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    1. O him. i been talking to him already and ive told him i wont charge extra for the new feature's he requested since he had to wait abit. (was actually working on his script while writing this reply) Not sure why a dispute was needed for this as we been in contact and his bot did function it was mainly new stuff he was waiting on.
    2. He just joined no idea who this guy is without a discord id. I have over 500 private script clients..
    3. Can i at least get a "no" if youre unwilling?

    4. sent you a private message about a script, willing to pay.

    5. csc453

      hey i really need support with nex thiever script any solutions


      1. Picklesdeplum


        thre is also a issue with nex wintertodt


    6. Messagetype clanchat and other new clans things dont work ^
    7. hey Nex Can i try this zulrah bot you have here? 
      would greatly appreciate  it 

    8. same sht just a recolor but i been using this for my UI's n such:
    9. Pretty sure this was solved through discord, if not hmu
    10. Think we've spoken since if not shoot me a DM with ur discord
    11. bumbam

      is that normal 6-7 kc barrows per h?
      its some time struggled in maze


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