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    1. Trial and error. Every method has a different optimum break period. Botting OSRS is not something you can click run and get a good result without doing a lot of research into what works and what doesn't. Additionally, nobody will give you their profile as it will negatively impact them. That being said, I just run 24/7 and don't break. Still have accounts last weeks, it depends on what you do of course - I wouldn't recommend this for a lot of methods.
    2. Glad to hear you like it! I can have a look into that and potentially add that stuff in. I won't give an ETA on it though as super busy with IRL stuff at the moment
    3. User error is not a valid reason for a refund. If there is actually an issue with the script, you need to provide a bug report on the specific script. Have you tried to contact the script writers?
    4. I'd recommend checking the proxy score on the IPQualityScore website, I'm assuming it's have a very high fraud score. That being said it is highly unusual to see bans that quickly - so I would question the ban speed. I can assure you is that it has nothing to do with Dreambot. I'd also say 1on1proxy are not that great and I'd recommend looking elsewhere for a better provider.
    5. If it's on the SDN and you don't release the code, nobody will be able to see it Only a select few of the senior team have the ability to view code to ensure there is nothing malicious in there. Always good to open source code though to allow others to learn, and for you to get feedback on it
    6. Banned or locked, big difference. And for the other (non-iron acc), can I guess what you were doing - tell me which bits are correct - Freshly created - Botted Tut Island - Botted F2P method using a free script - Data Center IP - Doing a popular method
    7. You do not need to have a real email address to make an account. For example I could create a rs account with the following email address: [email protected] I would then log into the RS website and it asks you to confirm the email address you want to link the account to - here you can put your actual email address to link it. And there is no limit to the amount of accounts you can link to an email address this way. The way you're doing it seems a bit more complicated than needed - Jamflex be pretty dumb sometimes
    8. Welcome to the community - I look forward to seeing what you release
    9. I haven't run it in a while - but looking at the script stats, it looks like people are still getting a decent runtime from it. If you find any issues though let me know and will look into them
    10. What "bugs" have you found, and which scripts have you tried? I'm also going to assume you are using a account which has botted tutorial island - probably a free script. Then botting F2P methods?
    11. what do you mean? Use good proxies, give them some time (a few hours) to rest after checking and you shouldn't have an issue
    12. Nah I never heard back about it mate, and yeah tbh mate it is a pretty simple script. All yours if you want to run with it
    13. Hi - I'm not sure but drop me a message on Discord if you'd like a private one. If it's as simple as that I can do for pretty cheap My Discord is: Elliott#7799
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