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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. bak

    Baks Cow Tipper

    @Reginald P Number 3 is actually slightly intentional. I did not want the script to always, always wait for the drops (as I thought it looked too bot-like). The chance of it picking up loot depends on the distance the player is from the loot. I might play around with the numbers a bit to see if I can make it seem more fluid. I will look into those dialogue bugs. --- I have submitted a compile request to update the script with a fix for the dialogue.
  2. bak

    Baks Cow Tipper

    @kamma69 @fatalb @Novabio Thanks for the kind words, so far I have no paid scripts. This was just meant to be a simple script to learn how the API works. Glad you are all having success with it. I hope to release some, even more powerful, paid scripts in the future.
  3. Just want to casually mention that saying something is "open source" does not mean its "open source", as you need to attach a license to it. Without doing so, you are not actually giving people rights to use it. Like, MIT, Apache & GNU. However, thanks for the code, I will definitely try it out, it looks good!
  4. bak

    Baks Cow Tipper

    @Nuclear Nezz Awesome, thanks. Can I get the Scripter rank or do I need to do more first?
  5. bak

    Baks Cow Tipper

    Baks Cow Tipper What does this script do? This script farms cows for XP & cowhides. This script is compatible with Ironmen and level 3s straight off tutorial island. It currently supports: 3 cow locations, 3 banks, 3 cooking locations, Ironman, World Hopping, 10 Anti-ban methods, Burying bones, Cooking cow meat, Banking, Tanning, & More. Setup The configuration menu gives you a lot of options to tailor the bots functionality. It is recommended to start near your chosen bank or cows, and to ensure you have chosen the closest bank to the chosen cows. The tanning option is only available for when you bank in Al-Karid, as it tans while walking to the Al-Karid bank. So ensure you have the required amount of GP. The bot only banks the cows hides and leather. Ironmen I have written my own custom internal memory system to support Ironmen. This means that the bot will remember if he was responsible for the loot on the floor & ensure he only picks up this loot. When you enable Ironman support you will see a graph on the top left of the game. This is a representation of the bots memory. In Ironman mode the bot may perform certain actions slower as it has to do a lot of operations to remember things.
  6. Is it possible to get the X,Y coordinates of a gameObject or NPC on the screen?
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