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    Progressive F2P Runecrafter


    This script is a progressive runecrafting script for F2P that allows you to train runecrafting without the hassle of training it by hand.

    All you have to do is click the start button and the script will handle the rest.



    • Supports crafting runes at 4 different altars
    • Automatically buys and wears the tiara required for the current altar it's training at
    • Fully progressive, just click the start button and enjoy the runecrafting levels
    • Sleek paint that displays visually the progress on the account
    • Restocks on essence when there is none left in the bank
    • Stops when out of gold

    Planned Features:

    • Mining essence as an option instead of purchasing it
    • Completing required quests for mining essence
    • GUI
    • Being able to setup runners to run essence to your crafters


    Have something you want added that isn't planned or currently available? Let me know!



    I would also like to thank smile for the wonderful paint :)


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    2 hours ago, Tsubasa said:

    Congrats on release! ill test it out and let you know if any bugs/bans or stuff i see that can be improved. I babysit all my bots while i do other things :)

    Please let me know!

    And thanks :)


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    On 7/30/2021 at 9:32 AM, master0420 said:

    banned instantly. improve algorithm its to bot like. make them do odd things from time to time. 

    What do you mean instantly?

    Like right when you started the script?

    Its a free script, antiban wont do anything :(

    And its runecrafting, a skill with high banrates already


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    hey well you could add a few little things to help the proceess aalong like a few things that are more human like random times were they will make mistakes clicking or clickiong the maps in diffrent ways not always following the exact same steps and mouse movments?

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    • 3 weeks later...
    22 hours ago, pak0 said:

    i got a issue when i make fire runes. it stays on de same space in de temple and does not make the pure in to fire rune.

    any errors in the log

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