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  1. Mojo

    LoginResponse Bug

    So im trying to get the login response for disabled/locked accounts. Each time It only returns the same value. I cant tell if either is happening... c.log(String.valueOf(script.getClient().getMessage1().toLowerCase()+"||1")); c.log(String.valueOf(script.getClient().getLoginResponse()) + "||LOGIN INDEX3"); c.log(String.valueOf(script.getClient().getLoginIndex()) + "|| V2 LOGIN INDEX"); c.log(String.valueOf(script.getClient().getLoginResponse().getSeverity()) + "|| V3 LOGIN INDEX"); c.log(String.valueOf(script.getClient().getLoginResponse().name()) + "|| V4 LOGIN NAME"); Its making it look like locked and disabled are same thing and I dont know how to get the text value instead so i can go from string. JavaDocs on this isnt very clear on what to do as well... Pls help ty @Nuclear Nezz
  2. Seems to be broken after most recent update @Man16 they changed the resize options default zoom looks like this now
  3. When will you finish this? @Articron
  4. Are you able to incorporate deathbycaptcha.com support. Ive been having issues with anti-captcha and 2captcha. Deathbycaptcha seems to be much faster and its better priced
  5. Its now been over 48 hours and I still can not use the script. Please advise. You've been ignoring my PMs @Man16