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      1. Articron


        You're a bully

    2. Articron

      db3 is real wow

      The moment Covid-19 pandemic is over, Pan'll be gone without a trace again. Like a true pandemic xd
    3. Articron

      Arti out

      Hey everyone I think this is a message long overdue. I've decided to resign as a developer and as a staff member altogether on Dreambot. There's no special reason for it. I think I've just grown out of Runescape as a whole. Working on something that doesn't inherently interest me anymore has been a bit of a chore, so to me it looked like resigning would be more fair to Pandemic and Nezz, but also to all Dreambot members. You'll see me hop on sometimes to have a chat though I may have burned out from Runescape but the community here has always been awesome! A few shout-outs: @Nuclear Nezz I've a lot of respect for you as a person. Our talks have enlightened me on more than one occassion in life. Thanks for giving me a shot on so many opportunities on Dreambot. It helped me grow as a programmer/Developer and "people manager" as a staff member. I also want to apologize one last time, for the hell of it, for not meeting up in Belgium when you were here :c I regret that a lot. @Hashtag In the last months that I was still active you were a great friend and mentor. We've brainstormed about so many things for Dreambot and a lot of that was later implemented to help Dreambot for the better. Keep being you and never let go of your positive vibe @Nex: We don't talk that much anymore. I don't really know why. I assume you're busy making the big bux now @Prime Mate the talks we have are like legit galaxy-brain level stuff sometimes. If we met IRL i feel like we'd make such good IRL friends. @Zawy You've been there since I joined DB lol. You're a great guy to talk to and a great programmer. Keep at it my guy @Hoodz I enjoyed our back and forth flaming. You're still a fucking boer. love you @Neffarion Neffy you're an awesome person and developer and such a down to earth guy to talk to. I see you're also throwing great ideas for the new SDN. You have my thanks and my respect @Notorious I don't know if you're still around. You're pretty weird at times but that makes you all the more interesting to talk to. Your out of the box thoughts made for some good laughs at times. You were also the first one to pitch the idea for me becoming a developer. Thank you for the opportunity and trust. i'm writing this from the top of my head, so forgive me if I somehow skipped you. Thank you so much Articron Banned in 2014 Unbanned in 2015 Scripter in 2015 Scripter+ in 2016 Scripter++ in 2018 Scholar in 2018 Global moderator in 2018 Developer in 2019
    4. algun script gdk?

    5. My god man it took DB3 to draw you out of retirement or what
    6. Big update coming to the fighter nextweek! I'll be able to chip in for 3-5 hours and put in some much needed improvements and new features!
    7. My MTA script has been removed for over a year... How come you're only now making a post about it?
    8. I've banned Lyuda for trying to manipulate evidence, as well as scamming. Sorry for your loss. Make sure you ask a scripter+ next time.
    9. Alright will do. We are hereby retracting your right (not that it was condoned by Dreambot to begin with) to write private scripts in any shape or form. Accepting any sort of order now would - for you - be a bannable offense. This to prevent any disputes like these to re-occur. If you have any other on-going private script business, we expect you to cease development immediately and refund the respective member. Real life problems happen, and I'm going to assume the best which is that the convenience of time is just a coincidence, but we're acting upon what's best for our consumers. Word goes around that you're in the hospital, and if this is the case, I wish you nothing but good health. If you want to still write private scripts at some point in time, you'll be required to get the scripter+ rank unless stated differently in our guidelines. Which, to be fair, has been a requirement to write private scripts on our platform since the beginning of time. Tl;dr: Refund the people you're dealing with, and stop private scripting. If we pick up any indication of you still writing private scripts without the appropriate rank, scripter+(+), you'll be banned on a whim. @Doc97, can you let us know if the transaction has been refunded?
    10. We'll allow up to 72 hours for @Lyuda to respond.
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