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  1. Sorry for the like month and a half late response. It shouldn't have a line limit, but how long is extensive?
  2. Moved to technology, seems a bit better of a place. Thanks for the heads up though!
  3. Good morning everyone! RS did a small update to banking, so this release will be addressing that for the most part. In other news: Added a blacklisted tiles method to the path finder, so if there are tiles you know you can't walk because of whatever reason maybe during a quest, or whatever, you can add that tile to the black listed tiles. Make sure you add it to the AStar path finder if the path does not go up or down Z, if it does add it to the Dij finder, they both have their own separate lists. Fixed a bug with account data loading, one of my previous error checks was throwing more errors under certain circumstances. (this is already live, but was a silent release, so it's going in these notes) Thank you everyone! The Dream Team
  4. The only thing I found actually broken was the equipment part, was there something else that you saw was broken? Edit: and the fix is live.
  5. Hope you had a good Christmas and New years love.

  6. I haven't been able to take a look =/ had a busy night last night. Definitely going to shoot for this tonight. If there's anything specific you want me to take a look at though feel free to let me know (beyond the broken bits going through tut)
  7. I'm not seeing this on any accounts, it could be script sided. Are you running local scripts or SDN scripts?
  8. Hello everyone! This is a bit smaller of an update than the last few. Pandemic is preparing to do some updates to our server and it requires a small change client side. You won't be logged out like the previous forced update, but you are going to need to update to this client version. There's also a few fixes: Bank scroll area we use has been shrunk, I believe this has been the cause of some of the banking issues, it gets right on the edge of the area but could not actually scroll, getting stuck. Added a getRandomThread to the script class for debugging purposes, feel free to use it if you'd like. I'm trying to narrow down an issue with solvers no longer running when they should. Added a few things that may actually (hopefully) fix the random manager bug, testing on my accounts with a local client has not shown the issue popping back up. Added some more information to the account loading, I believe it's failing to decrypt at a certain step, so I've added a fail check to re-try the decryption. Thank you everyone, The Dream Team
  9. Sorry guys, I'll take a look at this soon. I might be able to get to it tonight, otherwise I'll try for tomorrow night.
  10. Remaking your thread will not change the answer, the refund request was denied. I can understand being busy and all, but you made a decision to make this purchase. That decision isn't going to change on our end because you did not read into what you were purchasing. Nex has said he'll add anglers for you, which you don't even have to do. You could just give him account information, he can add it, and you can use it as you intended to. Take out the stuff you need to fish anglers, put a bank pin on, you'll be safe in Nex's hands with or without a bank pin. It would take you less time than it would to make this thread. Doing this is what we encourage in situations like these, because ultimately it leaves both parties happy. You get what you paid for, Nex doesn't lose money from a refund, and his script quality improves. Why you purchased 2 fishing scripts though is beyond me.
  11. http://prntscr.com/qmcgl7 Pretty sure the last time I edited it was because the tm parts all got messed up from formatting. That line has been there from the start, because it's a VIP+ feature. I could probably add it to the description of the VIP package though. Honestly not sure how many people actually read the description though.
  12. Well, I can see that you're going from floor 1 to floor 0 in your four tiles on the local path, when you're doing local path specifically it does not check for new obstacles within the path, it just tries to walk directly to those. I'm wondering if it's seeing the 4th tile as being able to walk to it because of no obstacles, but then not walking to it because on floor 0 Try removing the last two tiles and running that, see if it'll walk just the two tiles on floor 1. That is mostly the correct way to use local paths, but when we generate a local path it's every tile between you and your destination, so you can accurately find where you are and where you should be walking next. Edit: just checked, it should have ignored the last 2 tiles since you can't walk to them (different z) and walked to the second tile in the path anyway. I'd still suggest maybe trying to remove the floor 0 tiles and adding more into your floor 1 tiles
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