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  1. 3 or 4 days? I have a feeling the world hopping may be an issue on your end, as I tried to replicate it and was unable to. Especially since it has now fixed itself. It could be lag, or something along those lines maybe. I'll see if I can throw in a few extra checks for it, though. I mean it's not that it was rude or anything. I just got a little tilted that the one day I wasn't able to do an update everyone started suggesting I'm unable to do my work, as if this is what happens every Thursday. As we all know, it's not. On update days(at home), I get up at 5 am for this shit. Fixed. Ye ye, doing a bit of a SE Asia trek atm. When this is over it'll be back to the grind for a good while.
  2. As far as auto updates, we had those, but there are a few hooks that I still need to manually grab, just due to the fact that they break really often. Like I said, you don't pay me enough for that. I'm traveling, it's not like this is how it is every Thursday. I'm pretty sure this is the first Thursday that you've had to wait longer than a few hours for an update to be fixed, most of the time I get them within an hour. We're not going to pay someone to get something done that only very rarely *sometimes* needs to happen. On the other hand, now that I'm here the updates come around at about 6pm for me, instead of 5am. The only reason it took long was because I went from being on a plane for 14 hours, to being in a country that doesn't allow much internet activity (china) to being on a plane again for 4 hours. So really I should be able to react quicker to these updates. Y'all can wait a day once a year.
  3. It's not that I "Have a life" it's just that I was unable to get access to work on the client at all. It happens, and I'm definitely not going to change plans in my day because of a Runescape update. You don't pay me enough to do that. As an update, I'm working on the client now, hopefully it should be up and running in the next 10-20 minutes. Edit: Client should be up and working now. If you have any issues let me/hash know. I still won't be largely available today, but I can try to get to anything broken later on tonight.
  4. Try lowering the ram that you're giving in the launcher.
  5. Hi bro, how i do for to give credits for upgrade vip my account?, you know discord friends for that?, thks


  6. You purchase a script for the script's lifetime. When the script is broken and no longer repairable (Due to inactivity or the scripter not being able to maintain it) the script is removed. When the script is removed, the script's lifetime is gone. The period of refund due to issues is generally 2 weeks, when a script is removed that's usually extended to up to a month. You're well beyond that time frame, unfortunately.
  7. As far as my general strength goes, I don't think my fingers are safe doing much more than 4/5, but in the cave where the holds are generally larger, I can still work on 6/7 My endurance is trash now, and my strength is going down hard. I hurt my shoulder 1 year ago (I got a thing on facebook hah) and it's still not 100% I just haven't had the time/motivation/focus to go rip
  8. Should be fine now, Pandemic had to do some updates on the server.
  9. Should be fine now, Pandemic had to do some updates on the server.
  10. Should be fine now, Pandemic had to do some updates on the server.
  11. I actually haven't been able to climb much, either. All the work I did on my shoulder got a bit set back, because I haven't been able to exercise it regularly. Sometimes life just takes a solid shit on you :shrug:
  12. Hello everyone! I have both sad and exciting news. To start with the sad news, as I'm sure you've all noticed (especially the scripters) my activity has declined far too much than is acceptable. I have not had the time in my life in the last month or two for me to successfully carry out all of my duties here on DreamBot. A lot of things have changed in my life, some good and some bad. My available time is not going to get any better any time soon, so we (the devs) made the decision that it's time for us to bring on a new Administrator, and a new SDN Manager. * I will be remaining on as the client developer, so don't worry about that. Thursday updates will still all be handled, any client issues you can report to our new Administrator (building up that hype, WHO IS IT GONNA BE!?!?!?!), and he'll forward it on to me. If you have me on discord, you can also message me there. As time goes on, I'll try to keep you guys updated as to where my activity levels will be, but for the moment you could assume they'll remain just on the client, and staying available to the administrator and staff. Now for the good news! Our new Administrator AND SDN Manager is..................*drum roll* @Hashtag! Everyone say congratulations to hash, I believe he will do great at being an adminstrator, and in being able to handle all the script requests. While he gets used to everything, I just ask you all to have some patience if there's anything he's unfamiliar with. He is taking over essentially everything that I was doing, other than client work, so any messages you were going to send me, send to him. My availability on the forums themselves will probably be limited, so if you want me to see something it's best to either ask him to forward it to me, or send me a message on discord. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to hand out my discord to everyone and anyone. This does also mean that Banana is not our SDN Manager anymore either (he actually hasn't been for a while) so I'll be making that official today as well. Hopefully this will all be officially started by the end of today. Thanks, The Dream Team
  13. On my end it shows that it all went through fine, he opened an invoice with the first chunk of vouchers, then he got the 2nd and it applied, giving him the vip purchase. I have no idea what he's asking for help on. @factivo VIP automatically renews. If you have an invoice open, and you get account credit, it's very likely to automatically take that credit for the invoice. It looks like it auto renewed a month ago, and it took partial of the credit, then when you got more credit, you tried to re-purchase VIP instead of just finishing the invoice that was already there. Cancel all of your current invoices that are not filled. If any of them had been partially credited, the credit will return to your account. Let VIP auto renew on its own, do not purchase more VIP's unless you cancel your current subscription.
  14. Why did I get tagged in this They changed how disabled and locked are handled, they're the same login response and they stopped setting vars on the login response text.
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