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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. From my tests, it always returned disabled. the value of the response is always the same. But the AccountStatus is always different
  2. You're probably using the quick hop method, id advise you to use the normal hopWorld(int world) method. To go past that just turn on fresh start and restart the client.
  3. Solution provided by @Nuclear Nezz : getClient().getAccountStatus() == 0 //returns banned account getClient().getAccountStatus() == 1 //returns locked accounts But unfortunately the value of the getAccountStatus() method won't change even if returning to the login index 0 (main screen). So the proper usage of this method would be: if(getClient().getLoginIndex() == 12 && getClient.getAccountStatus() == 0) { //Banned //do the stuff you'd do if you found a banned account //getMouse.. click back button //getMouse.. click cancel button } else if(getClient().getLoginIndex() == 12 && getClient.getAccountStatus() == 1) { //Locked //do the stuff you'd do if you found a locked account //getMouse.. click back button //getMouse.. click cancel button } hope this proves useful to you
  4. You shouldn't throw yourself into a harder level of Botting until you have mastered the lower levels. Botting nowadays is much different than before, bans and locks are more aggressive. I'd suggest you taste what Botting Is now and go on upwards. Baby steps, man.. Baby steps.
  5. This has been a problem since months as I saw several people having the same problem. when comparing RSLoginResponse (getClient().getLoginResponse() == RSLoginResponse.ACCOUNT_LOCKED) and RSLoginResponse.DISABLED the login response always returns DISABLED.
  6. Hello, Just wanted to notify that the ACCOUNT_LOCKED login response is the same as DISABLED login response.
  7. It's really easy to see how many VIP scripts there are.. even as a non-vip member.. so I don't think your reasoning is valid. VIP provides many features like multiple tabs, covert mode, and much more including forums features like hiding posts. So I'd recommend that you take a peak at the features available to you in the time being. Threatening to chargeback isn't something you say when you're trying ask for help/requesting something to be done. Admins/Devs here aren't puppets at your command to enforce.
  8. why sleepWhile? when in the inv while its making the wine just do sleepUntil until there is a dialogue || there are no more components in the inventory. also your way of handling the bank is weird.. just before get("Grapes") add if(getBank.isOpen()) getBank.close(); or just surround it by an if statement if you want. also the thread placement is wrong, place this in snippets.
  9. That's true, unless you have previous reservations 😜
  10. I'm still gonna do it, just gotta find time in this chaotic period of a year 😕
  11. Hey, If the Botting process was a 1 2 3 step process, everyone would be doing it and OSRS would have went downhill and died years ago. Botting is a trial and error process, it's also a scouting, investing, and sleepless process. Botting isn't something you invest a static amount of money and get a return back. I know people who have invested thousands and failed miserably, and I know people who have invested tens of dollars and succeeded. What I suggest is.. play the game.. get to know some methods... get em scripted (or find a script).. bot on your home internet to get a taste of it.. You'll get banned and locked over and over but eventually if you stick your guts into it you'll succeed.
  12. You probably have other Java versions installed, which are set to default. Set the Java Environmental Variables to poibt to the JDK 8/bin/java.exe path and you should be golden or load it through cmd. open CMD: cd Desktop java -jar DBLauncher.jar
  13. 1. Yes. 2. Yes, have your main on a different ip (preferably have it on your mobile), and trade something over from the main (any item, any value) 3. Yes, you can use VPNs.
  14. You need to be a Scripter+ to advertise scripting or any private programming related to the client. @Hashtag
  15. I believe a lot of people are selling vouchers, contact the people that are selling them.. you can view their threads on the same place you created your thread.
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