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    1. You are correct in saying that both are blocking, but sleepUntil will not block the thread indefinitely (if you don't let it). After the sleepUntil's timeout has elapsed, it will stop sleeping and continue. With your while loop, your script thread will be blocked indefinitely. Say, for example, you click "Open Grand Exchange" just fine but something stops you before you actually get to open it (maybe someone uses a Bond on you or something). With the sleepUntil it will timeout after X amount of time and you will just retry the "Open" interact. With the while loop, you would sit there indefinitely. Overall, I personally think that it is much easier to shoot yourself in the foot and make a script hang when using while loops. Utilizing the built in sleep and sleepUntil methods is safer in my opinion. Leaves less room for error.
    2. You're better off utilizing the returns from the GrandExchange methods. Also, I would heavily discourage using While loops within your scripts unless absolutely necessary. One possible solution could be as follows: if (!GrandExchange.isOpen() && GrandExchange.open()) { MethodProvider.sleepUntil(GrandExchange::isOpen, someSleepTime, somePollingRate); ... return someValue; }
    3. Imagine you manually train an account for 1500 levels, having it be patterned to your human timings, reactions, and way of doing things. Now imagine all of a sudden you are seen using a different client, performing actions unlike how you performed them for 1500 levels prior. Your timings are completely different. And you are taking part in a click-intensive and very boring activity like power-mining iron rocks (on a public script!), to boot. Did you expect Jagex to just forget how you played the game for 1500 levels? Did you expect them not to notice? Did you think they would not compare how you played the game for 1500 levels to how you play the game when you do a highly-botted activity? "Be careful guys" seems rather ignorant here if I'm being honest. It seems as if it was you that was not careful.
    4. Looks like the most recent game update broke the "Disable accept aid" functionality for this script. I've just released a fix for this and it is currently pending SDN approval. The SDN Bot should reply as soon as the fix is out. Please let me know if you find any other issues. Thank you!
    5. Looks like the most recent game update broke the "Disable accept aid" functionality for this script. I've just released a fix for this and it is currently pending SDN approval. The SDN Bot should reply as soon as the fix is out. Please let me know if you find any other issues. Thank you!
    6. Yes, scripts can override the client's set mouse speed.
    7. Even better would be to use the dedicated Walking class. Simply do the following: Walking.walk(yourNPCHere);
    8. Doesn't the Timer class' .formatTime() method do exactly this? Initialize a new Timer in your onStart and then just paint Timer.formatTime()
    9. There is absolutely no way a script can get you banned within 10 minutes of using it. There is just not enough time to form a pattern. Surely you were banned due to another script, or a poor reputation proxy, or any number of other possibilities?
    10. Let me know and I'll be happy to give you a free auth at that time (just so you don't have to re-purchase the script just to test out the bans)
    11. Hey Maxm, I've had a few people suggest a GUI, and I've also had a few people like the fact that there isn't a GUI (for things like creating accounts en masse). If I do consider adding a GUI, I'd definitely make it completely optional. Thanks for the suggestion As for the bans. I wonder if you check back after the twitch prime event, if bans will be a lot lower than what you're currently seeing. My guess is that it would be the case.
    12. I don't think there is a player setting or a varbit for it. Everything I've seen just checks a 30-minute timer after the player has teleported
    13. Hey @maxm! Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, due to the active Twitch Prime Membership promotion, ban rates are going to be significantly higher than they usually are. My recommendation for the time being is to manually complete Tutorial Island, and if you do want to bot Tutorial Island, to do it after the Twitch Prime promotion. Sorry to hear that you got banned! As always, if there is any area for improvement please let me know. Thank you
    14. Wanted to make a small announcement saying that the latest round of "Twitch Prime Membership" has begun. During this period it is very common to see extremely heightened ban rates across all botting activities (and even more so for a Tutorial Island script!). If you are receiving a large number of bans using this script during this time, I would recommend manually completing Tutorial Island instead. There is not much I can do on my end, sadly. That being said, I will see if I can help lessen the bans for the time being. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to forward them my way. Thank you.
    15. Hey @Madzer, all configuration options can be specified by using DreamBot's "quickstart arguments". There is no GUI. You can find more information here: https://dreambot.org/guides/user-guide/quickstart/
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