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    1. valkerymarine

      Aeon Herblore

      Hi Expired snack, how long did you use the script? i have been disable in other accounts using cleaners and item mixers and other herblore bots, so i was wondering if you were using this script in particular or in combination with others, and how long did you bot and only doin that, disable or per ban, thanks for the time.
    2. Yes reading all the comments would be good to learn someting, no matter that is a little outdated since db3 is here but would love to see.
    3. Yes, it worked alright with db2 tho with some paint issues but not to break most of the save configs, now i dont even see the script in sdn :S
    4. Yeah, congrats on the db3, have to learn how to use it tho
    5. version db 3.2 script "problem at start the script", it started right now, and is was working alright in last db version.
    6. The script in question is KingFigther from king solo, i love the script, is a good script with some minor bugs and fails, but in a scale from 1 to 10 is a 8 in comparation to all the other scripst in the sdn. At the moment the script wont load the information on screen using db2 launcher, and with db3 is not workin generating a fatal error and wont even start. Besides that is working more or less atm in db2 but may fail any moment or update.
    7. Hello, sorry to revive old threads, So f2p money is too bad to farm? like cooking pizza or rune mining? and would simple trade in low amounds from 3m to max 30m would flag someting with account that have the time and qp required in f2p?
    8. Hello what do you mean with half gb card, you mean a gb gpu? and could you point me to the thread where this is being explained, thanks for the help
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