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  1.  I dont think u should be developer of dreambot, more like

    Developer of TR4SH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Neffarion, gonna need you to chime in on this
  3. Congrats trashcan :kappa:

  4. A big thank you to the DB administration and @Nuclear Nezz in particular for presenting me this opportunity Other than picking up development work for Dreambot, I'll also keep on top of our beloved scripter+(+) applicants for competency tests and doing other small moderator tasks. However, my activity on the forums will probably be lower than it was before, as I will have to work my way into a decent programming schedule that works for both myself and Dreambot. Ps: @yeeter01, jesus. You got demolished...
  5. Who knows for how much longer he'll be able to do that, kappa
  6. You're on fire lately bud! Nice updates!
  7. I'll pass this on to our Lord & Saviour @Hashtag
  8. Ah, thanks for clarifying that. Nice catch! I've editted my post.
  9. EDIT: Do you mean you've bought these scripts twice? Once in 2017 and now? Or do you want a refund for a script purchase you made in 2017?
  10. Sounds like a job for Dreambot's saviour: @Hashtag
  11. Articron

    Are 51 Hype

    "Naruto-run" I'm dead holy
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