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    1. You should just combine all 3 scripts (SubCZ Quester, account builder, and gold farm) into 1 script, so the bot can gather gold, train stats, and complete quests.
    2. Latest version 3.63 will click a tree 2-3 times. Bot will Click a tree, then click it again while walking twords the tree, then click the same tree a third time. 3.62 was working perfectly and didn't have this bug.
    3. The pre-defined reset tiles are probably easily detected by jagex. I reccomend setting 3+ reset tiles in different directions for each main crab spot, Such as a North reset tile, east and west, for 1 crab spot location,
    4. Yes I suspect the bots are very easily detected by the way they dismiss randoms. Good advice.
    5. Does the bot use dynamic, variable paths to reset aggro? To avoid detection of running the exact same path every time per tile spot? Also, why does smart aggro require coins? Shouldnt the bot be able to detect the closest reset aggro tile without coins? Or does it only work on crab claw isle? And, does the bot work in resizeable mode to reduce bans? Resizeable - Classic or Modern mode? I think using resizeable looks more human.
    6. Yeah there was a client hotfix to make shift dropping work correctly so I think that will decrease the incidence of items accidentally being used. But yes I think its a platform bug, it only happens with Linux but when I re-maximize the window, from being in the tray icon, dreambot kinda glitches or refreshes briefly and the bot can freeze during that time. again, if I leave the window up, and never minimize it, it works, and if I leave the bot minimized, it works while minimized, the only issue is when I re-maximize the window, while its dropping items basically.
    7. Examples for F2P training: Combat, Cows, Chickens, obscure NPCs like Goblins at Goblin Village, Mining, Rimmington, Woodcutting, Evergreen Trees > Oaks > Willows (Lots of Willow West of Rimmington Mine, such as near crafting guild, near the Ice Giants cave enterance near the church etc. Just, make like a simple F2P progression, and the bot would be complete, thanks.
    8. "i left a high alch script running overnight (like 6 hrs)" Jagex tracks your playtime, and considering Overnight playing to be suspsiscious, as thats how people used to bot heavily, bot at night, computer off during work during daytime. So just by botting overnight alone was a flag, then you didn't use any breaks, you should have used breaks, then you were High-Alching, which is extremely repetitive, and the script would have needed some serious human-emulation in the script to make some random actions to make it human-like for running that long.
    9. I agree, Dreambot has had the most long-running accounts with me, probably thanks to the use of Reflection.
    10. Adding F2P training would make your bot complete and make it easy. Theres a way to train every skill in F2P so your script should have it. It'd be really simple, please add support for all skills, aviable in both F2P and P2P.
    11. I think I PMed you, many scripts get stuck while dropping, particularily just after I re-maximized the bot window. 1. The bots should be able to de-select the item, then resume dropping, instead of freezing. 2. The bot works perfectly as long as I don't minimize it.
    12. I'm sure you could find another npc which doesn't hit players in f2p, maybe the wilderness ditch in edgeville, we can have the bot splash the skeletons accross the wildy ditch, adding food is probably good enough though. Is the bot able to detect methods the account can do based upon F2P or P2P status? And, the questing and moneymaking section are empty, do we have do buy those scripts seperately? thanks A good feature to add to this script would be to have the bot get an Iron axe, and train to 20WC on Trees, such as near the goblin diplomacy area north of Falidor, and then farm lots of Wintergreen trees, since that area is almost never botted, and then basically woodcut regular logs for starting gold.? just an idea, thanks. This way the bot could earn its own GP, 100% automatically to use in training. However, f2p regular trees for gold will be really slow, but at least it can work. --- edit, more information: 1. Mage Bot bug, the bot withdrawls the armor and gold (to buy a goblin staff), but I already have a goblin staff in bank from the first run, so the bot should of Either: A. Withdrawln the Existing goblin staff, or bought a new one. But the bot just glitched clicking empty space in the inventory instead. Should be an easy fix, just have the bot check the bank for a goblin staff or buy one, but the glitch clicking inventory should be fixed. Video of bug: https://sendvid.com/qk7mre5n 2. The GUI window is huge, I cant even see the entire GUI in my laptop screen, consider making it smaller please. 3. When In resizeable mode, the bot will click the top right X to attempt to Logout or switch worlds I think, but nothing happens when the bot clicks the X. 4. I'm trying to train crafting to 40, f2p, 5m gold stack. Bot is just switching worlds, and isn't crafting, im at GE. 5. Trying to train to 20 Smithing, again bot is just hopping worlds forever.
    13. Bug/Request: When Splashing, my level 3 went to splash on Men, and almost died, the bot didnt bring food and didnt run when low on HP. The Bot should Splash on harmless NPCs, like Chickens or Seaguls, theres no reason to splash men compared to seaguls or chickens. I reccomend splashing the falidor cow chicken area chickens or seaguls.
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