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  1. My god man it took DB3 to draw you out of retirement or what
  2. Big update coming to the fighter nextweek! I'll be able to chip in for 3-5 hours and put in some much needed improvements and new features!
  3. Articron

    F00s Essence Miner

    Nice release!
  4. My MTA script has been removed for over a year... How come you're only now making a post about it?
  5. I've banned Lyuda for trying to manipulate evidence, as well as scamming. Sorry for your loss. Make sure you ask a scripter+ next time.
  6. Alright will do. We are hereby retracting your right (not that it was condoned by Dreambot to begin with) to write private scripts in any shape or form. Accepting any sort of order now would - for you - be a bannable offense. This to prevent any disputes like these to re-occur. If you have any other on-going private script business, we expect you to cease development immediately and refund the respective member. Real life problems happen, and I'm going to assume the best which is that the convenience of time is just a coincidence, but we're acting upon what's best for our consumers. Word goes around that you're in the hospital, and if this is the case, I wish you nothing but good health. If you want to still write private scripts at some point in time, you'll be required to get the scripter+ rank unless stated differently in our guidelines. Which, to be fair, has been a requirement to write private scripts on our platform since the beginning of time. Tl;dr: Refund the people you're dealing with, and stop private scripting. If we pick up any indication of you still writing private scripts without the appropriate rank, scripter+(+), you'll be banned on a whim. @Doc97, can you let us know if the transaction has been refunded?
  7. We'll allow up to 72 hours for @Lyuda to respond.
  8. Thank you for all the feedback given so far for the current live release. I'll be updating this script more frequently soon! Currently my duties as a developer have priority over adding new features, but it'll happen eventually, don't worry
  9. i'll make it so it autoloads your equipment and inventory if tasks are put in in the next update, for QoL, thanks
  10. https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar
  11. Selling private scripts isn't allowed without the scripter+ rank.
  12. Alright, guess that settles that. @2Dank, you are to refund the OP for the full $100 if you wish to return to Dreambot. You've been banned permanently. @BOTTINGHUB, sorry for your loss.
  13. I meant an explanation for this dispute. Did you scam this person, yes, or no?
  14. @2Dank, is this why you created a new account and bought donor on it? Please give your side of the story.
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