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    1. ⪼ JOIN OUR DISCORD ⪻ ⪼ LINK TO STORE PRODUCT ⪻ Key Features ADJUSTABLE FIGHT LOGIC TERMINATOR MODE (Maxxing out fight logic chances) RESTOCKING INTEGRATED MULING & REVERSE MULING DYNAMIC GEARING Requirements ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR LMS Recommended Menu Manipulation is highly recommended, or at least a high mouse speed / mouse hop ADDITIONAL FEATURES Extremely customizable and Easy-To-Use Auto-creation of default settings file with GUI QUICK START capable with settings file names - able to edit all available settings Easy-to-use SAVE/LOAD buttons on GUI to set up individual settings MULE SUPPORT Make sure you're running GMuling at the same time on the same PC The username of the mule must be entered correctly in the script GUI/settings - case insensitive Port parameter is optional and should only be used if you experience port conflicts This script will walk to the mule's location, so make sure it's in a safe and reachable position INSTRUCTIONS Can easily be run through both QUICK START and NORMAL START button { QUICK START } For custom settings, add -params yourfile.json to your quickstart file For default settings, add -params default to your quickstart file Example (Windows): java -Xmx1024M -jar %userprofile%\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar -world members -script GLMS -accountUser [email protected] -accountPass password -params default { NORMAL START } Just click the START button and the GUI will pop up with the default settings. There's a drop-down to load any custom files you created. When you're ready just click START!
    2. wintertodt just opens my bank and withdraw and deposits and item over and over

    3. wont let me buy guester

    4. Hey I got banned from the GScipts Discord for making a bad joke. My account name was dsdf22 and my comment was atttached. 

      I wasn't given any warning and you check my comment logs. 

      I'd love to be re invited to the discord server if possible. 

      Thanks for your understanding. 



    5. The Perilous Moons script, every single time on blood moon can't calculate two seconds, then move back from the blood bubble on tiger phase. Literally gets hit every single time by the blood bubble, is there anyway to update it to have an exact 2 second interval for that phase when the tigers spawn? Also, he drops food after eclipse moon in between blue moon for some pots and food he really doesn't need when basically at full inventory, is there anyway to make it more efficient in these categories? Thank you for your hard work.


    6. gnmz doesnt have start button , why you doesnt answer anything ?


    7. gnmz doesnt have start button , why you doesnt answer anything ?


    8. Have you opened a bug ticket on our discord server? While Ben is our moderator and is very helpful to people to try to debug issues, he's not a developer and cannot do much beyond debugging for any user level/settings errors. It's great you two tried to resolve the issue on your own first, I'll give you a 10/10 gold star for that, but if an issue persists after you try to fix it we would very much prefer you open a ticket so we can resolve the bug instead of refunding.
    9. Your refund request says it never made it past wave 30, and now you're saying it won't make it past 5? Regardless, we'd very much rather get the script working for you and fix any bugs that have popped up. If you're in our discord you can open up a bug ticket with the zip file from the logs button and we can work on it from there
    10. To start, the script isn't bugged. You tried to do a quest on an account that was well beneath the recommended stats, so yes you should expect to see some issues with that. I do remember you complaining about it and me telling you to open a ticket. And yes, G0 is on vacation, and because of that low priority quest bugs are not being worked on. Guester is his script, Veza and I are not allowed to work on bugs for Guester. You buying a script does not give you priority over our own personal lives. Specifically regarding the bug, Thunder's bug is about the script working perfectly fine; just wearing 3/5 rogues outfit pieces. The script is most definitely not unusable, for a minor efficiency bug As far as being timed out, I think it was well deserved. This is a pretty consistent example of your behavior in the chat, toss on being rude to our moderator and throwing a fit over our developer being on vacation and you get yourself a time out.
    11. Hello my bot scrips consistently crash since I bought them what is going on 

    12. Hello, the perilous moon(among other scripts) is still broken and un-usable and havent had a reply from you at all. Is the bug going to be fixed, im running same settings from day 1  and it doesnt work at all anymore. Says I am missing a ring of wealth even tho i have it PLUS the dt2 bosses say I miss some food EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THOUSANDS. Pretty nasty business to expect people pay for the scripts when they get very little to no attention or answers.

    13. "Hello, could you please create a script about buying feathers where the NPC Gerrant is located


    14. I don't have messages turned off, unless I somehow got full on my message box. I was just getting messages from people on Tuesday though. I'll do a sweep through messages to see if that was an issue Yep, that was the issue. I should be good to get messages again
    15. hey, about g agility, i just wanted to know how to configure the bot right, i  want it to go and complete the course until he hits certain level. i dont want it to buy anything, get anything from the bank. how do i do that?

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