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    1. Sorry to hear that, avoid botting accounts you care about. That said, I highly doubt that Jagex could fingerprint your activity in such a short time. Which means it was most likely caused by other factors and they then issued a delayed ban.
    2. I conducted a more thorough investigation in to the issues and can confirm that it has been fixed, It's just a matter of when they are able to process the update on the SDN.
    3. Sad to hear that you are having issues with the script, lets try to solve the problem! 🙂 Would you be able to hand me more information about the issue? Please follow this template: Bug information: - General information such as console logs - The steps you took which ended up causing the issue What were you trying to do: - Example: I tried to save script settings but it did not work.. What were you expecting: - Example: The settings to be saved such that i could load them the next time i want to start the script.. Media: - Relevant image(s) - GIF/Video, Perhaps how you were able to recreate it. Kind regards. LostVirt
    4. It will basically force it to burn logs/kindling more often when Wintertodt is below a certain energy level so you can maximize points per game and prevent you from ending up with loads of materials when the game ends.
    5. Sad to hear! If you open up the console it should provide more information about what is shutting the script down. If you still encounter issues, send me a private message on the forums with the logs in the console.
    6. I love all of the 10 Windows
    7. filthy linux user
    8. Your baguette makes me wonder if you're compensating for something

    9. Yea, sorry about that! I was supposed to fix it, although forgot to.. I'll push update to later today and hopefully they will be able to review it real quick and get it out
    10. Whenever the boss reaches low energy, it will burn logs/fletchlings more frequently. for example, Boss at 10% and it has no material left in the inventory. It will then go and chop/fletch until it has material to reach the minimum points that is specified in the GUI and then go burn it, instead of gathering a full inventory and the game ending before you are ready to burn.
    11. All clients download the Gamepack from http://oldschool.runescape.com/jav_config.ws They can't know specifically which or what client you are currently using, Although they can see that you are using a third party client "most likely".
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