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  1. I checked the value that I get from getSelectedValue with getClass() and it returns that its a String. If I try to cast it or use .toString() I get a redundancy warning.
  2. I attempted to make a simple GUI for my script, and the primary components are a combobox, a jlist, and a button. I'm having an issue where when I add a ListSelectionListener and attempt to use .equals() or .contains() on Jlist.getSelectedValue() it freezes the list and stops it from updating when I select a new combobox item. the method looks like this : private void locationListActionPerformed(ListSelectionEvent e) { if (!e.getValueIsAdjusting()) { String location = locationList.getSelectedValue(); if (location.equals("Lumbridge Swamp") || location.equal("Lumbridge River")) { bankCheckBox.setSelected( false ); bankCheckBox.setEnabled( false ); } else { bankCheckBox.setEnabled(true); } } } however if I use location == "Lumbridge Swamp" it works just fine. Could someone please explain why this is happening. Thank you.
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