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  2. i have never said anything like this lol... like i said. no budget
  3. The solution for my issue: Use this page to make my own mouse interactions https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/input/Mouse.html
  4. Today
  5. https://gyazo.com/ea554dc409fffb86f2e3cfd46f8f24b3.gif The above link highlights my problem. When it right clicks you can see the right click menu for a short time before it actually clicks anything and I need to get rid of this delay.
  6. I pretty much need to be able to have the mouse bouncing around CONSTANTLY doing something but the built in delay is breaking my script entirely..
  7. I'm making a script and I need the mouse to be a lot faster. I've set the movement speed to near instant however there's a forced short pause in between actions that I do not know how to eliminate. An example would be if it's told to use an item it will right click and pause for maybe 0.1ms before it moves to the "Use" option and I need this short delay removed.
  8. Hi, Im currently on vacation so sorry for the slow responce. Anyway i did mention discord because me or any of my mods can quickly help out there and when needed use screenshare to explain where needed. But no indeed its not needed to get script assistance i can deal with people in DM's aswell this will just drag on as it takes some time as i am not on the forums 24/7 making the conversation have waiting times inbetween replies which can be annoying for both me & the customer. Discord however i have on my phone open most of the times so replies will be quicker & i have mods in different timezones so u never have to wait long to get assistance. Discord can be used from the web without a single download making it easy & safe to use. As for the script i will test it with my personal account tonight and see if i have these issues if i dont you can sent me a DM and i will guide you there on how to get it working (or join the discord if you feel like it we also have commands for script tracking & automated trials ) if i do get a issue with the script i will fix this asap and get it out there on the store. As shown here the user has ran this script for a solid 48h and gained 4m+ exp. so as for the refund im gonna decline it & fix IF needed.
  9. It started working again on it's own, but no. The screen would spin a couple of times, and it would log in, and out. Didn't see anything in the debug, and the mouse didn't move. For whatever reason, the classic uninstall and reinstall fixed it. Regardless, account has now been disabled for that reason.
  10. Its not needed its just alot quicker, DM me if u dont wanna use discord.
  11. received 24 hour bot busting ban for using this script for less then 2 hours.
  12. Make sure that when you are adding accounts you only have one client open. Then after you've added all your accounts close that client and now all the future ones you open will have the accounts without problems.
  13. When your accounts file gets corrupted, on the next launch it will clear it. It could be getting corrupted because of reading/writing at the same time, or maybe just not saving correctly. Or if there's something specific that you've noticed causing it (like maybe every time you put an email with + in it, the next launch your client clears all the accounts) then I'll definitely take a look, though I'm not aware of anything like that. I would suggest (this is what I've done in the past to "fix" it) deleting your dreambot folder, launching one client, close the client, relaunch, add 1 empty account, close, reopen. This essentially creates a blank, hopefully fully readable, not corrupted file for it to work off of from there on. After that, the account should still be there, if it is then you should be good to go, just be careful of how fast you're adding accounts on however many clients. If it's still deleting the accounts folder after that, then again I'll see if I can take a look on our end, maybe there's just something oddly specific that is causing issues for you.
  14. I'm assuming you have these in separate classes, but it looks like your build is not correct. It may just be putting your main script class into the jar (or however you're adding it) Double check that you're exporting the jar correctly, if that looks fine, download bytecodeviewer and put your script jar in there, and check for the enum class. Keep in mind, you shouldn't be building the client into your jar as well (I've seen people make that mistake) but just the source files needed. If your build looks fine but you're not finding the class in the jar itself, then Google is probably a better friend, as you'll know more details to include in your search than we will. If the build is fine, class is there, etc, then I'll see if I can think of any other reasons why it may not be working. Are there any other errors in cmd that happen, maybe before that one? Also make sure that you're running the correct script from the correct jar, maybe update the version # in your main script and double check that it changes in the one you're running. I've seen more than a few times people getting frustrated trying to fix something just to realize they weren't running the same version they were fixing. (Happens if you maybe have two of the same jar, or just have two of the same script name in different local scripts)
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