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  1. Miami 369

    F00s Essence Miner

    It was working until I got this [INFO]17:51:36: Script F00s Essence Miner resumed! [SCRIPT]17:51:36: executing BankNode after wait [SCRIPT]17:51:36: trying portal [SCRIPT]17:51:37: Portal is not GameObject [SCRIPT]17:51:37: Portal is not NPC [SCRIPT]17:51:38: executing BankNode after wait [SCRIPT]17:51:38: trying portal [SCRIPT]17:51:38: Portal is not GameObject [SCRIPT]17:51:38: Portal is not NPC [INFO]17:51:39: Script F00s Essence Miner paused...
  2. [ERROR]17:36:11: Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException at EssenceMiner.EssenceMiner.onLoop(Unknown Source) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java:264) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  3. nice! I need to add the book to my requirement list but great work around homie. ya I need to fix that, I think I know where it might come from
  4. it works for both high and low. its checks your lvl. im use it now and try it out
  5. Miami 369

    Mogy Holy Prayer

    nice script, just want to say the pick up at the alter was kind of bot like. it would run around the wall every sec. Instead of picking up the bones that were inside the temple. Also bot would get stuck inside bank when the bank screen is open it wants to interact with the banker and get stuck.
  6. sorry for the late reply but no there's no antiban. Its meant to give you a great amount of exp / hour. I recommend not running the script for more than n hour and a half with out breaks. Also I'm tracking the alch n tele clicks but not the times in-between them. For greater experience place items in alch/teleport (inventory) slot. ok cool, are you using noted items or stackable items? Also if you open the debug logger it will tell you the reason or give a hint on why the script ended. If you end it my way I can definitely fix it.
  7. When u login and start the script u should get a few pop up questions. Did u get any?
  8. Try it out and lmk what you think.
  9. I sent an update wait until tomorrow, ver 1.01. In the update it includes noted staff in the gui option. Also on the next update ill be improving the script mechanics, and ill try to improve the script. For now if you restart the script 1 put of 3 times it youll get the fastest version: One that doesn't get stuck that often
  10. sorry ive been busy with school but ill take a look at it
  11. I like that u cleanthe forum page too
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