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    1. 1. Unfortunately ban rates are very unlikely to happen, there's no way for us to accurately gauge that, and bans can also be very heavily influenced by the user themselves. There's too much that goes into what causes bans for anyone to say it's any specific script. For instance, what happens if someone just takes a huge list of banned accs of their own and running the script repeatedly with them? There's room for abuse that would very likely end up being a trial/error until we had it settled, and by then you could be costing scripters a lot of what would have been valid sales. 2. Not su
    2. Agreed with Nex, if you replaced Runes with an enum, you could probably remove both the maps, as well as the get rune name switch/case, since you could just get the name from enum, as well as changing enum name to "Rune" instead of "Runes" because semantics contains(rune) should probably forward with an amount of 1 instead of 0 Then you could replace contains(rune,count) with just return count(rune) >= amount, as the methods are duplicate code. I'd also personally say count should return -1 instead of 0 if the slots don't match the given id. Same with getRuneId, and pretty much a
    3. You need to null check that widget. So you'll do: Widgets.getWidget(242) != null && Widgets.getWidget(242).isVisible()
    4. Some day I might come back through Belgium, then I'll just go knock on your door until you come out. It was great having you as part of the team, and DreamBot as a whole won't be the same without you, friend. Good luck with all of your future endeavors!
    5. Should be all good now
    6. hi why i cant send you a massage when my scripts not working?

      1. Nuclear Nezz

        Nuclear Nezz

        Well, one when scripts aren't working you should contact the script writer.
        Two, I think my inbox is full. I'll clear it up in a few minutes

    7. Found some of your code on Git-hub.. 

    8. lol ur a boomer

      1. Val


        u boomer? im doomer !

    9. I've not seen this myself, is there a certain point of clients on one machine that this happens? Is it consistent to the account that it happens on? Is it from something in the script through DreamBot (eg: some getAll function)? Or is it the client itself? Is there anything being put out in the cmd or debug console? Are you on the latest client version, and have you double checked by running the launcher again? Did you see anything more specific than "it's the client" while debugging?
    10. Hi, have one question about dijkstra solver.

      You apply patch:

      Good morning everyone!

      RS did a small update to banking, so this release will be addressing that for the most part.

      In other news:

      • Added a blacklisted tiles method to the path finder, so if there are tiles you know you can't walk because of whatever reason maybe during a quest, or whatever, you can add that tile to the black listed tiles. Make sure you add it to the AStar path finder if the path does not go up or down Z, if it does add it to the Dij finder, they both have their own separate lists.
      • Fixed a bug with account data loading, one of my previous error checks was throwing more errors under certain circumstances. (this is already live, but was a silent release, so it's going in these notes)


      Thank you everyone!
      The Dream Team

      and dijkstra doesn't care forbidden tiles when i calculate path by this solver on z=0 like:

      start: 3230, 3234, 0

      end: 3230, 3237, 0

      and dijkstra path is:

      0 (3230, 3234, 0), false
      1 (3230, 3234, 0), false
      2 (3230, 3235, 0), true Optional[Door] -> Open     <<<<<<<<<<<
      3 (3230, 3236, 0), false Optional[Door] -> Open
      4 (3230, 3237, 0), false

      where false and true is result of method: dijkstra.isBlacklisted(tile)

      a* calculate path properly.

      Can you mb solve it?






      let me help my family in venezuela please i play only out of necessity

    12. I don't recall this. I add obstacles in like 6 of my scripts and they all work rip Alright, in the future if you're having issues with code-related things, you should try to post as much of a code snippet as you can so we can look at what you're trying to do vs what you're actually doing.
    13. Run the DBLauncher, should be all fixed!
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