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    1. SubCZ

      Botting to Berkeley

      Appreciate it! Variety helps but I don't have much experience with bans so you might be better of asking some of the suicide botters here about that. It's all trial and error in the end, and in my experience it doesn't seem like you need anything special at all to keep your bots alive in P2P, as long as you're the only one running your script!
    2. SubCZ

      Botting to Berkeley

      Yes these accounts haven't taken any days off, though I've never tried it any other way and can't exactly say if it matters. I've heard lots of people reporting long bot lifetimes at 24/7 runtime too, so who knows if it's actually the antiban or just a lack of effort trying to detect them. Would rather not test the boundary with these accounts though
    3. SubCZ

      Botting to Berkeley

      I still use the DB3 API to get NPC locations and bounds - with client interactions I mean any part of the API that sends keyboard or mouse events to the canvas, i.e. I would use Bank#get and NPCs#closest, but not Bank#withdraw or NPC#interact. Fwiw, I no longer believe mouse algorithms are the holy grail or that any of this is necessary for P2P. Whatever it is that's detecting bots seems to be much less general, more specialized for certain tasks, and overall pretty weak outside of F2P. Having full control over mouse movement lets you do some pretty cool stuff regardless though, like rerouting
    4. SubCZ

      Botting to Berkeley

      2021 Update I bailed out on posting detailed writeups but I'm happy to say that 90k lines later the code is mostly done! As of now the farm takes fresh level 3's, turns them into 200 QP, 1500 total level accounts, and starts making money (I'm sure the profit methods are more or less obvious at this point). For a full timeline and the status I've kept the first post of this thread up to date. Bans & Antiban The whole project has been going surprisingly smoothly from the start. At this point I've reimplemented every form of client interaction from a low level with custo
    5. //Get object and its unique index GameObject obj = GameObjects.closest(objId); int objIndex = obj.getIndex(); ... //Check if obj is gone boolean objGone = GameObjects.closest(obj -> obj != null && obj.getID() == objId && obj.getIndex() == objIndex) == null; This is what I do if there's multiple game objects of the same type around. If it's the only one in the vicinity you can just leave out the index part
    6. SubCZ

      Sub DevTools

      Glad you guys have been enjoying it. Not planned currently, feel free to get to work!
    7. SubCZ

      Sub DevTools

      Sub DevTools Tired of spending your precious time on tedious scripting tasks? This script provides a collection of tools that speed up development, prevent bugs, and preserve your sanity! Area Grabber Many locations cannot be mapped accurately by rectangular areas, and polygonal areas tend to behave unpredictably. With this feature you can define a complex area within seconds while guaranteeing accuracy and preventing all typo related bugs. Instructions: Hover tiles and hit Alt + 1 through Alt + 9 to select the corners of your area. Your area is previewed in gre
    8. Seems unlikely, lots of my bots have been doing some dumb things for hours on end with untested scripts and are still running weeks later. My guess would be that a teleporting mouse cursor on a fresh account with a flagged IP doing botty activities caused it. If you're going to use remote over your phone I'd recommend setting the low level touch input flag for all input
    9. Welcome here's a list of improvements based on first glance: Use sleepUntil with an appropriate condition after performing an action whenever possible to avoid repeatedly interrupting and re-executing the same action. Use 'else if' to only perform one action per loop (saves performance from unnecessarily checking conditions). Randomize all your sleeps (a hard coded sleep(1000) makes the bot very detectable) Use bank.interact instead of getMouse.click (your bot will automatically use the right-click menu if there is another object in front of the bank this way) Us
    10. Thanks for the quick fixes! The same issue that the WebWalker had in Lumbridge castle before build 8 also occurs in Lumbridge swamp so it seems to be a more general bug. When standing at tile 3176, 3194, 0 (or the area nearby) and trying to walk to the nearest bank (Lumbridge) the WebWalker walks the path east to web node 2927 and then turns around to walk west to web node 142 and repeats. Again, easy to use a workaround for the specific area (walking just outside Lumbridge graveyard as an intermediate destination fixes it) but this might hint at an issue with the pathfinding.
    11. Noticed another bug with the LoginUtility: LoginUtility#changeWorld always selects the world in the same row but one column to the right of the actual given world. For example, when trying to change to world 368 it selects 392, when trying to select 422 it selects 449, etc. Looks like the column offset is just off by one. Edit: @holic I just checked out the issue with walking in Lumbridge castle and it looks like a DB3 bug so I wrote a quick wrapper workaround until it's fixed: public class WalkWrapper { private static final Area LUMBRIDGE_CASTLE = new Area(3202,
    12. The walk method does automatically walk to the specified plane, but there's two cases when it fails: 1) The ClimbableObstacle that leads to your specified tile is not registered (not a big deal, just add it to the WebWalker's obstacles) 2) The ClimbableObstacle is behind a PassableObstcle (for example, a closed door). The pathfinder doesn't seem to find the path in that case and just walks back and forth on the plane underneath the target tile. Would be nice to have this fixed, but you can also just write a wrapper class for the walking method that finds the closest ClimbableObstacle
    13. The official OSRS client has a known memory leak that seems to disappear if you turn of all sounds in the ingame options (turns out Jagex didn't expect anyone to run 300 clients at once ). If you haven't already, check if turning off all sounds ingame fixes the issue.
    14. Good luck! Since you're suiciding one account at a time to test ban rates, it might be useful to clear your OSRS cache any time you hop on a new account to remove association with your banned accounts (if you're not already doing that).
    15. Of course, you're welcome to DM me the details and I'll take a quick look if anything stands out.
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