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    1. Sounds like the service I'm using to get loot drops had a temporary outage, certificate error or has changed their API. I'll fix it later if it continues but for now just manually enter your loot.
    2. Don't worry, your config won't change how it interacts with the old man. The post your config was in reply to someone else. It also won't react to it if you're in combat
    3. Yeah it's a known-bug that I haven't been able to fix yet. Just keep the script running and if you accidentally close the map you can click the on-screen "Show map" button to bring it back.
    4. Thanks for letting me know, I'll investigate. Too bad, that was working perfectly before so I guess I broke something lol
    5. Override onSolverStart and stop DismissNPC from starting if it's the frogs or Genie or whatever and then handle it as you would any other NPC
    6. Cheers, must have mixed something up. I'll see what I can find. Do you mean Lumbridge? That screenshot shows it trying to walk to the target area, did you set all that up correctly?
    7. That's just part of the anti-ban, it uses random variances to break out of certain tasks to prevent any sort of pattern building up. So sometimes it'll decide to loot 5 items but will break out of it after 2 or decide to bury 5 bones but only do 2. If you need it to loot more, change the looting frequency to high.
    8. That's very odd. Not sure what to tell you as it is written for DB3 and works just fine for me. I just double-checked the SDN version and its fine. Maybe reach out to Hashtag or Pandemic for help.
    9. Could you expand on what not working means exactly? If its just not even launching, restart DB
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