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    1. Then unfortunately I don't know what to tell you. No one else has reported anything like that nor have I had any issues with this script. Just bad luck I guess.
    2. Thanks for sharing the error! Can you post your config? It doesn't look like an error you should be getting.
    3. Thanks man! Eating shouldn't get you banned but maybe you've got it set to too high of a percentage to eat at? Also what bank would that be? In the works for the next release! I haven't seen that issue but have added something that should prevent it from happening in the next release. Also the next release has magic and ranged potion support! I'm just working out a bunch of bugs.
    4. Yeah it seems to needs at least 512mb of RAM to fully work properly. The on-screen button shows up when you close the map window with the script still running. It'll show up in the top left corner of the screen, it's a bright green button.
    5. Thanks for letting me know! Are you giving DB more than 512mb of RAM? This is a fairly memory intensive script so it needs a bit more than usual. It might fail if you restart the script multiple times even with extra memory but you should be able to start it at least 4 or 5 times before you hit an issue. Also you can just close the map and continue doing your thing then re-open it (using the on-screen button) to start another walk with no issues.
    6. Thanks, that's great. I've been meaning to add telegrab to this so that'll get added in too I guess!
    7. Ah yeah, that'd be exactly the reason why it's not working. I'll see about adding an option to the next update.
    8. It's case-sensitive and don't include the amount of doses so it'd be like "Prayer potion". If spelled correctly and not working, would you mind sharing the setup you're using?
    9. What number did you set for the withdraw amount? Hey thanks man! I've fixed the bug with special attack and will push the update soon. I'll see what I can do about it not eating sharks but it shouldn't matter if it's P2P or F2P, just so long as it's spelled correctly. Weird angles with Giant Frogs is due to their height and the terrain they're in (depressed) but have added a little bit more camera work in the next update. As for missing items, make sure to set your looting to high and by value, it shouldn't miss anything with both those settings on. Please let me know if any of the other issues are still happening, but they should all have been address with the last update before you posted If any are, please PM me your config file you've been using.
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