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    1. 1) Don't bot on an account you don't mind getting banned 2) Don't use a public VPN such as Nord, 100's if not thousands of other people who don't know better are probably botting their IPs as well 3) Botting is all trail and error, figure out what works and what doesn't, there is no 'do X, Y and Z to not get banned', if there were there would be no money to be made and no one would be botting this game 4) Premium or Private scripts can decrease ban rates
    2. sorry to hear you are having troubles with the API, generally we hear only good things about our documentation so feel free to ask if you have any problems. If you are hoping to avoid other people running into this issue into the future you can also look into open sourcing your code so if / when you retire from the botting others can pickup where you left off with your script. The magic of open vs closed source!
    3. We don't provide the source code for scripts hosted on the SDN, otherwise nothing would keep a person from cloning and reselling someone elses script. You'll need to contact the original scripter to see if they will fix it, if not you are just kinda SOL.
    4. like, unlikely enough i'd bet my right nut on it
    5. extremely unlikely unless you are botting tons of accounts off the same IP.
    6. Je te souhaite bonne chance profitez de Dreambot
    7. Why would we ruin our reputations in this massive community we've built up over the last 6+ years for 30$ of a rando's money? Nice logic there my guy. 1) We DO NOT have access to your account information. That data is stored locally on your computer. 2) Clearly by the logic you've displayed so far you didn't put much effort into thinking about what could had happened. I am willing to bet you reused a password elsewhere or used another client or random AHK script you downloaded off some sketch site and got burnt for it. /thread
    8. because the fees were ridiculous and it wasn't worth it at that time. We are considered eventually looking into implementing crypto payments again in the future.
    9. yeeter

      Click Recorder

      hooman mouse
    10. yeeter

      I think..

      I am going to stick with suicide,
    11. There is no publicly available support server for Dreambot, we used to had one but it got banned. There is an educational Discord server available where some support might be available. https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W please read the rules section before posting, thanks!
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