ. This link might be of further use to you: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/sdk.html Eclipse How to Diagnose? Step 1: Check what JDK is currently enabled: Open the Project Properties by right clicking the project and clicking Properties/Project Configuration Click Java Build Path on the side-bar If it doesn't say JavaSE-1.8 then carry on to the next step: Step 2: Change the JDK Enabled version: Click on the Add Library button. It brings your screen to point to the Java location. Select "Directory", button right besides JRE home and point to the installed folder location. This link may be useful to eclipse users: https://www.eclipse.org/documentation/ and that's it! I hope this helped you in someway or the other!
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    Manly Hunter Features: Notes: This script uses a bit more CPU power than most other scripts, therefore users may see spikes in CPU usage at certain stages of the script. Lag and delay will cause the script to malfunction. The script can hunt black chins but there is no support for deathwalking etc. Shift dropping with bones may bury them, resulting in prayer XP. The script can get stuck whilst walking from certain places due to the web (whilst using banking/auto progression). So if this happens, the script will just idle. So be careful! Instructions: Position player where the base tile should be when generating Plus/Cross patterns.Make sure the tiles are walkable. Have at least 10 traps in inventory. Have a bow equipped without arrows so misclicks on chins do not attack them if hunting chins. Refresh all scripts in script loader. Start script. Select pattern type in GUI. If using custom pattern, stand at each tile and click the 'add tile to pattern' button. Click the start button. Auto Progression: Banking is recommend to be enabled so that the script can go get traps if required. The script will hunt the following creatures at the following levels: 1-9 = Crimson Swifts 9-19 = Copper Longtails 19-53 = Tropical Longtails 53-63 = Grey Chins 63+ = Red chins Progress Pictures: Trials: I'm looking for an account so I can test improvements to the script. Let me know if you can provide one. I can offer an extended amount of time on one of my scripts. Upvote this post and ask for a trial. You will get a 12 hour trial as soon as I see it. You will be ignored otherwise. Purchase Here:
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    I definitely recommend this for sure got me 2M exp in 2 days on main love it very well coded as all your scripts are
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    Drum Roll - New Developer!

    Oh my god, this post was foreshadowing yeeter getting banned .. yeeter01
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    Why Choose this script: - A lot of Tree's - Works on DMM aswell - Progressive mode! - F2p & P2p What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Woodcutting! Supports: Lumbridge. Draynor Village. Varrock. Edgeville Camelot Catherby Requirements: - A axe in the bank/inventory/equipped. How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor GUI: Proggy: On the SDN for only 6.99! Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQY
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Nuclear Script Factory

    Hello friends! This is the Nuclear Script Factory, used to create your own little custom scripts with very little to no programming knowledge required. I'll be working on making the thread look nicer in a bit. Things it has: What is definitely in the works (TODO) What's probably still in the works (not high on my list, would look at if I'm bored one day and motivated): If you have suggestions on things to add, things to change, please feel free to let me know on the thread here, or PM me on the forums, or PM me on discord. If you'd like a trial, ask and ye shall receive. The script will be priced at 9.99 initial, 5.99 per month afterwards. You can save/load your scripts, you can share those scripts with other people. Just put the file under your Scripts folder, in the NuclearScriptFactory folder, call it w/e you want.txt, and then when you launch the script enter the file name, click load. Note: When you enter the file name in the gui, you do *not* have to include the .txt at the end of the filename. It will be automatically appended. Images Currently written scripts Updates:
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    Why Choose this script: - Low bans - Dart making - Bow stringing - Bow Fleching - Arrow making - Bolt making - Fast Exp What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Fletching - Makes you Money Requirements: - 1 Fletching - Membership - Fletching supplies How to start: - Start the script near a bank booth - Have Fletching supplies in the bank! GUI: Proggy: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fletcher.png] On the SDN for only 6.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    Finally Back!

    Glad things are looking up!
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    No you can start with just pray pots
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    Dreambot 2020 Census

    24 Finland
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    Dreambot 2020 Census

    Age: 22 Country: United States of America
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    Scripts aren't appearing FIX

    I am a Dual Fanboy
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    Can't cancel my Stripe VIP membership

    Manage purchases page: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/clients/purchases/
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    Checks the status of all specified accounts from the .txt file and saves results to specified directory. Features Easy format (username:password) Specify your own directory where results will be saved Creates three separate text files at the output directory Instructions/Pictures First, click on the >Account File< button Locate your .txt file which contains accounts you want to check Next click on the >Output< button Locate the directory where you want results to be saved Check if everything is in order Click on the >Start< button to start the script Quickstart Accepts 2 parameters. 1. Account text file path 2. Output directory path java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "Debela's Account Checker" -params INPUT_FILE_PATH OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_PATH Example: java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "debelamuha's Account Checker" -params C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\c.txt C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\AccountChecker\\ NOTE: USE TWO BACKSLASHES WHEN SPECIFYING INPUT AND OUTPUT PATHS Get yours now! NOTE: Locked accounts will be treated as disabled accounts. Also, use non-member worlds.
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    Scripts aren't appearing FIX

    Upvoted because good guide and Eclipse > Intellij. Extra param for SM, that I might be the only one that uses (Doesn't pop on SDN, but personal / private scripts = A++) image = "imagesite.com/yourimage.png"
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    Scripts aren't appearing FIX

    Great guide, thanks!
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    Is this why I saw a lvl 3 in members running planks? lol
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    Been using Manly Fisher Pro and Cooking for nearly 1 week now and i must say out of the 7 scripts i bought for the same purpose / Use Manly's scripts are the only reliable and ones whom work constistently and do not log my character out or are stuck in any places at all, fishes for hours end without stopping unless i log out myself, Cooking bot working as splendid as the Fishing script as well, strongly recommend, reliable, works perfectly, no erros, no crashes or random log outs or stuck in place.
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    Osrs Dicing Script?

    The first reply to this topic was originally issued on February 14th, 2019. During that time, Milasoft was still very much active within the community. As of Decemember 30th, 2019, Milasoft is banned and the first reply to this topic is no longer valid.
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    I'm sorry, it works perfectly fine, just Dreambot seems in need of an update! Same issue with other scripts atm.
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    Edit: When I first bought it, the GUI was all jacked up. I restarted dream it and it started working fine. Starting to test the script now.
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    85-97 strength in less than a week. Here's a 3h run. Great script. Nice work #
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    Going to try this on about 20 accounts tonight. Good luck, I will keep an eye on them for an hour or so starting out and let you know if there is any issues to report.
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    Gone for quite awhile to forever

    Damn, he just got yeeted off the forums.
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    Breaks? Definition

    ah thank you
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    Get in-game username

  41. 1 point

    Randerson Essence Miner

    Hi Randy, the TPIN state appears to be broken. it gets to audry's but wont actually teleport. everything else works great.
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    Why Choose this script: - Alot of Mining spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2p & P2p - Supports Shift-Dropping What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Mining Requirements: - 1 Mining and a Pick axe How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor - Have a Pick axe either equipped or wielded GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! Proggy's: On the SDN for only 5.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
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    My Botting Experience + Guide

    Hi all, I am chowkebab I wanted to share with you guys some things i have learnt in my botting journey so far. I guess i will update this here and there as i progress through my own journey. Joined this community not long ago, i own 15 scripts so far on here I started botting while OSRS was real old school, where Zezima was the dawg. I am no gold farmer, i am no guru, i just bot for fun (enjoying seeing them GPs) Anyhow let's get to the chase 1) "Botting gets you banned period" - i know this is the most unuseful one liner that some people use (especially other forums) but it's true! There is going to be the time when your bot will be banned, it is just WHEN it will be banned. The best we can do is to PREVENT it. Below are few tips from MY experience Don't suicide, i bot ~10 hours MAX a day. Take reasonable breaks Run different activities, don't just Hunter for entire week for example Make sure the scripts you are running are reliable - PAID doesn't 100% mean better than free (although i always run paid ones except Nezz's tut islander <3). Make sure the scripts are not buggy af and you can sleep at night running it TEST TEST TEST, make sure you know what the script is doing and what items is needed so you don't end up standing there for hours doing nothing Don't bot on update day Don't expect to bot to like 99s without making your account at least look legit (see later) 2) When i was new, i wanted to know what skills i should bot and what skills are "high ban". Some people had success in certain skills, some did not. I will share what MY feedback is Some skills are 100% HOT for me. By that i mean whenever i seem to bot it, i get the ban hammer. Hunter (chins), Agility (f*** dreadful skill tho) are two which are tough 3) Which scripts are good? What's the best script? Go request them trials! But here are a few of my favourites RQuester by Roma - i am still amazed to this day when the bot start doing quests Gargoyle Slayer by Xephy - it's just so flawless and i can sleep at night using it! Green dragon killer by Nex - another flawless script, clean AF #1 Magic by Hashtag - so much features for the price 4) Should i get VIP? Does it make you unbannable like god mode? No, i still get ban from using VIP, but it seems like it is more effective to let account last longer Cheers boyz! GLHF
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    Start this script with the following items: - Spade - Lit Bullseye latern - Falador teletabs - Your selected spec weapon - Mole killing gear - Rock cake (if you want to use 1hp dharok method) Join the official discord: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ Click here to buy: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&section=store&do=item&id=306 Giant Mole discord commands: !stats giantmole Username This will display the user's Giant Molestats. !stats giantmole All Users This will display Giant Molestats for all users. !signature giantmole Username This will display the user's Giant Mole dynamic signature. Proggy: Video: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=giantmole.png] Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQYF
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    Stevie's NMZ (DreamNMZ)

    I love this Script got my account from base 85 cmb stats to all 99's with no ban. Only issue i'm having now is that i recommended to a friend and the overlay doesn't appear for him I.E. The time it's ran for, Time to next level, the xp he has gained etc. How do i fix this?
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    While cleaning up an old hard drive I decided it would be a good idea to preserve some of my past works on my GitHub. Some of this work included old bot scripts that I either used for myself or sold privately to various gold farmers. Those gold farmers are no longer in the game, so I figured instead of letting them rot on my disk I would share them here in case they could be of any use. The link to the repository is here. In total there are 143 different scripts. The vast majority of these should be for DreamBot, but a few might be for another client. Some of the scripts may only be for simple tasks and few dozen lines, but there should be at least a dozen gems in there including an abyss runecrafter.
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    level 1 account??
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    Gone for quite awhile to forever

    Hashtag was waiting for this day
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