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    1. hi if i buy vip i have also proxy server ?


      1. lily


        No. You need your own proxy server

    2. Yea I have started to notice that myself. When I started adding icons, I was using 4k, with incorrect DPI settings; which made the client really small in comparison of my screen. So at the time I thought they looked "normal", but switching back to 1080p I have noticed that they are actually really big. So I will change them here soon.
    3. "Please note these API changes will effect v2.x.x scripts, though be assured you will not lose your script! DreamBot v2.x.x will remain available along side the v3.0.0 patch for some time, giving both users and writers the option to choose the client which suits them best. More information about this topic will be available once v3.0.0 nears beta testing." If they are not written for v3.0.0 then it will not be compatible, though v2.x.x isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and your scripts will still be fine!
    4. Thank you, and I just used JButtons with image icons! Quick and easy! There will be, just not added yet. Though it will be added before release. Fixed! Sorry about that!
    5. Hello everyone, I'm here to give a progress update of the work I have completed for our upcoming v3.0.0 patch. I know it has been quite sometime since the last update for this project, and we apologize; life events between us all have slowed work more than we would of liked though we are finally getting close to a finished product! I would like to take some time to clear some of the confusion regarding this update, as the first post was very vague and seemed to just be a UI update. Aside from the new UI, this version of the client has been rewritten from the ground up and is designed to be much more user friendly and stable than in previous builds. Not only was the internal code rewritten, the API has been as well, taking in numerous suggestions given by people throughout the community. The new API will now give more advance writers the option to override most aspects of the API, or even use their API own all together. We hope these changes will give writers the freedom to do whatever they want when developing scripts using our client. Please note these API changes will effect v2.x.x scripts, though be assured you will not lose your script! DreamBot v2.x.x will remain available along side the v3.0.0 patch for some time, giving both users and writers the option to choose the client which suits them best. More information about this topic will be available once v3.0.0 nears beta testing. You may be asking, so what exactly should I expect from the upcoming patch? Below you will find the current features within the client, and I will also talk about planned features that planned to be added before client release. 1. The UI I. The Dashboard The most obvious change is the new UI, and though it has some critics, I believe this design will help many new users, and hopefully streamline client usage with current users. The version will bring a new feature, the dashboard. This feature allows users to see recent updates, the currently open clients, and even a featured scripts tab! Although it doesn't concern many of you, before the question is asked, this is not JavaFX; this was written using Swing. (The new Dashboard feature) II. The Client Console Instead of making a extravagant panel, I decided to keep this panel non-intrusive and minimalist so that you can get the information needed as clearly as possible without any distractions! III. The Script Manager The script manager has also been updated, with some new features! Allowing users to search for scripts, and see results as they type. Also for many new users, adding local scripts is a hassle, and with that in mind have created a drag and drop system, allowing users to drop the jar into the client, and instantly see their script! Also more descriptive and aesthetically appealing script information panels. This panel can also be separated using the toggle in the settings panel, and treated as external window for those who don't prefer the tab option, as suggested by @Pandemic. (The new script manager panel) IV. Settings Panel Last but not least the settings panel has also been redesigned, and much more user friendly than previous versions! Clear easy to read options, with simple toggle switches to reduce confusion as much as possible. No more slow scrollbars, now that you can scroll through the page as you would on a mobile device, by simply clicking and dragging the page. If that doesn't appeal to you, scrolling using your mouse wheel works just as well! World preferences has also been revamped, giving users a visual guide for choosing worlds without having to be in the world selection screen in game with simple slider. The Account and Break managers are now streamlined and user friendly as ever! The Break manager can now randomly generate a break profile for you with a simple click of a button! While the account manager allows you to click and drag the order of breaks to be executed for each account, or even randomly choose one! 2. Plugins Many have asked how do they use plugins, and even more ran into issue when trying to develop them for our client. I took this into consideration when developing the client, trying to think of how to make these as useful as possible, while making them easy to implement. Plugins for v3.0.0 will be focused on helping both developers and players alike. Debuggers that were available in v2.x.x are now going to be rewritten plugins, giving plugins a whole new purpose. This will now allow writers to design their own debuggers for development, and still allow for the creation of player aids, such as hit predictors. Activation is even easier, with a simple slide over menu, allowing users to toggle the plugins they wish to use on/off. suggested that scripts should have a similar slide over panel, allowing for a quick script select menu; and will be added before release! 3. API I. New Features The API will probably be the most profound change v3.0.0 will bring to our community even though our writers are the ones who it will effect most. This version of the API structured better, much more efficient and easier to use methods, and the entire API thoroughly documented, giving developers a better understanding of the methods they wish to use. The update will also allow writers to use their own custom API giving them to override methods within the API they with the edit/change, which is something that in the past has been difficult to do. II. Simplification We have also simplified many features of the client, which were redundant due to already being available within the JDK. One prime example being org.dreambot.api.methods.filter.Filter, which has now been replaced with java.tuil.function.Predicate, and has almost identical usage, just now can be used directly with java.util.stream.Stream making life much easier for the writer! III. Compatibility Reminder Attention writers, as said before scripts written for v2.x.x will have API differences, though your current scripts will be supported for sometime after we release v3.0.0 giving you the choice to develop using the new API and client, we don't want to force you. We plan on allowing writers early access so that they may develop scripts prior to client release if they would like! More on this subject will be available for writers as near beta testing! 4. Some Planned Features I. Walking As I start to wrap this post up, I want to let you know of some of the features currently in progress, that I hope most of you will really enjoy! One of the biggest undertaking is walking, both local and web. We are trying our best to redesign our entire walking system to be as stable, and user friendly as possible all while creating unique human like paths. I hope to enable features once planned for v2.x.x, such as ship, teleport, agility, and stair support. While also optimizing the web-mesh used in global walking, to reduce if not completely rid of issues with walking long distances with obstacles. II. In-Client SDN If you didn't notice the store tab inside of the script manager, you can go back and check now. Though that button may not have the same text or icon upon release, we hope to allow users to at least select from the free scripts available on our website, and allow them to add them all from within the client. Making it much easier for new users to add new scripts, as they do not have to do anything externally outside the client. While I probably missed a few things (albeit quite a few), I will add them as I remember them! I hope to stay much more vocal about the development of v3.0.0, and want to apologize again for the lack of communication between I and the community. I really want to hear your suggestions for the client, both API and design, and if I get enough feedback can open a subsection for suggestions, so that this version is everything it should be! Thank you guys for your support! Sincerely, Dreambot Staff
    6. I am wondering if you could help me with a script?

    7. Hey Noto, just wondering where you're getting these awesome profile pictures? Can I have one? :P

      1. Notorious


        Oh I just Google them! I just happened to be really lucky and found some really cool ones!

        Though it seems like you found some cool ones yourself! :)

    8. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd.................. 249
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