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    1. I've added many more loot images courtesy of Corey. Please feel free to contact me on Discord (Bon#7654) and try the script free for three hours if you have any questions
    2. bonScouter users have made well over 10 billion GP within the last two months! Please let me know if you have any questions, and please feel free to try out the script if you have your doubts! I've also went ahead and added some more loot pictures to the thread.
    3. bonScouter's Web API and Discord Bot have been updated to show larger equipment icons (proportional to the equipment slots background) in image embeds. Hopefully this makes it easier to discern certain equipment from other equipment. Also added is support for "small embeds". These are image embeds that are about 1/2 the size of a normal image embed - for those looking to scout a large quantity of players without taking up too much Discord channel space. As well as the option to toggle between "light embeds" and "dark embeds", so that you can change the image embed color scheme to your personal preference. I've also changed the "Exclusions List" field from a comma-separated list to a file path input. Simply place the path of your exclusions file in the text field (one name per line) and the bot will do the rest Lastly, the bonScouter GUI has been updated to use tabs instead of one big panel. Hopefully this helps organize things a little better and makes way for more config options in the future. The Discord Bot and Web APIhave been automatically hot-reloaded to reflect these changes. For the GUI changes, the small embeds and light embeds, the script will need to undergo DreamBot's usual approval process, so it may take a little bit longer. Thank you as always for your support
    4. Due to lack of required time/resources needed to maintain bonTutorial, I have decided to stop sales indefinitely. All existing customers will be able to use the script until one month from their most recent purchase date (meaning you will get your full month's worth). I will also still provide support up until the last customer's subscription expires. Thank you everyone for supporting both myself and this script, and I hope to re-open sales soon
    5. Lots of fantastic updates as of late! I've just pushed out another update to include a "maximum combat level" setting (to scout people at or below a certain combat level) and something I'm very proud to announce, settings persistence! Your settings now save across script restarts! Happy scouting! The SDN Bot should reply as soon as the update is approved. Thank you as always!
    6. I have very, very good news for bonScouter! I have just request a re-compile for bonScouter v2.00! This version includes a completely overhauled Discord alerting system that allows you to invite a Discord bot to your server for easy scouting! Simply purchase the script, invite the bot, request an API key, and get to scouting! The Discord bot also sends alerts in the form of an image (no more having to read text embeds!). A preview of the image alerts can be seen below. The SDN Bot should reply as soon as the update is out. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you do happen to purchase the script, please contact me for your API key!
    7. Hey @gg34, sorry for the late reply! Hopping is a feature, yes. You have the option to enable it or disable it. If you choose to enable the hopping option, you can choose which worlds to hop to. Hopefully that answers your question!
    8. I'm almost certain this happens when you purchase VIP. I'm sure one of the admins will give you your rank back as soon as they can.
    9. Hey @z10n, it is very difficult to say given how many factors go into a ban. Some users have made hundreds of accounts without issues, other users have had single accounts be banned. As with anything, it entirely depends on your setup (proxies, IP reputation, how the account was made, etc.). Not to mention that I can only go off of what users tell me. If users don't report bans I cannot know how many users are being banned (if that makes sense). So far, not many users have reported mass bans, but again it's seems to be on a case-by-case basis.
    10. Hey @Azure117, you can use the "Entity.distance()" method. By default it'll compare the entity's distance to your local player. An example can be found below: NPC nearbyNPC = NPCs.closest("NPC Name Here"); if (nearbyNPC != null) { int npcDistance = nearbyNPC.distance(); } For NPCs specifically, you can see the JavaDocs here: https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/interactive/NPCs.html With the general Entity methods being found here: https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/wrappers/interactive/Entity.html
    11. Just pushed out an update to fix an issue where the gender selection was getting stuck when option is already selected. The SDN Bot will reply as soon as the fix is live. Please let me know if you notice any other issues! Thank you.
    12. Added a section for Progress Pictures. "Will #IRS" recently made over 3 billion GP in 2 days using bonScouter! Please feel free to message me any juicy loot you happen to get using the script and I will happily display it
    13. You are correct in saying that both are blocking, but sleepUntil will not block the thread indefinitely (if you don't let it). After the sleepUntil's timeout has elapsed, it will stop sleeping and continue. With your while loop, your script thread will be blocked indefinitely. Say, for example, you click "Open Grand Exchange" just fine but something stops you before you actually get to open it (maybe someone uses a Bond on you or something). With the sleepUntil it will timeout after X amount of time and you will just retry the "Open" interact. With the while loop, you would sit there indefinitely. Overall, I personally think that it is much easier to shoot yourself in the foot and make a script hang when using while loops. Utilizing the built in sleep and sleepUntil methods is safer in my opinion. Leaves less room for error.
    14. You're better off utilizing the returns from the GrandExchange methods. Also, I would heavily discourage using While loops within your scripts unless absolutely necessary. One possible solution could be as follows: if (!GrandExchange.isOpen() && GrandExchange.open()) { MethodProvider.sleepUntil(GrandExchange::isOpen, someSleepTime, somePollingRate); ... return someValue; }
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