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DreamBot is the only Deadman Mode supported bot on the market!

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  1. Hey still updating the dragon script??

  2. Oh also abusing MilaSoft's script with a trial.
  3. Member:cotovios Reason: Chargebacked 20$ voucher. [screenshots are only visible to moderators]
  4. lacis

    Hey, your "DreamAirOrbs" bot isn't working. when the bot runs to the Obelix he tries to use the spell, but it doesn't choose how many to make and that's why he is only pushing the spell but doesn't make the orbs. 

    1. Zawy


      It's removed from the store, you shouldn't be able to use it.

  5. zawy I ahve pruchased dreamdragons, keeps banking my gear. Could you send me some type of updated scriipt or something?

    1. Zawy


      Add me on discord:Zawy#9499

  6. I remember I already made a removal request a long time ago, Please remove it from the store. I have contacted @lukey372and I will sent him the fixed version(since I do not have acces to the SDN).
  7. amigo como lo contacto?


  8. I wish you(& everyone else) a wonderful christmas 🎅
  9. i bought your dreamdragon script just wanted to let you know it will not bank from ogre enclave and please add dusty key suppport for fally blues the green drags seem to work decent but i would like to see some improvement on the blue dragons as they are not in wild and are frequently a slayer task. any feed back would be great or if there is something i am doing wrong please let me know


    1. Zawy


      Please get back to me on discord : zawy#9499

  10. He changed his discord name btw https://gyazo.com/092baf131575ec36576dec71a7cbe7f7