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    1. Yes, you can customize which items are looted and if you only want profit you can use virtual tasks
    2. You can customize the items that you want it to loot on the looting page in the setup interface
    3. I reset your trial, you can activate it again on the store
    4. Gear customization is being worked on, but will need some more time
    5. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about the ban. There's a guide on avoiding bans and recovering banned accounts in my discord server in the #faq channel. Being banned is a risk for any script, unfortunately, and there are a lot of things that could cause a ban unrelated to the script you are running. Sadly, I always have to stand with the DreamBot refund policy. For the same reason that admins cannot making an exception for you, I cannot make an exception for you either . If DreamBot would like to change their policy for all scripts, I am happy to agree with any new policy. If admins would like, they are free to refund you their part of the sale at their discretion
    6. I just tested that and for me it is already skipping boss tasks. If that's not working, you can post the logs either here or in my discord server and I'll take a look. The logs are in your DreamBot/Logs folder
    7. Superior slayer enemies are supported, actual bosses like Zulrah, Kalphite Queen, etc are not
    8. No tutorial island is not supported. You can create any preset you want yourself. There are no default presets because that would create patterns. It chooses gear automatically based on what's in your bank, and if there's a cheap gear upgrade it will purchase it (for example Rune scim after you reach the level to use it, etc). Complete gear customization will be released soon. Not sure what you mean by this
    9. You need the requirements and enough GP to buy the required items for the quest. If you have account builder as well it will do everything
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