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    1. Click save after setting up your script and send me the file so I can look into it
    2. Enlighten me so I can fix the issues.
    3. Copy. I'll look into it! It'll be an untested feature since I just free accounts to make this but I haven't heard any complaints about my other untested features lol
    4. Both of you, please send me how you've set up this script. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    5. Your IP is probably flagged Uncheck equip arrows and the tile setting does work, what issue are you having?
    6. Would WorldHopper#quickHop(int world) be what you're looking for?
    7. I thought the same too but it really is just Tile lootTile = new Tile(npcTile.getX() - 1, npcTile.getY() - 1);
    8. Can you actually send me your script configuration? Just send me the file you've been importing to use on this script so I have an exact reference to re-create the problem.
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