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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. Oops, three issues. 3) Pausing the script doesn't pause the looting task.
  2. Great script and even greater UI! Well done👏 very high caliber. There is two issues I've encountered after using it for a few hours. 1) Fails to notice when inventory is full sometimes and continuously attempts to pick up items instead of burying bones. This either happens right away or after about an hour. 2) Fails if you run the script, stop it and then run again. It seems like the inventory listener doesn't actually stop from the previous run and it's throwing things off. I assume the two issues are related. Also, I would love to see some customization in terms of anti-ban/human movements😀
  3. holic

    DreamBot v2.

    Thanks, they are there. If it makes a difference I had to re-add my accounts to the account manager for this version as they all were missing. I chalked it up to me not having used it for a few versions. They show up when I'm running a script as well, just not in the break settings. A relaunch didn't solve it either.
  4. holic

    DreamBot v2.

    Thanks, Pandemic. I have read the guide and had it working before but the accounts aren't being listed in the break settings so I can't add any breaks. I should have clarified a lil bit!
  5. holic

    DreamBot v2.

    Thanks for the update! I can no longer add breaks to my bot, is that now only for paid users? I haven't used Dreambot for a few months so if this is a recent changes my bad.
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