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  1. Awesome, the new UI looks great! I can't currently run any scripts, they all seem to lock up DB but I imagine it's because they're all written for DB2 so no sweat. On that note, are there javadocs for DB3 online yet? I would love to try writing a DB3 script and see what the new version is capable of. The "Help" links don't work currently so I'm not certain if they're available yet.
  2. Hah well I feel like that's to be expected after 21+ hours but still yeah damn! I would love to see some more proggies or loot lists from you guys, I'm very curious how it's working for people. @PhilBox @BLSDJ
  3. That's impressive! I think that's the longest runtime I've seen yet. Here's hoping that your haul increases.
  4. Minor Release! v0.993 ####### DOWNLOAD 0.993 ####### Fixed: Another banking issue, no longer gets stuck at the ditch. I uncommented something I shouldn't have and it took me forever to realize. On a cursory look-over it all seemed like it should work, my bad! Here's a fix.
  5. Minor Release! v0.992 ####### DOWNLOAD 0.922 ####### New: Click the "Loot" button to hide the on screen loot log Fixed: Banking issues, may be just API related but have written my own methods as a quick fix. Fixed: Randomized walk paths are less likely to get you lost Fixed: Saving issue with preferred world Changed: Tweaked some paint colours to less harsh on your eyes. Hmm. This should fix it I hope. I haven't seen that issue occur again, can you confirm that was on version 0.991? Negative food shouldn't be a concern since you could have eaten it or lost it on death but the negative total is an issue for sure.
  6. Noted! I'll put up an update later today. I guess my random paths have gotten too random lol, I'll dial them back a bit.
  7. Minor Release! v0.991 ####### DOWNLOAD v0.991 ####### Fixed: minor paint bugs and world hopping issue.
  8. It was accidentally deleted so here's a reupload. ####### DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.99 #######
  9. New Release! v0.99 ####### DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.99 ####### New: Sprint-clicking to give you a bit of an extra chance to get the loot New: Response handling (sort of) and sometimes talks to shitheads This doesn't happen to often to prevent it seeming very fake Improved: Pile management, if you get on top of the pile it tends to destroy it Bugs: Fixed banking issue, seems to be a bug with DB's API Fixed paint issue with loot list longer than 18 items Fixed paint issue with loot total, no long subtracts while banking
  10. Interesting, I've only seen it in the higher numbers so I guess it's a simpler issue. Thanks!
  11. Ok after a 10 hour run I noticed a few small bugs, mostly with paint. Expect a small update soon. There seems to a bug with loot reporting where sometimes after 5+ bank trips, when you deposit items the script removes those items from the loot log making it look like you aren't getting much loot. Keep an eye on your bank, you'll be seeing more loot in it than you thought. I've only just noticed this but am now wondering if it's been happening for a while. I only noticed it because I'd just looted a few valuables and watched my "current loot value" hit the negatives.
  12. holic

    World hopping issue

    I do believe world.getMinimumLevel() is what you're looking for, returns 0 if there isn't a required level.
  13. Yeah screw it, here's version 0.986. I haven't found any serious bugs or issues with it. Please use responsibly, if you run a shitload of bots you create more poachers and make it more difficult for yourselves. New release! v0.986 ####### DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.986 ####### Bug-fixes: No idea, all of them I think? Changelog: Improved: Major speed increase while looting Improved: Safe techniques Despite the lack of info for this update it's a significant improvement from 0.97 which I'm sure tjet can attest to. I'll keep better track of my updates in the future. Enjoy!
  14. Glad to hear it! Yeah definitely check the spelling of your desired items or you can leave the loot list blank and the set the "Pick up item valued over" option to something like 100gp and it'll pickup anything over that value. I would still put in valuables though even though there's an auto add valuable option but you could also set that to like 1300gp but you will probably be banking more often.
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