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    1. Maybe your proxies were flagged to begin with. Recycling proxies is a thing, especially when you're buying them off major websites.
    2. This quote is so true I took it personal
    3. Articron


      fight me
    4. Your baguette makes me wonder if you're compensating for something

    5. Articron


    6. Welcome to the community. Always a treat to see new scripters join our community
    7. Hello this is the meme police and I'm afraid I'll have to take you into custody

      1. Zawy


        Hello meme police

        no thanks!!!!!!!!!!


    8. Cool avatar!

      1. Articron


        You're a bully

    9. Articron

      db3 is real wow

      The moment Covid-19 pandemic is over, Pan'll be gone without a trace again. Like a true pandemic xd
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