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  1. Yeah I was under the impression the script was performing poorly in Al Kharid I'll update the script shortly and re-add the area.
  2. Vhagar's Wizards Efficient F2P Combat script which fights & loots wizards at Wizards Tower & South of Varrock, can be an ideal way to level combat skills while farming a bond. Features Banking Looting Fights at either Wizards Tower or South of Varrock Deathwalking (Recovery of Items & Continuation of script on player death) Solid anti-ban World Hopping Highly customizable script settings (Looting, Zone, % heal/antiban) Toggle-able overlay displaying statistics Option to loot & bury bones Loot arrows options (for Ranged) Pros Very low Requirements Low ban rate due to solid anti-ban & wizard's tower being practically empty Solid gp/hr (for F2P) being an ideal way to farm a bond F2P! Cons Fairly reliant on Talisman/Robe drops, can have Banking at Wizards Tower can be fairly time consuming so you may need to use decent food (Salmon+) to minimize the amount of trips Instructions/Tips In order to use the script simply apply the desired settings ensuring that you have the food you've selected in your inventory/bank. Wizards Tower tends to yield a higher gp/hr but lower xp/hr due to the longer banking trips. Ensure that you're using magic resistant equipment to minimize damage taken, something similar to this should do: If you'd like a trial up-vote this thread and leave a comment/message me directly, ty Screenshots Version Log v1.0 - Initial Release
  3. Apologies for not seeing this Good to hear, I think there is a slight chance to move the mouse off screen but I could definitely increase the probability & I'll look into jugs being looted. Ty for the feedback
  4. Will look into that issue when I get chance, thanks
  5. Damn that sucks that you got banned.. How much were using the script? I've never had an account banned using it myself, but I tend to not bot for more than 4 hours a day usually. I'll add a feature that checks if the player has ammo and if not goes to the bank, definitely a good suggestion. I'll try see if I can re-create the issue you had with deathwalking also, thanks for the feedback.
  6. Hey, sorry I didn't see you request the trial. I'll take a look at the problems you're talking about, did the deathwalking fail to activate or did it fail while traveling to the caves?
  7. The script is still functioning properly, I think you'd need a minimum of 50 range with higher if you want a decent amount of gp/hr. At low levels I found using the bone crossbow and bone bolts was pretty cost effective, potentially with a kiteshield if you are low hp/def if not d'hide should be okay, also there's deathwalking in the case that you do die. Eventually worth getting mith bolts w/ a rune crossbow.
  8. Hey, looked into the issue and found a bug where blast spells weren't included in the spell types, sorry about that! Issue should be fixed once the script is recompiled on the SDN which is normally within a few days. Also you should be fine to use the mystic smoke battlestaff. Thanks for pointing this out!!
  9. No worries, I'm not sure exactly but I guess it's something to do with the getGameObject method being unavailable before the script has properly started.
  10. Hi, I think your problem is caused by line 14 because you've assigned to the ash field too early, had something similar happen to me atleast. try assigning ash during the onLoop() method as I assume you want to continually pick up ash, probably worth also including a sleep so you're not constantly clicking on the item like: GroundItem ash; @Override public int onLoop() { ash = getGroundItems().closest(c -> c != null && c.getName().equals("Ash")); if (!getInventory().isFull()) { if (geArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { if (ash != null) { ash.interact("Take"); sleepUntil(() -> !ash.exists(), Calculations.random(2302, 3021)); } } } return Calculations.random(600, 1025); } If you did want to assign to 'ash ' only once do it during the onStart() method
  11. Ahh damn will have south falador fixed shorty, thanks.
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