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    1. Yes, so long as you set the bank manually and don't use the "CLOSEST" setting. If you have any issues with it working, let me know.
    2. Thank you for sharing your config as well. I don't see anything that would cause an issue like that but will dig into it a bit more. When it got stuck, did ActionCheck turn on and fix it at all? I see it's appears to be active in the screenshot. It's odd as it's running perfectly for me, I'll let you know what I find.
    3. It's actually a feature in DreamBot and not this script. Just open DreamBota settings and click the breaks tab
    4. Newest update (3.4) now includes recharge at altar but HEADS UP some altars may be buggy or in the incorrect location, please let me know if encounter this as I can't test P2P locations. Currently, the Edgeville monastery is not supported as I need to find the setting that confirms you are a member of the order.
    5. Hey followers,

      If any of you are using Fightaholic on a P2P account, using P2P settings (e.g. special attack, * Crabs, etc), can you please let me know how it's been working?

      I have never heard anything in terms of P2P efficacy so I just want to check-in.

      1. aluxan


        Heeello Holic, Personally the configuration of sandcrabs works for me when I place the radar very small so that it remains in the spot, all right, it makes its camera changes, in the menu ... after 10 minutes  have to take it out manually. And the other configuration placing the normal or large radar, does nothing

    6. Share your config, please. I have a pretty explicit bug report requirement for this script and I see nothing on a possible line 46 that could cause an error like you're posting. My only thought would be are you using magic?
    7. FFS that's out of date. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/24839-dreambot-v31314/#comment-391407
    8. Can you confirm you've set it up properly? What's the amount you've set for this potion? Is DreamBot out of date?
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