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    1. I just checked out this site and it screams SCAM. Reddit is filled with bot accounts created the same day they supposedly bought or sold gp. Reviews on their site are just random reddit accounts that have no connection to OSRS in any way. I tried to talk in live chat about and I think they banned me from it. Stay away lol
    2. I can assure you that a ton of scripters make a lot more from botting than from selling scripts. Other scripters make more by selling scripts because they suck at botting. Botting isn't just following a set of rules to have success, else we'd all be swimming in mad cash. You're right about the latter though, ban rates are insanely high right now and that's due to prime season. I don't know where you get this info from, but I can tell you you're wrong. I've had hundreds, if not thousands, of bans on my home IP but I keep going. Meanwhile I'm also playing my main which doesn't get banned. It isn't purely IP based. A lot of people have indeed given up on botting, because nobody succeeds at first. It's the ones that persist and learn from the past that actually make money botting. $100 for a private script, no matter what it is, is peanuts. Heck even a GE Ash Collector would probably cost you that much. You're not paying per line of code, you're paying for the time they spend on you and their past expertise. Since he delivered the script after an hour, it appears to be rushed to you. On the other hand, what took Gastro an hour, might take a beginner scripter several. Like others have said above, it seems like you didn't specify enough. This is the main issue when a client isn't happy with what they got. I'm not sure what image you have of scripters, but you seem to think they're from a poor country and this is their main source of income. Every scripter I've met so far, has a job, family and duties besides dreambot. Scripting is a hobby, we do it for fun. Getting something more out of it is just an extra. (that's my view at least)
    3. Pretty straightforward, steals bananas from Wydin's back room. Requirements: - White apron (in bank or inventory) - Partial completion of Pirate's treasure so you can enter the back room (you need to have smuggled the karamja rum) PLANNED FEATURES: - Add pirates treasure - Grab apron if you don't have one in bank - Add a (profit) counter
    4. Riprekt

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      Do we have a new chat somewhere already? Got questions regarding scripting which would be nice to pick up in a chat. :d
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