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    1. Would WorldHopper#quickHop(int world) be what you're looking for?
    2. I thought the same too but it really is just Tile lootTile = new Tile(npcTile.getX() - 1, npcTile.getY() - 1);
    3. Can you actually send me your script configuration? Just send me the file you've been importing to use on this script so I have an exact reference to re-create the problem.
    4. Thanks, I'll add a fix but hopefully it didn't stop the script from working. The hooks for the DreamBot to work are out of date so just give it some time
    5. I appreciate it! Are you sure your proxies are good? I use this script even on tutorial island with no issues of bans but I do everything manually except walk. I then play manually for a bit too after completing it, rest for a few days and no problem.
    6. Do not bot on your main, you will almost certainly get banned. I can guarantee this script won't get you immediately banned, but I can't guarantee you won't eventually get caught.
    7. Chill your tits, it's a free script that I imagine takes a lot of work
    8. Just add a connection between the last node on the "surface" at the entrance of the mine and one within the entrance to the mine. It's failing because dungeons aren't underground on the map, they're really far away on the surface level. So unless the developers have already added a connection between those nodes, it won't know how to get from tile 30XX, 35XX to tile 30XX, 98XX. Take a look at https://explv.github.io/ for an idea of how OSRS lays out their map. Also check out Neffarion's or Hashtag's methods of handling this for an idea of how to connect nodes:
    9. Can you be more descriptive than fucks up? Is there an error? Nothing's changed in a while, I haven't pushed an update since March 10. Did you recently change your setup? Also chill, this a free script that I've put a lot of time into and asked for nothing in return.
    10. Gracias por hacérmelo saber. Veré qué puedo hacer para el próximo lanzamiento.
    11. Big shoutout to @LostVirt for the DaxWalker implementation!! (Got some updates I'll push to you, Virt)
    12. That's the inherent risk in botting, you'll eventually get caught. See my previous post in this thread for tips.
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