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  1. @Gains and @Neffarion please respond to this. As far as your refund, it goes through stripe. If they're unable to refund to your new card, then you'll have to discuss it with them. That's not something we have control over.
  2. Could you give us more detail as to what the issues were?
  3. Gotcha, sorry I misunderstood. I do know that they added in forcing you to go into a different world, it was their solution to their ddos issue. I'll take a look to see if it's excluding tl worlds, as well as adding in it force swapping even without the world arg. Edit: Adding an isNormal method to World (the getNormalWorlds() was in the Worlds class already, but shifted it over to the actual world class.) Also having it check for a normal world now in the random world selection for boot, as well.
  4. That is in this update, if you read it. When launched with a world argument with quickstart, if it finds itself in a different world than you specified, it'll force the world back to what you specified.
  5. Hello everyone! Today I actually have a pretty large release for you guys. There's a lot that has changed or been added. I did test it thoroughly, but there's always a chance I missed something somewhere, so if you find any bugs with any of the new additions please let me know! API Updates Changed the welcome screen solver for members vs non members accounts, getMembershipLeft() will now return 0 instead of -1 if you don't have any membership, if it shows -1 it means there was either an error parsing it, or it has not yet had a chance to parse your membership from the welcome screen. Fixed the error in keyboards when you set the WPM too high, it should no longer throw exceptions. Added a few null/error checks in a couple methods (overall not relevant to you guys, just more informative when something goes wrong in some methods) Added Player.toString() Fixed an issue with Bank.openClosest() not going to the correct Z before attempting to open, you should now successfully walk upstairs in Lumbridge instead of it getting stuck on the bottom floor, as well as the Gnome Stronghold bank. Added the getMenu method to the method context itself, instead of having to do getClient().getMenu(), the client method will remain and not be deprecated, as its use is way too large for me to easily move everything over, as well as it being such a commonly used method in scripts, it would break way too much. Client Updates Fixed the error about jars not being able to be deleted after you load local scripts (finally) When you update your local jar, the local scripts should also update automatically. This does lead to the possibility of hotloading scripts, but it's not 100% yet, still some stuff I have to work out and may not actually happen but it's an idea. It would essentially have to restart your script for you, as it has to clean and reload any already loaded classes. Since this poses an issue in 99% of scripts, I have not added it in. You no longer have to click the refresh button on your local scripts (that's what I mean by update automatically, when you reopen the script panel they'll already be good and updated) The local loader previously was apparently having some issues with concurrency, which have been resolved. Lowered the number of times the loader actually loads your scripts right off the bat. It was loading them like six times before even doing anything with them, this should speed up boot times for people who have a large amount of local scripts. Added a timeout as well as a loop check to the random solver, you should no longer be permanently stuck in a random event that breaks, and a solver won't reactivate for 10 minutes, if this causes any issues please let me know. It will time out after 30 seconds and 20 loops. When the client boots with a worlds arg (I'm realizing now this may only apply to quickstart, if this is a problem elsewhere let me know) and it finds itself not actually in the correct world, it will force hop itself over to the world it was intended for. You should no longer boot into twisted league worlds when Jagex throws you off your actual world. ***I have tested this as much as I am able, but it's not something easily replicated. If this is not fixed, please let me know. The Player Settings tab in the game debug, when you click the Refresh button will now clear the list of settings that had been printed as changed. Added a Players tab to the game debug window, so you can list nearby players as well as see some information on them like NPC's, Objects, and Items have. Fixed the random solver hijacking your paint color, as well as the widget debug pane. UI Updates Added the scripts button to the top of the DreamBot menu bar, like the File/Tools/etc buttons, so you no longer have to go through a drop down menu to select the scripts button, this should also make it more clear to new users on how to open the script panel. When you click refresh on the script panel, it no longer scrolls back to the top. Changed up the widget debug panels in the game debugger, the text is ordered differently, as well as the font size increased, and the panel window itself with that information has been increased in size. The action search for widgets is now not case sensitive, and checks for containing actions instead of actual actions. The text search was already this way. Fixed URL's in the resource panel. The sliding pane should no longer be created when using slim mode, you couldn't access it anyway. WHEW I believe that is all of the changes that have been made. My apologies for it being such a large release, I have been preoccupied often these last two weeks and did not have the time to break these changes into separate releases. As always, if anyone has suggestions or bug fixes please let me know. If you know of bugs that I have been told about already but still exist, feel free to remind me of them. There may be a reason they're not fixed, or they may have gotten lost in my lists. Thank you, The Dream Team
  6. If a local script does not load, it means there's an error in at least 1 of your local script jars you have in your scripts folder. It could be one of the other script jars you have there. Otherwise I would open it like bytecode viewer to see what the files actually are in your jar, and verify that they're valid.
  7. I think other people pretty much covered most of what I was going to say. This isn't really a "community" in general, there are quite a few regulars, but they're already in discord channels together. New users aren't coming here for a community (most of the time) they just make the account so they can start botting. If they have problems with that, they come in, fix the problems, and in general don't really come back to the site unless they have to. Proggy competition would just be a full no go, that's way too easy to cheat in, I'd guess 80% of the submissions would be faked with a "haha look at me I'm the best botter!" post with it. That being said, a lot of the "community driven" suggestions first require a community. If we started a donation type of thing, you'd have maybe 2 or 3 people who are like "yeah I'd donate" and that'd be it, then next month when nothing exciting happened from it, maybe one of them would donate, then the next month it's dead. Similar with the youtube channel. More mods is just not gonna happen, there's not a ton of people available that we'd trust to be moderators to begin with, then when we do get more mods, they end up going ham for about a week then realizing there's really not much to moderate and turn back into what they were before the mod position anyway. Just a helpful person with a colorful name. On that topic, if you find posts that are not in the correct section, report them. We don't scour the forums for posts that don't belong, so it's pretty likely we wouldn't notice. The post count as currency just won't happen, we'd get more spam in the first day than we've had to deal with in the last 3 months. Even if we were to say "if you break the rules, you'll be banned!" you'd see the same people who right now make 5 accounts to avoid VIP just make 5 accounts to farm post count. They're already breaking the rules. Chatbox, Babble is as good as the site is going to be. The only other chat that really had all of the features we wanted for an actual good chatbox was Discord, which is not going to happen. Sending out emails thing, that could probably be done. I do know we've sent out mass emails a few times for holidays, as I think we've done holiday discounts or something before. It did actually pull back a lot of people, and we'll likely do it again at some point. We missed out on the black Friday sale hah Anyway, I do appreciate the suggestions, and it'd be great if we could build DreamBot into an active community, it's just not likely to be largely active anytime soon. Discord pulls too much attention from our forums (one of the reasons we wouldn't recreate the channel) already, and when communicating with people it's much easier to chat than it is to post. Posting restrictions on new accounts has also been shown previously to put off a lot of new people. They show up, realize they have to do more than just make an account to use the bot, and leave. I mean really, Discord has kind of pulled attention away from a lot of forum boards, it's easier to keep open, it's easier to customize channels and ranks, easier to make bots to do a very large amount of things, and it's live response instead of posting back and forth. :shrug:
  8. @3xA1 I feel like you should include some description, otherwise this might get locked for spam. Posting just a url immediately upon account creation is pretty much that, just spam.
  9. You should message @Hashtagabout things like this.
  10. I'm not sure what you're asking about. Download the launcher from the download button at the top of the forums, then run that launcher with java 8.
  11. Hooks are updated, client should work as usual. If you find any issues, please post them here with as much information as possible. Thanks! I'll try to check back in on this thread every few hours or so. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  12. Botting is trial and error. You can definitely bot lobsters without getting banned, you just need to experiment until you find out how. I've gotten more than a few 99's in more than a few skills, I think the only ones I haven't gotten are slayer and farming because the effort those take is not worth it. You can absolutely scale a farm, you just have to remember that pigs get fed, and hogs get slaughtered. If you find something good, and mass it, it will not be good anymore. Find 10 things that work, and suddenly you've got yourself a hefty availability for a farm. Finding ten successful things is not that difficult, as I've said I've gotten 99's in every skill but slayer and farming, and pretty much all of them generated me money. Not always a lot, but still money.
  13. I'd probably go with InvalidArgumentException, personally. You could also just return false. You're still doing if(this is true){var = true;} else{var = false;} you can juts do var = checkthis; eg: check = parent != null && parent.isVisible(); Otherwise yeah, looks a lot better.
  14. Today is Thanksgiving, so there's definitely a chance it won't be fixed soon. Watch this thread to keep updated: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18989-runescape-update-client-down/
  15. Drove home, starting to work now. Should hopefully be up in < 20 mins unless there's an issue.
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