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    1. I already miss you mate, GL in rl!

    2. Banned but not forgotten

      1. ilxmvpilx69


        so if hes banned what happens with the scripts i paid for buy him?

      2. yeeter01


        You will have access to them until they break.  That is defined under the defention of "lifetime" the lifetime of the script is based on how long the scripter actively maintains it / the lifetime of dreambot (don't quote me on that could be more legal bullshit text in the actual statement).  Once it breaks no one but him has access to his source code so at some point it will be dead. 

    3. Hello Everyone! It has been quite a while since I posted any threads on DreamBot and everything comes with a reason. I have gone through lots of changes irl, and so many things are happening... from moving to starting a new career to a new life. I have been trying so hard to get back into managing my public scripts and new releases.. but life isn't giving me the chance.. and the thought just stays in my mind. Waking up everyday thinking of completing unfinished business (ex: Updating my LavaDragons script, releasing new scripts, managing my discord server, etc) is bringing
    4. The script works perfectly. You have something wrong with your Area coordinates. read the DefiledDicer guide found here: https://defiled.dev also join my Discord server, link can be found in my signature and in the forum post itself so you can receive fast support. Thanks
    5. Please join my discord server and use the discord bot to get a trial instantly Link to discord server is in my signature and the thread itself.
    6. Hello, The same person @christiangrey added another negative feedback after you guys removed it. This person is acting hostile since the beginning, and shouldn't have been provided the refund for his false claims. Thanks
    7. Hello, A user with name @christiangrey gave a negative feedback to me today for "Trying to refuse a refund". His allegations are false, the bugs he mentioned are partially correct but they do not tamper with the progress of the script. What he did is escalate a problem using snake-like tactics to receive a refund. My Lava Dragons script has been used by so many people, where some of them bought multiple entire local servers to host tens of accounts on as shown in my discord server's media-proggies channel. He himself has used it for 54+ hrs which he claims that they we
    8. Yeah that'd be weird.. imagine gambling using flower colors
    9. The script works 100% as its used by many people, you probably have something wrong with your setup visit: https://defiled.dev and read the guide for the script Turn on Fresh Start in the DreamBot Settings and restart the client. join the discord server to receive fast support
    10. 7/13/2020 UPDATE 3.2: Update Log: - Fixed Wrong Tab Teleportation Interaction Bug - Fixed State stuck on ANTI_PK in Non-Wildy Bug - Applied some debugging code - Enhanced AntiPK detectability - Cleaned and Reduced System Resources Usage - Added Ignore if not found for item: Chaos gauntlets - Added Protect Item Prayer Automated Handling - Disabled Range Detection on Tridents Bug Fix - Fixed Ignoring Looting bag in the bank bug
    11. Hi, use the automated trial system on my discord server. link is in my signature and the thread. gl
    12. Amazing design and I bet it will be awesome since you're making it. UE4 blueprints influence I see 😛
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