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  1. getInventory().interact("name","Action")
  2. Please remake your request following the refund formatting.
  3. Because we had no free construction scripts. Glad you like the script though
  4. Bans are not a valid reason for a refund, unfortunately.
  5. Not paying attention to your purchases, not paying attention to the agreements of purchases, and saying someone "taking too long" being 2 days, when you took more than 2 weeks to make this request? I'm gonna deny the refund. You've had it well over the 2 week grace period.
  6. Where should I install Java 8 from?

  7. I believe we've had a few other people start projects like these. I also think I told two of them that it wouldn't be allowed, as it gives you more access to our users than we're comfortable with. I'll have to talk to Noto and Pan to see if anything has changed on that stance.
  8. Nuclear Nezz


    Script Released!
  9. go to client settings, turn on fresh start and restart client.
  10. make sure it's a socks5 proxy, and I'd suggest using IP auth instead of user/pass
  11. ...That was two weeks before you made the refund request.
  12. Hiding entities is an injection method. Having the method available in their API doesn't mean nothing is injected. They have a fairly large amount of injection in a lot of places, canceling rendering is a method in the gamepack that they inject into, and if you have it set to hide they return from the start of the method, canceling rs's rendering.
  13. What? Hiding entities would probably require injection, which we're not. The rest I'm not sure what you're talking about.