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    1. Hey man not sure if you have a discord or not.

      But I use your fightaholic script religiously. Is it possible to add "stop after time" or after "level?"


      1. holic


        Hey man, it will stop after a certain level if you specified a level target but stop after X minutes isn't available yet. I will be adding it in a release or two.

      2. OGCritical



        thanks for the speedy reply!

    2. Hey there, thanks for letting me know! I have code in it that was supposed to handle the webs but it appears I'd added it incorrectly so thanks for noticing! It'll be fixed next update, version 1.2
    3. Put the mouse listener in your TaskScript class, not the nodes
    4. Make sure you specified the amount to withdraw in the "Optional" tab, beneath food options. Thanks! Yup, that'll be coming in a probably two releases. I just finished a major update that I'll push soon then start working on alch and more. I will see about adding this in the future. For now, you could just set breaks in DB at a higher frequency with a very long rest time.
    5. Here's essentially what I do, just force it to walk (i.e. handle obstacles) if (!Walking.canReach(Chicken)) { if (Walking.shouldWalk(Calculations.random(4,9)) { Walking.walk(chicken); sleep(5,10); } } if (canReach....) Also some less common, but still common, obstacles need to be added to the walker but doors and such should already be covered.
    6. Change that to SwingUtilities#invokeLater and wrap your GUI creation in a Runnable. Also try moving the contents of main to onStart. Edit: oh lol you fixed it already
    7. Hey buddy, I'm glad you like my script! This script works pretty much anywhere on the surface level of the game and not every dungeon is currently supported. Dungeons supported: Edgeville (with or without Brass key), Dwarven Mines, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Karamja Dungeon, Varrock Sewers Would you mind telling me where you were having problems running it? Maybe I can work something out.
    8. How much memory are you giving DB? If you're not giving it much, increase it. I'm running the SDN version right now and it's going just fine. I will still push a tweak to see if that improves things in a bit.
    9. Yeah I've been getting some reports of this in the last week so I'm guessing something in the client has been tweaked that is messing up on my script. There'll be a fix for it soon.
    10. All good. Rest as in literal rest. After creating a new account, wait a while before using it to bot. Training it manually definitely helps! I don't use proxies and have had a decent number of bans from developing scripts yet my accounts last a long time with this script. They only get banned when I end up using them for development or do something dumb with them.😁
    11. Rest your accounts, don't use tutorial island scripts, don't do quests back to back and keep your botting to 2~hours a day; your accounts will last for a long time.
    12. Use onSolverStart to handle the Genie. It'll be called before DismissNPC is called so you can do your thing. You'll need to manually handle the Genie btw.
    13. First tab, underneath the NPC list, click the checkbox but just FYI there has been some reported problems at sandcrabs, a fix is in the works.
    14. Welcome back, buddy! Hope the new account last longer for you lol 🙏🙏🙏 thank you, kindly🙏🙏🙏
    15. Just add them in the custom loot field if they're not showing up for you Noted, I will add a fix
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