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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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  1. Mojo

    Refund Request

    Its been a week and a lack of communication. Possible to just grant the refund? 😕 @Hashtag
  2. Mojo

    Refund Request

    Been 3 days, anything we can do about this? 😕 @Articron
  3. 1. Script purchased: Climbing Boots Buyer 2. Script Thread URL: 3. Scripter(tag them with @): @Gains 4. Date of purchase(mm/dd):8/12/19 5. Detailed description of problem: Bot gets stuck at the dude when buying boots, tried on two member accounts and they both froze up a lot and accounts were banned shortly after... 6. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): 7. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): N/A - dont have any accs to show as it was banned shortly after 8. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter): Refund
  4. Selling 7 day membership accounts/your own account BULK PRICES: ▶ 7 days [1]: $1.40/2.5M ▶ 7 days [5]: $1.30/2.3M ▶ 7 days [10]: $1.20/2.1M ▶ 7 days [20]: $1.10/1.9M ▶ 7 days [50]: $1.00/1.7M ▶ 7 days [100]: $0.75/1.3M Stock Limited! Making more everyday! Pre-Order to get yours! Need to take pre-orders first as keeping them in stock will just run the days out. If interested, PM me and I can give you more info.
  5. Selling 7 day membership accounts for $1.4/2.4m ea. Currently will need to stay at this price until I find a way to make it cheaper to make on my end. Possibly can drop down to $1 each soon. ONLY TAKING PRE-ORDERS CURRENTLY! Need to take pre-orders first as keeping them in stock will just run the days out. If interested, PM me and I can give you more info. I can also add unlimited days of membership to your own account for the same price. $1.4/2.4m per 7 days
  6. Looking to pay for a complete farming package - The script should be able to launch other scripts in an account manager - CLI support - All account info (stats, task, username, password, ign, mule timer, gold amt) saved into mysql database - Mule trade will be triggered when the account reaches a gold threshold that is predetermined on the account manager launch. Ex. Chopping Oaks - 500k osgp till trade mule - Account manager should be able to determine if an account was locked or disabled. If its locked it should unlock the account automatically. (It will check if the account is linked which would be a boolean variable on the accounts table in the database, use anticaptcha api to solve on the website) - Muling I would suggest to be handled using sockets that way it can interrupt the script by pausing it and forcing the slave to go trade the mule - Mules should also be launched in a way that it splits the slaves throughout several mules (possibly assign certain slaves that are doing a task to X total:1 mule) - The account manager will pull accounts that are available from the database to start a task that is determined. - This will be used throughout multiple servers, although I can have a different DB for each server to use data from. Budget: PM me
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