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  1. @Banker, We expect you to report back on this matter. We'll give you three more days before we have to start taking this dispute into more serious consideration.
  2. @Banker I suggest we proceed as follows: - You actively communicate to your customer about what's going on. Perhaps some form of log is appropriate for him to keep track of what's happening. I understand that it might be hard to communicate regularly, but you could agree on specific periods of time in which you'll make sure to be available to talk and brief your customer. Lack of communication as a whole scares customers and generally comes off as unprofessional. So make it a point to reassure your commitment to the project on a regular basis. - Get in touch with Nezz and present your problems to him. As previously mentioned, perhaps there's something we can do to help. We'll be keeping a close eye on how this dispute unfolds.
  3. @ecodumas What is the desired outcome of this dispute for you?
  4. @Legatus, trader feedback is not intended to be used this way. No actual trade of any sort happened. Spreading false trading feedback usually means an infraction. I'll leave it to a warning for now, but you've been warned. Personally I'm a fan of calling out people that (you are convinced of) are - presumably - full of shit. However, your comment was indeed highly uncalled for. OT: The feedback will be removed at @Hashtag's earliest convenience.
  5. @Banker please respond.
  6. Hashtag you're making me feel some type of way inside man OT: Great update!
  7. Has it shown up at all after purchase? Or has it just disappeared out of nowhere?
  8. Sometimes, It's the little things @4ng1f1sh could you let us know if the issue is resolved? Give it some time until @Hashtag has approved Man's code changes on our SDN.
  9. @Man16 . Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. As previously mentioned, I highly doubt Hashtag was referring to 30 days, but instead (as it's the 31st of the month) will be looking at it in a timely fashion. I'll leave it up to @Hashtag though.
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