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  3. may i have a trial before i buy???(: upvoted
  4. the script seems to prioritize attacking another chicken, rather than looting as it should. even if the mouse is hovering above said loot, the bot simply is blood thirsty and ignores your gesture, and begins to slaughter another chicken, disregarding the distance from the bot and the next target. hope my feedback helps
  5. Hi guys, this is my second intro as I am back after 2 years I suppose ? it's been a while, what's new. Big shout out to @Nuclear Nezz for helping me recover my account 😂 P.S Fuck you @Banker
  6. motogye636


    For some reason on fishing contest its buying the items required then stopping script immediately after. I have not started the quest and dropped most of my bank think it was an item in my bank giving a bug.
  7. price? and assuming it's botted, how long has it been sitting?
  8. got leche


    Looks too good to be true!! Can I try? I liked and upvoted
  9. When i try to filter using this method getInventory().interact(item -> item != null , ("Absorption"), "Drink") I get this errror : Overrides method in org.dreambot.api.methods.filter.filter;
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