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    1. Hello Before

    2. Oh boy something I was around for I don't remember but he did something. It wasn't scamming but it was something else - he used to be like a moderator too
    3. Hey <3!!

      1. Before


        Lmao I saw you posting and it made me want to DL dreambot too :D

    4. Most wallets don't support this (especially mobile) and it doesn't really solve the underlying problem since BTC doesn't scale with usage Add it and I'll buy Sponsor
    5. I'm not gonna pay 7.48 in TX fees for a 7.99 VIP that's retarded: https://ycharts.com/indicators/bitcoin_average_transaction_fee#:~:text=Bitcoin Average Transaction Fee is,532.9% from one year ago. Pls add more functional payment systems or I'll have to slave for scripter rank to run some minigame bots again smh
    6. Trying to mess around with some long-term bots, don't care about the banrate, but ideally I want a free VPS to casually host it on without worrying about the price. Anyone got any suggestions? I used to use Google cloud/AWS but they become such a hassle.
    7. Vouch, sold me a banner super customized and was flexible on payment options (Let me pay in ETH):
    8. Thanks for the tag + prune. I'm likely not going to update my scripts, but if I ever do, they'll be back. Keep up the good work DB!
    9. Your Discord invite is expired.
    10. You're always in my mind ^____^
    11. Legit came back to start scripting, DBL won't launch for me either. Windows 7? Edit: Running from command line works. edit2: Rip my script's not showing up
    12. Before


      If it's premium the banrates won't be too bad. I would still be cautious with a main. Gl and welcome to the community
    13. Wow that's a lot of likes. I honestly don't know, I'm here now l0ll0
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