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    Found 25 results

    1. 20 skills in one script | Customised Profiles | Very active customer support! | Very advanced | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | ONLY $24,95 Lifetime for around $60-70 worth of scripts. Welcome to Dreamy AIO Skiller, This script contains 20 skills in one script. This script has human behavior actions. Please read all below to understand why this script is so awesome The following scripts are included: Woodcutting Fishing Mining Cooking Fletching Smithing Crafting Herblore Thieving RuneCrafting Prayer Construction Firemaking Agility Magic Attack Strength Defence Hitpoints Ranged How to setup discord notifications: Example of the discord notifications How to setup profiles: Dreamy Woodcutting Any location in OSRS is included. Bank logs. Powerchopping (Drops logs). Bird nest support. Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. Dreamy Fishing Any location in OSRS is included. Bank fish. Powerfishing(Drops fish)(won't drop fishing supplies). Stop settings at X level reached. Human behavior. Dreamy Mining Any location in OSRS is included. Bank ores. Powermining(Drops ores)(won't drop mining supplies). Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. Worldhopping if no ores are available. Can mine gems at shilo village! Dreamy Cooking Any location in OSRS is included. All fish supported. Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. Dreamy Fletching Any location in OSRS is included. Make darts. Make bows. String bows. Make bolts. Stop settings at X level reached. Human behavior. Dreamy Smithing Any location in OSRS is included. All bars. Smelting supported. Smihing supported. Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. F2P worlds supported, will auto-detect if you're in p2p/f2p world. Dreamy Crafting Any location in OSRS is included. Any leather / d'hide. Bowstring / Whool. All gems cutting. Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. Dreamy Herblore Cleaning ALL herbs. Make ALL potions. Make ALL unf potions. Smart inventory clicking( Vertical / Horizontal / Line ) Human behavior. Stop settings. Dreamy Thieving Pickpocketing( Automatically coin pack opening). Steal from stalls supported. Smart safe spot system while stealing from stalls. customized eating(food,amount,eat at hp). Smart banking supported. Human behavior. Dodgy necklaces. Stop settings. Dreamy Runecrafting All normal altars supported. Ring of dueling(8) teleport method supported for fire runes. Energy/stamina/antidote++ potions supported. Choose between rune or pure essence. Human behavior. Stop settings at X level reached. Progressive mode. Pouches (in progress) Grand exchange supported, will buy more essence automatically. Please have enough gold in your bank. Dreamy Prayer All bones are supported. Gilded altar support. Own house support. Friend's house support. Phails unnoting supported ( Currently the only banking option ) Normal burying bones. Human behavior. Stop settings for friend's house, Out of bones using phails method. Stop settings at X level reached. Dreamy Construction: Trains construction at Rimmington. Uses "Phials" unnote service. Stop settings (Level, Time run & out of planks). Constructs: Crude wooden chairs Crude wooden bookcase Oak larder Oak kitchen table Oak chair Oak arm chair Oak table Teak chair Teak arm chair Teak table Mahogany table Dreamy Firemaking: All logs supported. Custom locations. Preset locations. Progressive mode. Stop settings. Human behavior. Dreamy Agility: Start at the course area. Banking supported(Food / stamina's) Progressive mode works from Gnome -> Seers. Stamina is supported, Will log out and stop if out of stamina's. Stop settings if lap count is reached / level. Change the client name + icon to RuneLite. Profiles / Quickstarting! Banking. Dreamy Magic: Teleporting Alching Stringing jewellery Humidify Planking Splashing Superheating Stop settings ( Automatically stop the script if no items are left in the bank ) Dreamy AIO Fighter: Attack almost every NPC(s) Multi attacking. Automatic looting table. Potions supported. Banking supported. Custom area's. Custom looting. Loot all items over X gp. Special attack supported. Bury bones supported. Quick prayer supported. Much much more. @WnbJake @gfazo
    2. | 8 minigames in one script | Anti-pattern | Very advanced | Notifications | Stop settings | Welcome to Dreamy AIO Minigames, This script contains 8 minigames in one script. The following minigames are added: Dreamy Pest Control. Dreamy Blast Furnace. Dreamy Ranged Guild. Dreamy Castle Wars. Dreamy Nightmarezone. Dreamy Wintertodt. Dreamy Tempoross. Dreamy trawlers. How to setup profiles: Dreamy Pest control: All boats supported. Attack NPCS or Portals. Detects if portals has dropped. Special attack. Quick prayer. Anti-pattern. Dreamy Blast Furnace: All bars are supported. Stamina potion supported. Restock coffer. Pay a 2500 fee every 10 minutes if smithing level is less then 60. Goldsmith gaunlets / Ice gloves supported. Cool down bars with bucket. Anti-pattern. Dreamy Castle Wars: AFKing in castle wars. Enters guthix portal(random team every game) Anti-pattern. Dreamy Ranged Guild: Able to spam click. Able to stop the script if X amount of tickets is in inventory. Anti-pattern. Dreamy Nightmarezone: This script will re-enter your previous game. Rock cake (Have rock cake in your inventory) Prayer potions(4) supported. (Currently uses quickprayer so please have that set up correctly). Abosorptions supported. Overloads supported. Stop at max points. Anti-pattern. Restock coffin ( In progress ). Dreamy Wintertodt: Fletching roots. Light brazier upon start. AFK settings. Game skipping. Crates opening. Custom feeding. Multiple stop settings. Customised banking. Worldhopping. Customised eating. Automatically swap braziers. Automatically takes missing items (Knife/Hammer/Tinderbox/Axe). Dreamy Tempoross: Dodge fires. Dodge waves using totems/masts. Repairing totems/masts. Cooking fish. Dragon harpoon special attack. Pre hover mouse actions. Customised reward system. Multiple stop settings. Automatically detects missing items and picks them up. Forfeit if game is finished. Infomative paint. Dreamy Trawlers: Fill leaks. Bail water. Ripped nets (Soon). Multiple stop settings. Rewards. Media Thanks to @iron jajeh
    3. | Active customer support! | Smelting | smithing| | custom locations | Features: All bars supported! Smith alot of items at an anvil! Custom locations, Smith/Smelt anywhere! Most used locations are pre-added! Space bar feature. Anti-pattern! F2P worlds supported (Please use the space bar feature)
    4. Fully re-written on July 9 Features/Instruction Put any food in your inventory, the script will auto-detect your food. Start at the course area. Banking at closest bank from rooftop. Progressive mode works from Gnome -> Seers. Stamina is supported, Will log out and stop if out of stamina's. Stop settings if lap count is reached / level. Change the client name + icon to RuneLite. Profiles / Quickstarting! Courses: (Level 10) Draynor ✓ (Level 20) Al-Kharid ✓ (Level 30) Varrock ✓ (Level 35) Barbarian outpost ✓ (Level 40) Canifis ✓ (Level 48) Ape Atoll ✓ (Level 50) Falador ✓ (Level 52) Wilderness course ✓ (Level 60) Seers' Village ✓ (Level 70) Pollnivneach ✓ (Level 80) Rellekka ✓ (Level 90) Ardougne ✓ Quickstart: Fill in your settings and save your profile in '.json' format. CLI example: start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy Agility" -params "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy Agility\profile.json" Media: @gfazo @gfazo @gfazo How to get a trial? Upvote the thread and comment below.
    5. Features Custom looting All food supported Multiple teleports supported Deathwalking (Re-equip gear) Worldhopping(If too many players in spot) Looting bag Locations Edgeville Taverly Ardougne GUI
    6. Welcome to Dreamy AIO Dragons, This script kills dragons at several locations in RuneScape. The following dragon locations are currently added. Green dragons Graveyard of Shadows (Wildy 24/26). West. South of Lava maze (Wildy 35/37) Blue dragons Taverly Heroes' Guild Ogre Enclave Red dragons Forthos Dungeon Iron & Steel dragons Brimhaven dungeon. Other features: Worldhopping if X amount of players in dragon area. All food supported. Lots of bank area's + teleports. Fully customized looter. Save & Load profiles. Deathwalking. Potions. Safespot (In progress). Lots of other small features included such as 'eating to full at bank'. Detects agility shortcuts. Instructions: If you are using amulet of glory or duel ring as teleport option, please have them equipped(Amulet of glory(6) / Ring of dueling(8) and then load your items. Gallery: Notes: Iron & Steel dragons only work with ranged OR magic. You need antifire potion(4) and mithril axe in your bank(takes 2 every trip). Please have your house in brimhaven. Don't run out of supplies, the script does not re-supply.
    7. Anti pattern | Cannon everywhere | Worldhopping | Custom looting | Potion support | Special attack | Features Cannon everywhere Worldhopping Custom looting ( Only works at caged ogres with telegrabbing ) Potion support Special attack
    8. 12 Methods in 1 script | Low level methods | Very advanced | Account rotation | Welcome to Dreamy AIO Goldfarmer, This script contains the following money making methods Tanner ( All hides, Potion support! ) Plank maker ( All planks, Potion support!) Plank collector Enchanter ( All items / enchant LVL spells ) Cannonballer Climbing boots collector Item combiner ( Almost all items supported. ) Bowstringer ( Level to 10 with wool supported) Shopper ( Buy and sell items with banking, NOW SUPPORTS SAVE & LOAD, Packing supported now !) WineGrabber (Upstairs only, Smart mouse movements, pre-hovering) Impling jar. Banana collector / Basket filler Instruction on every method: Tanner: Start at Al-kharid bank with coins in your inventory. Plank maker: Start in varrock west bank with coins in your inventory. Plank collector: Start at Barbarian outpost. Enchanter: Start at any bank with cosmic runes in your inventory and required staff for the spell. Cannonballer: Start at Edgeville with mould in your inventory. Climbing boots collector: Start at Start at Barbarian outpost with coins in your inventory and games necklace(8) in bank. Item combiner: Start at any bank with required items in the bank. Bow stringer: Start at Lumbridge bank with flax in your inventory or bank. Shopper: Start with shop open at ANY location. Winegrabber: Start at falador with law & water runes in inventory(Air staff equipped). Impling jar(Jar generator): Start at Zanaris with Jar generator in inventory. For more information about the items you need go to the wiki https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Jar_generator#:~:text=The jar generator is an,before you can obtain another. Banana collector / Basket filler: Start at edgeville bank with Amulet of Glory(6) and Baskets in bank. To use the account rotation on banned/locked accounts: Make a .txt file somewhere on your computer. Example: Account1:password1 Account2:password2 Account3:password3 Load the text file in the GUI and voila. Gallery: Progress Screenshots: By @mbmaster Buy here
    9. | All NPCs | Stalls | Chest | Anti-pattern | Proggresive mode | Banking | Stop settings | This script supports the following: All NPCs All stalls. Chests(Adding more in the future). Proggresive mode ( 1 to master farmer ). Dodgy necklace. Banking. Customised profiles. Stop settings. Stalls locations Baker's stall (Ardougne) Tea stall (Varrock) Fruit stall (Hosidus) Wine stall (Draynor village) Seed stall (Draynor village) Gem stall (Ardougne) Media: CLI example: start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy Thieving" -params "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy Thieving\profile.json"
    10. Information This script will collect red spiders' eggs in the edgeville dungeon(wildy). To run this script 30 defence and hp is recommended. Features Amulet of glory teleport. Deathwalking. Most food. Looting bag. Anti-pk (Note eggs/hour is not working correctly with looting bag ATM) How to get a trial? Upvote the thread and comment below GUI
    11. All logs | Very advanced | Stamina potions | Energy potions | Easy GUI | Stop settings | Features: All logs Stamina potions. Energy potions. Quickstart. Will stop the script and logout if out of logs or potions. Quickstart params: Logs: Logs Oak Teak Mahogany Potions: Stamina Energy Media:
    12. All shops | Banking | Very advanced | Opening packs | All items | Easy GUI | Welcome to Dreamy Shopper, This script can buy or sell items in any shop in RS. Features: Buy all items. Sell all items. Bank items almost everywhere. Opening packs. P2P/F2P worlds ( Custom worlds will be added later). Quickstart profiles (Easy to start multiple bots). Easy GUI. Media:
    13. Features: Can fletch all logs. Strings all bows. Make all darts. Make all arrows. Make all bolts. Progressive mode. Profiles ( Quickstarting). Profiles: Fill in your settings and save your profile in '.json' format. CLI example: start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy fletching" -params "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy Fletching\profile.json" Start with a knife in your inventory. If you're using darts, please have the darts in the inventory. Progressive information: This ONLY works making unf bows. Enable both checkboxes ( Progressive mode & Making bows ). Have ALL logs in bank, it will NOT buy the logs. Interested in training more skills? Dream AIO Skiller has 6 skills for $24,99!
    14. Welcome to Dreamy AIO Prayer, This script can train prayer on the gilded altar with the ability to use Phails or use the bank at Castle Wars. This script has built in stop settings if you run out of bones, you can also enable more stop settings such as time run or levels. Features Gilded altar support. Own house support. Friend's house support. All bones supported. Phails unnoting supported. Banking at Castle Wars. Demon Butler support. Stop settings for friend's house, Out of bones using phails method or normal banking. Pre-hovering objects. Normal burying bones. Quickstart. Bones supported Babydragon bones Bat bones Bones Big bones Dagannoth bones Dragon bones Fayrg bones Hydra bones Jogre bones Lava dragon bones Monkey bones Ourg bones Raurg bones Shaikahan bones Superior dragon bones Wolf bones Wyvern bones Zogre bones Quickstart: Fill in your settings and save your profile in '.json' format.
    15. Features: All gems cutting ✓ All leathers ✓ All D'hide leathers ✓ Bow stringing (Lumbridge ONLY) ✓ Stop settings(Level & out of supplies). ✓ Instructions Start the script with the required items needed for the crafting method. Screenshots: More features coming soon
    16. | Active customer support | Very advanced | Stop settings | Features: Smith cannonballs at edgeville. Stop the script if out of steel bars. Informative paint. Items/stats required: Steel bars. Ammo mould. Partial completion of the Dwarf cannon quest. 35 smithing.
    17. Welcome to Dreamy Tanner, This script will tan your hides in Al-Kharid. Features Tans every hide in OSRS. With stop and logout automatically if no more hides are in the bank. Walk from anywhere to Al-Kharid. Anti-pattern! Quickstart! Quickstart params: Leather Hard Green Blue Red Black Media
    18. Features: Energy / Stamina potions supported. Deathwalking (Re-equipping gear, worldhopping after death). Stop settings. Worldhopping ( X amount of players). Anti-pk. Eat to full in bank. Anti-pattern. Profiles / Quickstarting! Instructions: Start the script in edgeville with staff of air equipped. Have Amulet of Glory(6), Food,Cosmics runes, Unpowered orbs and staff of airs in the bank. Quickstart: Fill in your settings and save your profile in '.json' format. CLI example: start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy Air Orbs" -params "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy Air Orbs\profile.json" Media by @Almonds
    19. Instructions This script will buy raw karambwans in tai bwo wannai village. This script will use the parcel banking so you will need trading sticks in your inventory. The script will stop automatically if you ran out of food. You need Tai bwo wannai quest completed to open the shop. Start the script with: Coins Trading sticks Any Food Anti potions(anti-diote/Super anti's)
    20. Welcome to Dreamy AIO Chopper, This script can chop almost everywhere in RS with banking or dropping supported. Features Chop almost everywhere Dropping(Exclude logs) Banking Bird's nest pickup! Very easy to setup Anti-pattern! Locations pre added Draynor Lumbridge Varrock Seers village Port sarim Catherby Media
    21. Start the script with enough varrock teleport in the inventory and ring of dueling(8) in bank. Buys battlestaffs in the magic guild store. Worldhopping. Grand-Exchange(Sell staffs if no gp left) Using teleports(Varrock teleport & Ring of dueling) 1Mill profit in 2 hours, 22 mins. https://gyazo.com/abaa0d239555c319263b045aaddd571c
    22. Dreamy Tab maker Instructions: Have your house set in rimmington. If you are using phials as banking please have soft clay and coins noted in your inventory. If you are using castle wars as banking please have ring of dueling(8) in the bank. if you are using demon butler as banking please do one trip to the butler manually. If you are using varrock east as banking option you'll need a varrock portal in your house and house teleports in your inventory. Features: Own house ✓ Friend's house ✓ All normal tabs ✓ Phials ✓ Castle wars banking ✓ Varrock East banking ✓ Demon butler ✓ Stop settings if house is offline ✓
    23. This script will buy the following items for profit -Plain pizza -Potato with cheese -Stew
    24. Welcome to Dreamy AIO Fungus, This script will collect mort myre fungus in the mort myre swamp. Start at ferox enclave with your blessed silver sickle equipped and teleports in your inventory. The script uses ring of dueling to get to the ferox enclave so have enough ring of dueling(8) in your bank. Features: Multiple routes (Teletab/teleport). Almost all food supported. Anti-crash (Will worldhop if player is getting crashed). Will restore prayer & hitpoints at ferox enclave. Requirements: Quests: Priest in peril. The Restless Ghost. Nature Spirit (Until you got the blessed silver sickle item). Skills: 43 prayer. Defence + hitpoints levels are optional.
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