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    1. Would it be possible for to swap from venenatis to artio script?

    2. Yeah I plan on adding in a drop down->add type of system for quickstart parameters. I'm also in the process of basically rewriting this to allow for better profile management. In this upcoming update you'll find: Profile tab has a drop down to select accounts by nickname, drop down for proxies, drop down for script names Accounts tab loads your manager-saved accounts as well as your db accounts (nicknames only on this) and has its own tab for acc details Proxies tab loads proxies from your manager-saved proxies as well as your db launcher proxies. It *will* exclude all duplicates on scripts (based on name), accs that match nicknames (manager's file priority), proxies that match nicknames (manager's file priority) I'm going to work on adding a backwards-compatible initial check to update any of your currently existing accounts/proxies but just know that any current files might have to be reworked a bit.
    3. Ah since the sub is almost over, idk if a refund for a swap makes sense at this point, unfortunately.
    4. Excited to see where this goes! Always happy to answer any questions.
    5. Introducing GManager! Just Press Start! This script is built to give you some much needed ease of access to quick starting your accounts. No more manually launching through the DBLauncher! When you're done filling out the information needed, just save your profile and click launch. Note: account information is encrypted but not with a very strong algorithm. Do not give anyone your account files. Do not copy paste your Scripts folder to anyone. Join us at our Discord today! We're happy to let you know that our support team is among the best you'll find on this platform. They're knowledgeable, approachable, and always ready to help. If you're curious, join our Discord server and see for yourself. Hope to see you there! You can find the store product here As we implement new features, the pricing of the script is subject to change. Whatever price you purchase at today will be the price you stay at, unless you cancel and purchase it again. Buying it for 3.99 today means it'll be 3.99 until you cancel, regardless of our pricing changes. You'll find three available tabs. Profiles, Accounts, and Proxies. Profiles Here you'll find drop downs for accounts proxies, and your available scripts. Set the nickname for the profile, choose your drop downs. You can fill out your quickstart parameters here as well. To learn more about quickstart and the parameters available, click here The memory field is how much memory (in MB) to give the JVM. You can play around with this value, or remove it and it'll just not include it. JVM Params are for any extra parameters you feel you need. In general you probably don't need to mess with this. The --add-exports parameter is automatically applied based on your Java version, so no need to worry about that either. Save will update the currently selected profile. If none selected it will add a new one. Add will add a new profile with the current nickname. If a profile already exists with this nickname it will be overwritten. Accounts Here is where you can add, update, or delete accounts. Accounts are automatically imported from your DreamBot accounts, but only by nickname. The actual info of those accounts is not available. If you decide you need to update one of those, you're able to. Deleting from this list will also delete the account from DreamBot. Any accounts added here will also be added to your DB accounts. The accounts added manually are saved in an encrypted file of their own. Always keep a back up of your account information somewhere. Save will update the currently selected account. Add will enter in a new entry. If there is already an account with that nickname it will overwrite it (with confirmations) You can select multiple at a time to delete (with confirmations) Proxies Proxies are a similar setup to Accounts. Fill out your info, save, add, delete. Proxies are automatically imported from any proxies you have saved on the DBLauncher. Note that they are not saved back to that file. You can select multiple to delete. Running Profiles When you're all done, you can either click "Copy Bat" to copy the bat file command for your own quickstart bat files, or you can click Launch and it'll run your profile with all the given information. You can also select multiple accounts on the left and click Launch to launch them all at once! You'll be given an option field for staggering the account launches. Launching 30 accounts at once can be rough on your CPU, with this you can set it up to launch one every 60 seconds to help reduce that load! Everything is run locally, your account information, your account profiles are all saved locally. No data is sent externally with this tool. Your data is as safe as you make it. Future Updates Account dropdown for already selected accounts Proxy dropdown for saved proxies from the DBLauncher Proxy tab to save proxies to the manager itself Bulk account importing Bulk proxy importing Script dropdown to show all of your available scripts QuickStart parameter drop down with input boxes to add new parameters. Account file security Far-Future Updates The long term plan is to turn this into effectively a full bot manager.
    6. It does utilize no click walking and menu manipulation. In fact it's encouraged to use them as it makes the entire boss way more efficient and accurate. Not sure what you mean by the gui is too big, all of the gui's are generally pretty much the same across scripts.
    7. To add on to what Hash said, as far as actual functionality goes it's impossible for us to test every script. So make sure you check in on any threads to see the scripters' activity, or to see how established they are. Like you'll see a lot of #'s scripts. You know he's established being admin and all, Sub has a wide range of script so is also generally a safe bet, Zawy, and (a self plug) GScripts are also starting to spread out. Not to say all the other scripters aren't good, just a few examples of what to check out. If you see something where the scripter hasn't logged in in the last 6 months, you'll feel less confident about it than if you see their threads getting updates weekly. A lot of scripters also have discords that they're much more active in, so you can check those out as well. Basically just make sure you do your research on the scripter and the script before purchasing. Most scripts also allow free trials before purchasing, so you should take advantage of that as well to make sure things function before you purchase.
    8. Ahh bummer. I know Jagex has been cracking down a bit more on wildy bossing accounts. If your account looks like a bot, chances are you're gonna get smacked pretty quick. Try to spread out your levels/stats a bit more if you go for any of the other wildy bosses.
    9. No worries. I can also just reset your auto trial on GRevs, then you can claim another 2h trial whenever you have a moment to. If I just give you another one, it'll start as soon as I give it so it's not likely you'd be able to really use the full trial. @BicThisglad you're enjoying the script! @Stanners 1. it should, I think there was a bug around that that we had fixed. I'll mention it to the team. 3. We use a separate world changing mechanic from the gamepack. The issue with world hopper is it can sometimes not be super reliable, and if you missed a hop you risk it sitting around until it realized it didn't actually hop. With the logout button we can attempt a logout while also force killing the connection if needed to guarantee you're logged out. 4. Yeah, banking is something we're continuously tweaking. I've noticed a few oddities but haven't been able to track down the cause. I've reworked it a few times and I'm sure it'll be reworked a few more. 5. Unfortunately there's not a whole lot we can do about this. It's either run away from a false positive or risk getting hit by a false negative. 6. where is your respawn point? It should go to the closest one available to you, but I'm not sure if that's working as intended. All of mine respawn at lumby so it's hard for me to test. Also thanks for the great feedback! Feel free to also join our discord (we're much more responsive there) to follow-up with your suggestions, or to add them to our suggestions forum location there.
    10. We're looking into adding the things you listed in the future. Revs swap styles as soon you throw on an overhead, so praying magic against the rev specifically does nothing. We support idling an overhead with one tick flicking. Also please use grammar or separate sentences/blocks somewhere. That's really hard to read.
    11. Looting logic is something we're looking into updating, it's just a little lower on the priority list. Having protect from mage on from pkers isn't as helpful as you think, if they're using ranged the ranged has a higher chance of dealing more dps than the mage does. As for adding in more shields, feel free to join our discord! We have a section there for requesting new pieces of equipment, you can also chat with other users of the script to get their experiences, or talk about which settings work better than others. As far as the trials, GRevs/Lite/Med are essentially the same script, so only GRevs has the trial.
    12. It does change world, you just don't see it because it instaswaps worlds. There are various settings you can check out in the gui (I'd recommend checking them all out tbh) to change how that behaves.
    13. Yeah this was a bug that was introduced with the GPrayer addon, that was fixed in 3.72 @panda 2002 you're free to make a refund request in the refund request section, though I would prefer it if we could resolve your issues instead.
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