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  1. Of course, you're welcome to DM me the details and I'll take a quick look if anything stands out.
  2. That's very strange that you got banned in one to two hours given your description. Even very basic 100 lines of code mining scripts should get well past that point so I suspect some issue with the setup of your account rather than your script if it was truly performing as expected. Were there any proxies involved? Any previous bans? Was tutorial island botted? Possibly any invisible malfunctions i.e a bug in your script that is sending clicks to a location in your game where the clicks don't have an effect, but are still picked up by the game? Regarding the walk() method: instead of passing a tile to it, it's better practice to use the Area class to specify the destination and use it's getRandomTile() method. Dreambot has plenty of built-in antiban features to get started, but any antiban feature that is used in mass and doesn't perfectly resemble human interaction will eventually create a detectable pattern (normal distributions are great to model a population but not necessarily an individual), so I suggest overriding some of them once you get comfortable with the API. But again, this is absolutely not the reason you got banned within two hours.
  3. The Inventory class has a built in method for this: mc.getInventory().deselect() Note that Inventory also has a method to check if an item is selected: mc.getInventory().isItemSelected()
  4. Can you provide some more detail what you mean by this? Is the OSRS client itself not loading if you use a proxy? Are you able to log in and play manually after selecting a proxy? Here is a complete guide on setting up proxies. Make sure you are using a SOCKS5 proxy, and if you are contact your proxy provider. I've been given a stack of HTTPS proxies before after ordering SOCKS5.
  5. SubCZ

    Botting to Berkeley

    Keep in mind this project is very recent - these accounts are just over a week old so it's hard to say whether they will last a month like some of yours. That said, it's hard to attribute the lack of bans to a single factor since I implemented all my antiban features from the start. It could be anything from the mouse and antipattern algorithms, the type of activities and the way bots reroute themselves between them, choice of proxies, account setup, or just luck Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on how these accounts perform.
  6. SubCZ

    Botting to Berkeley

    Thanks for all the positive feedback Just finished up another quest module after expanding the questing side of my framework. The scaffolding should be complete for now and I'll hopefully be able to add game content smoothly and at a faster pace from here. My greatest worry at the moment is avoiding bans due to the time investment that will go into each account. I set up a whole stack of new accounts to get them rested for at least a week while finishing up more parts of the script. Also played around with several proxy providers over the past week and how Jagex reacts to them with test accounts, and I seem to have found a favorite. Hopefully I'll be able to keep dodging the banhammer for a while longer. @Cystic Sounds like you got quite a few projects going on. I've been curious about WoW and similar games' bots for a while now since there doesn't seem to be any clean way to access the game state like in OSRS, but never looked much into it. Hopefully you don't have to rely on image recognition though - I recall writing an OCR based bot for EVE a long time ago and it ended up being a beautiful mess. Best of luck to you as well!
  7. SubCZ

    Botting to Berkeley

    Introduction I've been writing bots for various games over the years but the covid crisis unfortunately gave me a reason and motivation to start a serious gold farm - my private student loans at UC Berkeley have become unavailable as a result of the pandemic and as an international student there is no alternative. I'll take this as my last shot of staying in the U.S, but I'll spare you the details about me and leave them at the bottom for those who are interested. Goals Custom Framework [07/18/2020] Custom Antipattern [07/20/2020] Custom Mouse Algorithm [07/22/2020] F2P Basic Training Module (to total level 330) [07/25/2020] Custom Break Algorithm [07/27/2020] Melee Training Module (ATT/STR/DEF to 70) [07/28/2020] Cooking Training Module (to level 70) [07/30/2020] Bot Network Database [07/31/2020] Python Bot Manager [08/01/2020] Improved Player Evasion (Loner Mode) [08/04/2020] RAM Upgrade (32 GB) Scale to 40 Accounts (20 concurrent) 10 Quests Implemented 1st Profit Module Runecrafting Training Module (to level 50) Thieving Training Module (to level 50) Ardougne Easy Diary Module Karamja Easy Diary Module Chat Response Algorithm ... more soon! Status Skill Modules: 5 Quest Modules: 9 Profit Modules: 0 Active Accounts: 18 Banned Accounts: 2 Average Skill Level: 165 Highest Skill Level: 525 Total Profit: 0M Lines of Code: 12.8k The Project I'm planning to take a slightly less conventional approach; I've written a custom mouse algorithm for Dreambot (involving Bernstein polynomials for those who are familiar) and a node based framework around the Dreambot API to speed up productivity. The fact that the client collects mouse position data every 50ms and sends it to the server led me to believe that Jagex is utilizing some sort of machine learning algorithm behind the scenes to match the mouse movement of a player to the pattern of a certain public botting client to catch more sophisticated bots (especially considering the people that Jagex has hired over the years), but this is pure speculation. The bots themselves will train a random rotation of all skills and quests, and include certain money making methods into this rotation once the requirements for them are fulfilled. They will buy sell and mule items automatically as needed. I'm going to write all scripts (or rather, all modules of the single rotation script) personally to ensure quality and to avoid matching the patterns of public/premium scripts. I will update the status of the farm daily and write a detailed update for major changes. About Me I'm 23 years old, from Germany, and have been studying Engineering for 2 years in California. I have a self-taught background in Computer Science, consisting mostly of C++, Python, Angular, and primitive machine learning, but my dream has always been to work in Aerospace Engineering. A few months ago I got selected for a transfer to UC Berkeley for Aerospace, but I am not eligible for any student loans due to the covid situation and the fact that I am not a US Citizen. I'll be working 12 hours a day on this project for the next month - either I will start generating profit, or I will have to forfeit my U.S visa and return home. My botting projects in the past have been focused on online poker, but unlike OSRS, the challenge in poker bots lies more so in automating the task efficiently rather than avoiding bans so I will have to make some adjustments to my process.
  8. I'm trying to check if a quest is completed using c.getQuests().isFinished(...); The method expects an enum of type Quest, but the entire Quest enum seems to be deprecated. What's the correct way to check for this currently?
  9. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for.
  10. I've reimplemented much of the API so that it uses my own mouse algorithm, but I'm having trouble doing the same with the WebWalker. I'm trying to find a way to get the location that the getWalking().walk() method would click on so that I can issue a click command using my own mouse classes. I see that the PathFinder class can be used to create an AbstractPath between two locations. I also noticed that the LocalPath class has a method to return the next tile that needs to be clicked in the path. However, I don't see a way to create a LocalPath given two locations, or any use for the AbstractPath that is generated. How would I go about using the WebWalker to get random tiles along the path much like the walk() method seems to do to walk from one location to another?
  11. No, if I pause the script after the new proxy has been set and I open a new tab the console logs "Failed to connect to OSRS, retrying...". I've confirmed though that the proxy is accurate and functioning as expected if I use the launcher window to set it.
  12. I am trying to dynamically change the proxy on my Dreambot client through code while a script is running (in order to let the script switch accounts). The script is logging out the current account and then calls the following lines to change the proxy: System.setProperty("socksProxyHost", HOST); System.setProperty("socksProxyPort", PORT); System.setProperty("java.net.socks.username", USERNAME); System.setProperty("java.net.socks.password", PASSWORD); where HOST, PORT, USERNAME, and PASSWORD are Strings. The script runs this part without throwing exceptions and logs the properties using System.getProperty(...) to confirm that the change was successful, but when it tries to log in, the runescape client gives me a "Couldn't connect to Server" message and the world selection in the log in screen can not be opened either. I assume this means the client did not connect to the proxy correctly. Is there anything missing in my code?
  13. Alright thanks, looking forward to DB3 then.
  14. Is there any way to override the calculatePath method in the DreamMouseAlgorithm class such that built-in methods of the API like interact/moveMouse etc use my custom calculatePath implementation? I recorded a dataset of mouse movement data of myself playing runescape and trained a ML model to generate the movement based on that but I'm unsure how to integrate this into the API without having to rewrite most the functionality that uses mouse movement. If Jagex is truly not able to detect the dreambot client or the injected clicks flag I believe the fact that we all use the same mouse movement algorithm is responsible for a lot of bans.
  15. That makes sense, I assumed running multiple instances would be terribly resource inefficient but the option to prevent rendering should fix that. Thanks
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