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    1. It's harder than you think. Goldfarming methods will result in quicker bans, but i'd recommend testing on a few accounts, find what works and what doesnt etc.
    2. Congratulations on Premium release, a lot of work has gone into this! Great script, and super low bans. 10/10
    3. Sorry for the slow response, been away - but I will look into adding this how would you like it to look on the output. My thought would be this username:password - VALID [x days membership remaining] If you have a better idea let me know
    4. Newest progress report
    5. Thanks for the heads up, will have a look into this
    6. Hmmm, I'd reccomend as a first port of call to get in touch with your provider. See what they say. If it still persists it can sometimes be worth reinstalling the OS on your Dedi, can fix some issues etc (but make sure you've backed up any important information somewhere)
    7. Can you send the specs of the dedi? Just because it's dedi it doesn't necessarily mean it's high spec
    8. Is it a dedicated server or a VPS? Sometimes on VPS' they throttle you - although even then you aren't exactly running a high usage, it could be you have a heavy usage neighbor. Might be work asking your provider if they can do a performance test on it?
    9. Will look into handling this! Will find an acc of mine that has 2FA to see what it returns
    10. Have you filled in the GUI properly? Can you send the logs?
    11. What are you computer specs? Could be you're computer is just struggling in general
    12. I've had no issue with this! Super helpful for getting account times up. Suggested future optional features: Disable game sounds Walk to GE Option to enable resizable mode
    13. No worries mate, happy to help @Bonfire
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