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  1. Cool project I've had a similar project like this back in 2017. Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever want to exchange ideas. Good luck!
  2. Generally speaking there's a few things you can do: - Cap out the FPS at 15-20 for each bot instance - Enable LOW CPU MODE - Finetune the script you're using to be less resource hungry
  3. Could you provide these details for us, preferably proven by screenshots: - When the transaction happened (both the money and the script) - How much was paid - When you last had contact with him - What bugs does the script contain @Banker, feel free to address the situation. Failing to reply in a timely manner will have your account put under TWC at first, and eventually banned if this does not get resolved.
  4. You can file a dispute against him in this section to get this issue resolved: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/147-disputes/ Make sure you use the appropriate template.
  5. The first bot I ever used was also Ibot NeXus Welcome to DB!
  6. Welcome to Dreambot! Hope you enjoy your stay! FYI: This is the introduction section. Have to say this is by far one of the most creative intro's so far
  7. Store scripts are checked for malicious intent by both programmatic and human review. Dreambot and our official scripts have nothing to do with you being hacked.
  8. Can you please edit your post on #8, showing screenshots of you letting @Milasoft know about the bugs? We don't need any footage on the bug itself *yet*
  9. I'll pass this on to @Nuclear Nezz
  10. Use the following format for refund requests:
  11. Let me know about the experience! I've been contemplating to buy a macbook myself
  12. @Nex, @Hashtag, @Gains Could you guys please address this?