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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. Hey man, it's been a while since I've made an update to this script so it's very possible it's just throwing an error. I'll take a look at it and see what I can do for you.
    2. No worries, buddy And yeah unfortunately its a known bug, on the list. Seems to have just started happening randomly so I'm guessing my break delay thingy is throwing an error. Should be fixed soon.
    3. Hey thank you very much I have some time tomorrow to work on this so I'll add it to the list! Ah I see, cheers! And no worries, I know it's not criticism. I appreciate the feedback, it goes a long way to making the script better for everyone. Thanks for the kind words. Just for the sake of debugging, what NPC(s) in particular were you fighting? It'll help it see if any NPCs in particular make it slower than others.
    4. Hey man, thanks for the great feedback. I'll get to it when I get a chance here, busy with some stuff. As my IP is flagged so I'm having a hard time creating accounts to test updates at the moment. I will look into improving the safespotting as it's not really something I've fully flushed out. No, it does go AFK every now and again but actual breaks will have to be set in DreamBot. Are you still having this problem? Can you send me your settings if you are. Thanks, man! What's it doing between kills that's making it slow? Do you have looting set to a high frequency?
    5. Nice! That's excellent! Mind telling me how it's breaking? Is it just stopping completely or is it taking a minute to respond to them? If its the latter, there's meant to be a delay in responding to randoms instead of the default instant response.
    6. holic

      Paint issues

      Wrap your paint with a try/catch and log the errors to find out what the problem is. try { ...paint... } catch (Exception e) { for (StackTraceElement ex : e.getStackTrace()) log("Error onPaint: " + ex.toString()); } Something like that should show you what's going on.
    7. Maybe, I'll look into it. Did you use a tutorial island script? Have you had many bans on your IP previously? Lot of different things factor into a ban. I still regularly use this script with no issue but I also bot like a normal player.
    8. Alright, after the holidays I'll look into it. Also it won't work properly in dungeons.
    9. Hey just a heads up, for when you can, it doesn't start the R&J quest properly. It immediately goes to Juliet instead of talking to Romeo first.
    10. No, sorry it does not. There a few dedicated rock/sand crab scripts out there but I don't believe any are free.
    11. holic

      Set Zoom

      This is what I do to randomly set the zoom int zoom = Calculations.random(615, 1121); if (800 >= ClientSettings.getExactZoomValue()) { Mouse.scrollUpWhile(rh(500, 1000), () -> ClientSettings.getExactZoomValue() >= zoom); setStatus("Zooming in camera"); } else { Mouse.scrollDownWhile(rh(500, 1000), () -> ClientSettings.getExactZoomValue() < zoom); setStatus("Zooming out camera"); }
    12. Excellent. As for the dungeon handling, I'm working on it. No, not currently and, sorry, most likely never unless I decide to make this a paid script. Otherwise, I think it's fairly feature packed for a free script.
    13. It's a bug I'm currently working on. Just give it a few days and I'll post when there's an update. Glad to hear it's otherwise been a good script for you.
    14. Update - v0.16 Images now stored and loaded locally Bug fixes
    15. I've pushed an update that should fix any of the recent issues. This hasn't been fixed in the update, haven't had time to look into it yet but will fix soon.
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