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    1. Is it burying bones? Don't check "Bury bones" or use a custom string to bury some bones and bank the other (e.g. "Bat bones,Monkey bones,Bones,Wolf bones,Bones,Bat bones")
    2. Thanks man! As far as changing the mouse size, you can set the cursor thickness with setCursorStroke(new BasicStroke(<SIZE>)) And to change the length of the cursors, change the "s" variable per method, with "s" meaning size: public void drawPlusMouse(Graphics g) { ... int s = 4; //Change this to a higher number for a longer cursor ... For circular cursors, change these lines (I know, didn't make this the friendliest): public void drawCircleMouse(Graphics g) { ... g2.drawOval(mX - 1, mY - 1, 4, 4) g2.drawOval(mX - 2, mY - 2, int width, int height) ... replacing width
    3. I'll extend the log in timer to fix that but for now just don't click start on this script's UI until you're logged in Wrong thread??
    4. Would you mind sharing your configuration file? That shouldn't be happening
    5. Update - v0.99 I was hoping to finish up a few others things with this release but figured I'd get it out there just to fix some bugs Added Bones to Peaches - EXPERIMENTAL: I need your feedback and maybe even a screen recording of it in action to make this work, I'm not paying for membership for a free project Added Ironman mode for looting: Still needs improving for NPC's that are larger than 1 tile Manual combat switching: Right-click on the "Switch" button to choose your combat style Improved death handling Improved path finding Improved equipment
    6. Hmm. Please share your config file, none of what you're experiencing should be happening. It has path finding, obstacle handling, equipment withdrawal and equipping (even after death), etc.
    7. Yup, a ton. It plays like a casual player too. This script will have a very low ban rate but it will depend on how you created your accounts. (Scripted tutorial island, rested the account, etc) Yeah no worries man, that should be easy enough. It's been on my list for a while. The next update will have a few new features when it's finally done. Glad to hear it!
    8. Thanks man, much appreciated. It's actually free because I want it to be not because it's not up to snuff haha Also the stronghold isn't supported and I'm not sure if I will add it unless I make this a paid script. It'd be a lot of work for a free project, maybe in the future. Please elaborate, this doesn't help me. What items? What's your setup? Etc. Thanks! Unfortunately that's just due to the API I'm using to get NPC item drops, it has nothing for Dark Wizards. Might manually add it myself later but you can manually enter any items that don't show up. Cheers, I'
    9. Thanks man, I might add something like that. For now, try settings your target radius to 2 so it'll act like it's safespotting and return to that tile which I'm guessing should keep things going. Catacombs aren't supported. Supported dungeons are listed in the OP.
    10. Hey guys, thanks for letting me know. I just checked it out myself and all appears to be fine so a quick thought on it: How many memory are you giving DB3? If it's less than 512mb try a little more, I know these UIs can require a little more memory. Either way I'll look into it and see what I come up with.
    11. Hmm interesting. Yes it should be "Baby blue dragon" and that should work but odd that it doesn't. Does the console show any errors or anything? Would you mind sharing your config just in case?
    12. Dunno what to tell you then, man. Bans happen. 🤷‍♂️
    13. Create your accounts manually and bot with attention and care. There's an influx of people being banned off of tutorial island due to poor practices. Play legit for a bit and rest your account.
    14. Ah, that's what I wondered. Everything is case-sensitive so your food's name should be "Shark", not "shark" and it doesn't look like you checked the checkbox to eat.
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