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    2. I'll have to hop in a discord with you guys. Wanting to learn and get some free scripts out to the public.
    3. trtl

      Roast my code

      I don't consider myself a scripter really yet, so just a very minor thing, but you could move this (in your chop trees task) into your accept conditions: ... if (tree == null){ ...
    4. Date Purchased: 10/16/21 Product Purchased: VIP Reason for Refund: Not utilizing the VIP as much as I thought I would, I'm hoping to get refunded and repurchase it when I have fully planned what I am going to do with botting. Thanks & looking forward to your response.
    5. Today
    6. I did start on GE, it bought all the items and did 1 quest correctly. Then the script walked to mountains between falador and camelot and got stuck. banned, got a few accounts banned with this script. You need to baby sit it, but overall its good, better than doing quests. a few more things, it work recognize cake as food.
    7. Click here to join: [url=https://discord.gg/service]https://discord.gg/service
    8. Hello, I'm the original owner, I have an authenticator I need to remove and bank pin prior to the sale, will do that though. This account just served a 2 day bot ban from me writing a shitty blood runecrafting script. So instead of suiciding it or potentially losing out on anything from it, i'd rather sell it. This has all hard diaries completed, elite fremmy completed for vork. It has imbued archer/berserker ring, bottomless compost, rangers elite void, fire cape, ava's assembler, ferocious gloves, tentacle whip, colored slayer helm, full graceful, all the runecrafting bags, coal bag + full prospectors, house is maxed for 82 construction including pool, jewelry box. All the important quests are done (ds2/mm2/SOTE), about 10 away from quest cape. This was all hand trained minus 99 cooking/fletching and 90 crafting. I used AHK to get those. I have 150m gp i'm willing to include with the account for money. Accepting Paypal/crypto for it or GP. I don't know how much its worth so please be fair and make offers. Let me know if you have questions.
    9. Inside motherlode mine area, trying to deposit ores, except pickaxe and hammer, fails at the depositbox. if (DepositBox.depositAllExcept(1275, 2347)) {... Makes the client click outside area of deposit interface, seems like all coord inside widget 192 are misaligned? EDIT: Worked yesterday btw.
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