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    1. Ok so you've ran 1 account with that mode, not really much of a dataset to say "oh yeah 100% ban rate" if you only run 1 account and it doesn't get banned, with this logic the script would have 0% ban rate, see what I mean?
    2. I don't understand then, you havent been getting many bans?
    3. I mean, bans happen but saying something has a 100% banrate sounds ridiculous. How many accounts have you tested?
    4. purepanic


      What do you mean? Is it not working right now?
    5. Why do you need 50 proxies? I do not understand. If you are only running like 10 accounts you do not need any proxies.
    6. Ok. 1. Vpns are a horrible idea, how would you run multiple accounts thru different ips on 1 device? and most of them will get you locked anyways 2. The only proxy you would use is socks 5 3. really it depends, I usually do 3-5 f2p accounts per proxy and 1-2 members account per proxy (probably over-kill) proxies do not reduce bans (in most cases) but prevent chain bans from banning your whole farm in one strike 4. Although I am sad to say this, not many people are willing to share their proxy provider for obvious reasons.
    7. Super awesome 😮 Adding this to my scribs 😎
    8. Thats awesome, thank you!
    9. Bans are inevitable, no way to avoid them.
    10. purepanic


      Hmm... Ok ill look into it.
    11. im new to this, how do i use the script? 


      1. purepanic


        Hey there, the on the account you want to bot equip an air tiara and buy some pure essence and put it in the bank, then just run the bot

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