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    1. holic

      Wet Quests

      Found another bug but nothing major: if you don't have enough inventory space during Sheep Shearer it'll continuously shear sheep even though it can't take anymore. I'd put one too many trout in my inventory, the shears made it so I only have space for 19 items of wool, and ended up endlessly shearing sheep while the wool fell on the ground lol.
    2. It's probably since been deleted, I will reupload it later today but I haven't updated this for DB3 so if it still works on DB2 great, otherwise this script is dead for the moment. It needs a rewrite in certain areas but it's impossible to test it thoroughly due to all the attention it got and too many bots running it meaning there's a very high ban rate now. So I'm giving it some time to calm down in the wildy (in terms of bots) before relaunching this.
    3. Thank you, thank you. Thanks yeeter! Here's hoping it all works as well for you as it has for me
    4. Fightaholic - The scrappy AIO fightin' script Pre-release Description Fights shit, like anything, eats, banks, loots, buries bones, switches combat styles, etc. Very easy to setup but a complex script nonetheless. THIS IS A "PRE-RELEASE": EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS FUNCTIONAL BUT THERE ARE SOME FEATURES STILL IN THE WORKS (ie full equipment switching). Setup Selecting your NPC(s) is required. All other options are optional. Click Refresh to auto-fill the form and get available NPCs Click Start Features Features break-down coming soon.
    5. Minor release: 1.10 Pushed the correct version this time Withdraw method rewritten for bug fixes Fixed teleportation bug Added Quickstart support: o, open: boolean; toggles the option to open your casket at the end of the script c, check: boolean; toggles the option to check your bank for a cluescroll if there isn't one in your inventory (ideal for running in tandem with other scripts) p, plugin: boolean; set to true if run in tandem with another script to move the paint's location on screen as to not overlap the other script's paint
    6. Great script, MrJooj! So far everything has worked perfectly with the exception of Romeo & Juliet, it doesn't seem to start. I have previously started the quest if that changes anything. edit: I manually did a bit of the quest with the script active and it eventually took over so it seems to an issue with it already being started but nothing having been done yet quest-wise.
    7. holic

      Wet Quests

      I absolutely love this script, it's extremely useful obviously. Keep up the great work! Though, there is a bit of an issue with spam-clicking: if you are walking (not running), it will repeatedly spam-click on its target until it's reached. Seems like there needs to be a smaller range for Walking#shouldWalk while walking and a longer sleepWhile(getLocalPlayer()::isMoving) when dealing with entities (assuming that's how you're handling walking). Not sure if it's quest related or not, I'd have to re-run it to be sure. I wasn't paying close attention.
    8. No problemo, happy to help. It's a very useful script haha.
    9. Thanks for the kinds words and feedback, @mgiven95 I will investigate it and push an update in the next few days! It does double check the cluescroll after a few failed digging attempts but I'll try to improve it so it's not necessary And sure thing, I will add the option. I didn't add it originally as I like the one-click start but could maybe put it in as an on-screen option to avoid that.
    10. Hey I know you're busy right now, just adding to list of bugs for you Current bugs: Stuck trying to open settings/inventory before it's available (ie. flashing) Looping talking to (usually talks to them again halfway through he conversation) : Quest Instructor Mining Instructor Combat Instructor Prayer Instructor Magic Instructor After opening poll (NPE thrown here)
    11. Minor release: 1.09 Speed improvements Withdraw method rewritten for bug fixes Improved anti-ban Pushed and recompile requested, look for it in your script manager shortly👌
    12. holic

      DreamBot v3.1.0

      Just heads up, the console is a line behind. Seems the most recent/newest line in the console is hidden or waiting to be printed. Do my words make sense?
    13. holic

      DreamBot v3.0.8

      Hey, didn't notice this before but all scripts from the SDN are listed as version 1.0 in the script manager regardless of the actual number
    14. To add on to what others have said. 1) Pages/pagination would be great 2) A filter to show only the scripts you have added to your client or the ability to remove scripts easily from the "Your Scripts" page 3) More sorting options, like by upload date, update date, rating, etc. 4) Maybe some lazy loading when the display count is greater than 25 so it loads smoothly (e.g. unfiltered main page) 5) More info for the scripter panel, it was a wee bit confusing at first.
    15. Version 1.08 should be available from the SDN now! Let me know anyone hits any bugs
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