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  1. No worries, I'm not sure exactly but I guess it's something to do with the getGameObject method being unavailable before the script has properly started.
  2. Hi, I think your problem is caused by line 14 because you've assigned to the ash field too early, had something similar happen to me atleast. try assigning ash during the onLoop() method as I assume you want to continually pick up ash, probably worth also including a sleep so you're not constantly clicking on the item like: GroundItem ash; @Override public int onLoop() { ash = getGroundItems().closest(c -> c != null && c.getName().equals("Ash")); if (!getInventory().isFull()) { if (geArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { if (ash != null) { ash.interact("Take"); sleepUntil(() -> !ash.exists(), Calculations.random(2302, 3021)); } } } return Calculations.random(600, 1025); } If you did want to assign to 'ash ' only once do it during the onStart() method
  3. Ahh damn will have south falador fixed shorty, thanks.
  4. You could add a line to toggle run if it's disabled while entering a dangerous zone then once within x distance of the next door toggling run again or adding a sleep between the two toggles, unsure why it would be continually being turned back on with that code though.
  5. Think it's a quality idea for a script, you've done pretty well so far. Couple suggestions: Use Calculations.random for generating random ints as opposed to creating a random object Think you should avoid using multiple states for the doors, potentially keep a track of which door and floor you are on and use an array of Tile arrays (Tile[][]) to keep track of which door you are currently in and where the next one is, increment the door after you successfully open a door and floor when you go down the next ladder because it's going to get complicated with lots of different floors and doors as states.
  6. Yeah agreed with @Nuclear Nezz the structure of the existing classes is very odd with no inheritance atm, I just thought I'd give you an idea of how to accomplish your goal (the printed string) with the existing classes but for the sake of learning proper technique you should definitely consider what Nezz suggested or something similar.
  7. Hey, Your 'watchTv' method could return a string consisting of the tv brand and size something like: public String watchTV(){ return "Watching " + tvBrand + " " + tvSize + " tv on the "; } then in your Room class change the method letsWatchTv to output (println) the combined strings from your electrics and furniture classes. Atm you're calling both methods in letsWatchTv and doing nothing with the returned strings. public void letsWatchTV(){ System.out.println(theElectrical.watchTV() + theFurniture.getCouch()); } You should remove the Furniture object you've added within electronics class because you're accessing both objects within the room class. You should call livingArea.watchT() within the Main class aswell. Might be worth making the coach string private after. On a side note it might be better to get tvBrand and tvSize separately using getters and format the string how you want in letsWatchTv but either way.
  8. Good shout, I'll add jugs or wine and hopping in the next update. Intent to add multiple safespots eventually. Damn that's a sick run haha, will include it in the thread if thats cool.
  9. I'll be updating the kiting/evasion process shortly, so I'll definitely bear that in mind for the next update. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. My bad, that bug should be fixed now.
  11. Looks good! really like the overlay.
  12. I'd wouldn't say there's a specific range/mage required, but I wouldn't expect a lot of loot as it'll take a while to kill each mob with v low levels. I'd recommend having like 40+ hp as they do hit pretty hard sometimes. Message me/post here if you still want a trial
  13. Cant replicate this bug myself, care to elaborate? Where are you using it exactly?