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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. Our guides have instructions on what to do if the launcher doesn't open: https://dreambot.org/guides/
    2. bro the free ranging guild bot doesnt work it doesnt talk to the archer at all it just keeps shooting could you please fix this ?

      1. Hashtag


        Hey, you'll need to contact the author of the script. I can't make modifications to someone else's script.

      2. diongashi


        i have no idea how to do that bro, could you alert him for me ?


      3. Hashtag


        You can click the report an issue button in your client's script manager to send a message to the script's author.

    3. Hey guys, this is an issue with the client and must be fixed by the developers. Apparently a hotfix is live for the issue. Are you still having the issue with the script?
    4. Hey, could you try clearing your jagexcache directory in C:\Users\You\ and restart the client. Let me know if that helps!
    5. Refunded. Have a nice day 🙂
    6. Hey @ashk, I've refunded the purchase. @TheCloakdOne be sure to have the possible bugs fixed as soon as possible.
    7. Hey, please try clearing your jagexcache directory at C:\Users\You\. Let me know if that helps!
    8. I expect @TheCloakdOne to reply shortly.
    9. Hey @JDRUK, I'm sorry to hear about the ban. However, we don't qualify getting banned as a valid reason for a refund. Therefore, this request is denied. For future reference, please fill in the refund request template when requesting a refund.
    10. You've used it for more than 17 hours. The logs your provided don't imply there's anything wrong with the script. It can be seen that the client is unable to log you back in because you're hopping worlds too often, which causes the game to kick you out and block your access momentarily. This has nothing to do with the script being broken or unusable. My script has the required user configurable options to avoid being kicked out. When configuring the worlds in the script's gui, please increase the minimum time between world hops. From personal experience, this should be at least 20 seconds when used for long periods of time.
    11. Hey @jetsam, I asked you more information about the issues you were having, but you failed to present me with any info. Also, your total runtime of the script exceeds our 6 hour limit, so I need you to provide me proof of the script not working properly. If you read this page of my script's thread, you can clearly see I tried to get information from you regarding the issues. All I got from you was this PM: In my thread you mentioned it was stuck at a corner. Please try to understand that without giving me more information of the issue I can't really assist you. There are quite many corners in the game. To proceed with the request, please include proof of the issues and give me the location it's stuck at.
    12. Hey @ashk, your total runtime on the script exceeds our 6 hour limit, so I would like to give @TheCloakdOne a chance to respond to this refund request. Here is the changes he made to the script a couple of days ago: Dragon BAxe spec update Adjust north west reset area for ammonites Adjust ammonite optimal spot After this update, what remains broken in the script?
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