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    1. getting mostly 2 kill trips with only a little higher stats rn, would need to see a clip of how you're dying
    2. cCKuraskFarm from level 3 trains configurable prayer level configurable combat level - pre and post slayer slayer to 70 magic to 55 (high alchemy) then kills Kurask in frem slayer cave, muling off every X hours Click above photo to join discord for all bug reports and suggestions Want to pay with crypto?
    3. if you are the guy from discord that asked for bowfa, thats getting added tonight w/ shard recharging the equipment, switch and inventory are actually completely customizable with any in game item, there are examples in the zulrah loadout channel in my discord, crystal items require charging so ive added that in next update and added a preset for it. you dont have VIP so you cant run over 2 clients and my script is meant for people to run a lot of accounts at once, you are probably going to have a better and cheaper time on sub or g zulrah if you're just looking to run your main and a refund is fine with me, GLHF
    4. one of the staff modes was busted for ~a week while i was away
    5. you never sent me this, fixed in next update & thats a problem with alcher not tut island, i understand you are upset about bans but its pretty difficult to say you completed tut island on 300 accounts, but also that its broken?
    6. mb pushed another update to bring the correct runes
    7. the last update was for that just forgot to respond t
    8. its working fine for myself and other users in latest update, what problem are you having?
    9. Do you sell dreambot credits? I see your store is out of stock. 

    10. zulrah loots fine man, i think you're saying that because there was a comment on the thread about it, i think what that guy experienced was being envenomed after the kill and not having a pot to cure that so it tp'ed out before looting, zulrah script has always looted fine. scripters cant deny or approve refunds mouse is idle while attacking for me idk wym id need to see what you're talking about id need a bit more information on the safe spot bug you spoke about because it doesnt seem to always happen, custom equipment will come soon i didnt want to push that without testing and i havent had time recently
    11. When are you going to update the Brutal Dragon Bundle? 

      1. camelCase


        mb i forgot ill do that now

      2. mightyexpert


        There are still some issues. Will you please test this script thoroughly? The Blue, Red, and Black brutal dragons? So far it seems that the Blue Brutal Dragon setting is the most fluid, but doesn't really have a good profit. The Red Dragon Bot is good, but it stands too close to the dragons and gets hit so much that it leaves before killing the dragon. The Black Dragon Bot is okay, but it only makes 250k/hr and constantly hits the safespot tile when it should be fighting. The behavior is very botlike. 

      3. osrsaccz1


         @camelCase operates as a primarily solo-driven server, and as such, users should not expect the server to be available at their beck and call 24/7 like a personal support service. Just like any individual, @camelCasehas his own limitations and priorities in life.

        Regarding the GP per hour ratio and script performance, it is crucial to understand that not every script can guarantee the proclaimed profit per hour, especially with the frequent updates and bot detection measures in place. Despite precautions taken, the risk of being flagged as a bot remains a concern.

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