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  1. https://mega.nz/#F!Fosm2SDS!D7y1YCRfO6ZdbZ4ln-U3Hg Ah yeah my bad. Heres the album version ^
  2. Its quite a bit of information, although I can. Its about 3MB of images so uploaded them https://mega.nz/#!Yx9VBCwR!DS-DRoxGSEgWW-LYyr9ZWtN7U1eUBMjK3k8tfZwv4M0
  3. Prices change slightly. Heres the updated ones: BULK DEALS USA ▶ 1000+ for 135k/ea ▶ 500+ 150k/ea ▶ 100+ 175k/ea ▶ 10+ 250k/ea CHEAP DEALS INTERNATIONAL ▶ 1000+ for 80k/ea ▶ 500+ 90k/ea ▶ 100+ 100k/ea ▶ 10+ 150k/ea
  4. Hello Dreambot staff, I'd like to dispute negative feedback left on my profile from a user from December. I have chat logs on discord of the user threatening me to 'leave negative feedback' back when the Prime promotion was going on. What happened? The twitch prime was going on and I had been selling Prime accounts successfully, he came on the last possible day and I told him that I may not be able to get the automation done in time for the total he wanted (from what I recall it was ~100). I ended up selling him 40 and told him to make sure the accounts were linked to an email so he could recover if locked. Currently at this point the accounts were all Primed up and had 7 days of membership, as promised. The remainder I had refunded him which he then proceeded to block me and leave negative review on my profile. The user was very toxic during the whole interaction and I continued to assist him even though I had a feeling he would not be reasonable no matter what I offer him for compensation. What I'd like to see happened? The user is https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/profile/178640-faisaljones/. He is now since banned from the forums for whatever reason. I can provide chat logs if needed but I have not had any issues in the last 2 years selling accounts and this person was just toxic and trying to ruin my rep even though I provided a refund for uncompleted service immediately..
  5. Jagex ended the promotion In november, this is no longer available.
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