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    1. I have had NO LUCK @ all with newly created scripts, with GameObject Bone = GameObjects, etc.. Sometimes in Eclipse I get a build path error, Every so often. I use both eclipse & jetbrains.
    2. Best walker you every had old school sense in "Walker" Donate me if you get rich ;p Checks if run in enabled, if not goes to walking, if run gets enabled then switch's back to running.
    3. 9999 oaks in bank. no errors been on all night. Watching it upside down makes more sense then not lol, in the 5th grade I got in trouble for reading my book upside down, not I'm literally writing and reading upside down.
    4. Should start making more sense XD Haven't tried it, yet it should be the fastest non bot looking West Var Banked Oaks. // Needed login handling. Not ever should this code ever reach back to the onloop!!! Roast ;p https://streamable.com/e/02nors?autoplay Just works ;p. video coming soon.
    5. I can't seem to get this error yet again, after checking in the build path. Order and Export tab. It through me for a loop for like an hour or 2, I'm all looking through the code going theirs no way every bracket is their lol. Has anyone else found other solves for this?
    6. GrandExchange.getItemChildInSearch(); sleep(3000,5000); Try playing with the api docs and look into all the things you can use GrandExchange with. Javadocs DB Javadocs grandexchange Javadocs grandexchange Status if status empty is not true then. set buy item. else set amount. N00b h3r3 t00!!!!
    7. I've seen this topic many times and haven't actual posted, and been under constant watch of an actual reason to use these features, or even to consider them. This is based on skilling to 99. 1. Your not obligated to have friends in a video game aka being social. as it is just a game. That being said unless your trying to advance your AI making skills with an actual talking bot that uses Open-AI for example, there is no point to use this style anti ban. 2. If your bot is simple like a cooking bot for example at the edge vile location, use every absolute one click style with the fixed camera zoomed out view, meaning put your camera north to south, which includes both the range and the bank in one view, as long as the zoom is all the way out. "Make sure to check! not set the camera at this point every-time the bot structure fires". With this view correct, and the zoom set, while taking the shortcut, I no longer need to worry about if this should or shouldn't have an anti ban feature. as there is no need. A real player would not be using one at this point. also wouldn't be using the gate, because of the shortcut at the back of the house, always checking the door before just in case it closes on you. 3. like the above stats there is no reason for mouse movements at this point in time, for afk timed out with a stop watch is currently 1 minute. that is right I see if there is a real reason to use a afk anti ban feature at this point. Most humans will get lost in whatever they are doing which normally takes longer than 5 minutes upwards of 15 mins. "I saw a post saying they got banned and couldn't find out why, when it was right in front of there face, random camera angles, a very high give away while not in an active boss fight." 4.check to make sure your watching for the ways they test certain things, one time I was boting in Muse Point on the imps and noticed the bot running and trying to pick up a black beed, also I watched them walk the bot so far out of range, and lucky I caught it as I was not paying attention, and saw it tripped out trying to get back to its man location, This being said there is also a spot that is unreachable by the player that they like to make the npc go to. So make sure to watch your active bot during the hours that J is open. 5. Check your areas making sure they are reachable, because they will walk your bot to see if it rechecks it self, SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOFT AREAS. ALSO DON"T FORCE THE BOT BACK TO THAT LOCATION UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED WITH IT'S TASK. "If you believe that they will walk your bot, and they will." 6. Find away to toggle the auto re login, as I have seen posts, and first hand the connection get lost purposely on J's end to see if your response is not HUMAN like, means it will not sleep and automatically try to get right back in the game, "THIS IS A GOOD POINT TO CAUSE A FORCE FULL NON SCHEDULED BREAK", that being said do not let it try to auto log back in on it's own. 7. Fixed sized, changing to modern or even classic and using the same account is always a dead giveaway that your using a bot client. THERE IS NO REAL NEED FOR THIS, @yeeter Really don't see the need here about re downloading the client every time the user bots, as I've played with Rune-mate and never have a ban using the same client over and over again. as really the client just saves the settings aka what mode your in and your personal settings, doesn't collect data, and is ilegal at this point to scan your file structure to even find a bot client. To me this is a dead give away as the only bot client that re-downloads and resets the same setting every-time the game loads a new. roast me so I know the real reasons. 8. If you mess with the randoms then do them all the way, don't pick and choose. don't dismiss them, just leave them be they will go away, this does not prove if you are or even are not boting. 9.know when and when not to use the mini map for movement, as stated above with edge cooking, closing the bank and one clicking the range and checking for door if it closes, or clicking on the mini map then checking the door, is anti ban enough. 10. Make sure to challenge yourself to push past ONE SKILL AT A TIME. think when you play the game, what do you do? one skill at a time or do you work the hole skill plate? 11. The Camera state briefly above, point it at your target before clicking, not to bring up certain bots "AIO Fishing barb, does not focus the camera on the fishing spots for a visual FACT that your are using your EYES as a HUMAN" I can under stand if you was blind, and truth be told most skillful coders can code in a sound effect on hover of the mouse. so ask yourself are you blind? if not focus the camera. 12. To add in more about mouse movements on random, make sure if using the mini map on this that the mouse doesn't move, yet but maybe 3 pixels in a radius, as a naturally bump of the mouse, and if using non mini map styles, then trying not to go outside anywhere from 1 to 3 tiles MAX. in a radius. Pro gamer tip "Playing games sense 15 starting with finding UNKNOWN CHEATS for C&C "mid age now", Caused my mind to have a mindset on how not to get caught. Remembering how mouses worked back in that day from wheel - lasers first start, and if there was or even was not debris in the wheel or under or even in the laser of under it........... 13. Just don't fucking bot if you ask yourself this quest "How do I not get caught, and can't answer this yourself", Also look up other clients and cheat places to find and read what others think before starting. 14. Sum up. ASK YOURSELF AS A ACTUAL PLAYER WOULD I EVEN NEED THIS ANTI BAN CRAP?????? That being said only realies on if your afk able or not......... spending 1 minute cooking a bag of fish before having to bank means you do not need anti ban at all......... Love how y'all push yourselves though. 15. pull out all the workable f2- scripts that you can find, and MAKE SURE TO CODE YOUR OWN IF YOU EVER ASK THIS QUEST. Watching these bots | scripts as I get back into boting "STUDYING" shows me what to and not to, with anti ban and not................ 16. With the above do not use any other account at the same time your boting, and give yourself a day or two koolaid before using non boting accounts, or chain ban. REMEMBER THEY KNOW WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THESE ACCOUNTS, so they will wait the wait for the chain ban!!!!!!!! so don't give them that, by playing at the same time, and like breaks kool off you accounts. 17. Multi at the same time. is a no no. for you as a human can only use 1 mouse at a time, unless your know how to code in 2 cursors that can simultaneously run at the same time interdependently, so don't let the catch you running more then one client on the same IP. 18. NMAP is legal to sniff if your under proxies or not, and this is why I like using linux, and or only 1 user per windows user accounts, with different wireless nics that have completely different macs. 19. Shout out to yolov3 & 5 for the object detection style of boting, yet recommend to take it off of rune-lite, as it took time to get that client legally able to use. run a search if you want to look into it. where I'm getting at though, is if you can't use the camera to see it, or even can't use a sound on hover technique to see it, then don't bother trying to program it. means stay away from non surface techniques, rule of thumb if your mouse can't expose what it is, then be absolutely carefully about it. roast me if I'm wrong. 20. Devs take in mainly when releasing scripts | bots that you program it in a outside user sight then your own. this is a personal challenge to not code the bot like your own personals, so you don't have to give away crap content just to not let yourselves get caught when your boting. -.0 I thought of it too when I started deving so don't fool yourselves or others, "It's a respect thing." 21. Watch when boting certain skills, as a normal HUMAN will get tried over a period of time, so if I'm combating, and I go to a intense 2 click method makes no fucking sense, if I just got done trying to do the same aspect as I'm fixing to do. so make sure to add in places that will be chill rather then intense to intense. 22. MINIGAMES are not the same as SKILLS. happy boting please donate if you can for my time explaining. Don't forget to hot topic this, and include your donate ables, giving that the content is legit, and you already commuted in some type of way. pm for donations.
    8. Meant for bots || scripts with more than one task. GitHub Java source file
    9. Things need onPaint updates with all info & time, gui with leftover donates and team credits, also looking to put stats up. my void3d account info forgot the name 😜 so I can see if I can remember it's pw on gmail. would be awesome. all my accounts a throwedlly n4m3d XD Working on this 1 file abstract sense I've last been chained banned with 3 accounts, playing around with others scripts || bots, allowed my inspiration to allow, a from the dead and back style. With this most will say not possible, I kind of figure that the code under the whiles must be inside the whiles, although I'm hoping it will fire just like this, if a more experienced wouldn't mind trying a lot faster then me, testing weather it should or shouldn't be within or without side of such. my theory was that if the while became true then under the while aka same technical line would fire whats on that same while loop line aka under the while loop, kind of like a before and after style. Should fire code under while when while becomes true || on state, else put code inside the while?? thinking it won't be fire able then, cause the while will be true. because if it is in that area then it should be true on the while loop yet the while loop in !not true. here's link, a YouTube will be coming shortly, as the more I advance the bot || script. Please your thoughts and don't forget to roast it. Was thinking maybe a team effort would be nice for things I don't know how to do, like quests. Monthly payment after complete idk $? @yeeter, can you split the payment equally if a team continuously, works on this, and goes off into build P2P versions aka 3, also speaking of a New school devil runemate and RS3 ?idk how many, + a OSRS port for more money, 4 bots. Recommended sum would be upwards of 1b or more by the time the char = 99 skills in f2p. + a bank value of such of idk. Opps Edit, here is the GitHub.Forcefull-ON-OFF-Programming-style Keep up to date read me etc on git. Proof of concept Contact to Donate. Please support my cause for upgraded equipment, looking in the range of 3000$+, on my mamas laptop ;p, all I got is a rasp 400 with gaming mouse, & 50$ android ;p. my 800$ barely play rs3 rev4+ screen broken. My booboo tech days 😜 Spin off to real life robotics donations support better upgrade for better real life, which when the team is there will build upon real life robots. "J < you know would have to be involved, deff trying to get the to post maybe allowing bots of osrs, for learning purposes. haven't got that far sure their up for it ;p" Change log. Won't be updating this topic of the bot on my end, just as well as others that will give this Bot structure a try. A bit of an update of how it's going super smooth, yet although I say that, Times could.
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