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    1. Check the #faq section iin my discord on how to avoid bans. A ban after 3 hours is almost certainly related to a mistake in your setup (bad IP/account source).
    2. Yes you can do this if you hover "Store" in the top bar and then cancel under "Manage purchases".
    3. This usually means you don't have enough gold on your account for the supplies or you're not on a members world for quests that require it. I cleared your trial so you can activate it again.
    4. Serpentine helm decreases your DPS and kills per hour by a lot and isn't a good item. Ring of suffering will be added soon.
    5. Depends what stats you are trying to build. The overlay will tell you if you don't have enough gold.
    6. Try Animal Magnetism and then the rest if its still not working. If they are started it means the bot was interrupted during the quest Also check discord, for the other bug
    7. We have free trials and there's a section on avoiding bans in the discord. A lot of bans are caused by flagged IP addresses or account creation these days.
    8. I'll go add armadyl crossbow, that's an easy fix. It should already hop world if there are players around for almost everything it does unless it's in a situation where it's hard to lose aggro, but it doesn't hop instantly since players run through that dungeon for the quest quite a bit. The rest is a bit more niche and takes more time to add so I'll have to see about that.
    9. This means you didn't finish the conversation with Drezel after completing the quest. Try entering Morytania.
    10. Check out the section on avoiding bans in my discord. This is usually an issue with your ip. See first page for proggies.
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