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  1. congrats @Hashtag, well deserved.
  2. can you check the contents of the widget object for specific text?
  3. try creating that folder yourself, worth a shot
  4. I have a bug with one of my scripts, where just after hopping worlds, the player location is incorrect by about 10 tiles. the y position is off by something like 8-10 tiles in the below screenshot: It should be like 3488 or something iirc. This causes the script to consider the player outside of the required room, and trigger invalid execution steps. this seems to resolve quickly, but it is an issue if the script checks for player tile too quickly (likely before the players location fully resolves after login) I'm currently solving this by adding some more delay just after world hopping. I can consistently reproduce this issue is required. Thanks, BMC
  5. I have about 400 tut accounts that are ~300 days rested if you'd be interested in that
  6. also, I can do the theiving myself depending on prices - as I know this would require a bond
  7. Looking to buy between 1 and 10 accounts with the following stats: 20 Range 20 Attack 20 Defense 20+ Theiving other stats do not matter for my purposes. These accounts will be used towards the development of a new script I'm writing, If the script is eventually completed, I will require more accounts if you are able to sell them in bulk at a later date Price is negotiable, these are tester accounts - price is of less concern to me at this time, but we can work something out for bulk accounts in the future if you would like to work with me on that. Thanks, BMC
  8. theres a method you can call to handle this, its called something like setrunthreshold(), If you set that threshhold to 100, it should not turn back on after you turn it off. checkout the Walking class here: https://dreambot.org/javadocs/ edit: i am retarded, you already looked at run threshold -- did you set this in the onStart?
  9. here's my comments, some of them apply to the issues you'd asking about others are just general advice on code structure, etc: 1. make your doDialogue parameter a static variable, there's no reason to type the same thing 3 times. ("Decline the offer and report that player.", "Don"...) 2. in your travelTo method, you should not be using a while loop, as it blocks the main run method. instead, have a conditional there, and have your main state determine whether to run that method or now, so if it needs to run twice in a row, that method will run again instead of locking it in a while loop 3. for your custom nodes, check with the web node debugger tool to see if its already mapped, if so you can remove your custom nodes 4. in your onloop, if you're having trouble with timings in specific states, consider returning different values instead of sleeping and breaking. you can directly return different values for different case statements if I think of more, I'll add them
  10. couple of options: 1. import this library into a project, and use a csv parsing library to insert the data into an excel spreadsheet. 2. import this library to a project and serve it through a node server you're running locally, exposing an api. then, query that api through excel's built in json query features and have an actively refreshing spreadsheet.
  11. looks really interesting. I will use this if a use for it comes up in my scripts. thanks for making it available! I wish we could use external packages instead of directly including source code... I wonder if the admins would consider adding a repo of approved libraries that could be used in scripts.
  12. ok thank you, maybe this was updated in the last few months. I'll modify my code.
  13. @Nuclear Nezz @Articron @Pandemic
  14. I was updating my mcmonk script, and noticed that the code I'm using to select a dialogue option to gain access to the edgeville monestary was no longer working. I vaguely remeber there being 3 options in the second window, and now there's 2 (maybe there were always 2 i dont recall) either way, here is the use case: 1. click on the ladder 2. monk interrupts, space to continue to second dialogue pane. (this works with s.getDialogues().spaceToContinue()) 3. once on a screen where there are other options besides just continuing (second dialogue screen), I check s.getDialogues().canEnterInput() which incorrectly returns false, as the player is in a dialogue. I tried getDialogues().getOptions(), but am unable to loop through that array and log the options without getting an exception. here is the relevant code I'm using: if(s.getDialogues().canContinue()) { s.getDialogues().spaceToContinue(); }else if(s.getDialogues().canEnterInput()){ s.getDialogues().chooseOption("Well can I join your order?"); //or.... s.getDialogues().chooseOption(1); //doesnt matter cus this if statement never validates to true. } it should be noted that this dialogue doesn't get started by talking to an npc, rather by clicking on a ladder, which might effect things, idk.
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