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    Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce a new Tutorial Island script for DreamBot, bonTutorial.

    This script completes Tutorial Island and comes equipped with randomized character customization, name selection, and much more!
    My goal for this script is to provide the most reliable Tutorial Island script on the market with the least number of bans.
    Current completion times for Tutorial Island are ~8 minutes with anti-ban and ~6 minutes without anti-ban.


    • Completes Tutorial Island, including all of the following parts:
      • Account Guide
      • Brother Brace
      • Combat Instructor
      • Gielinor Guide
      • Iron Man Tutor
        • If creating an Iron Man account
      • Magic Instructor
      • Master Chef
      • Mining Instructor
      • Quest Guide
      • Survival Expert
    • Highly configurable:
      • Mute game audio
      • Enable shift drop
      • Set account experience (for Adventure Paths)
      • Set account gender
      • Set account type (Iron Man, Hardcore Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man
      • Specify an area that your player should walk to after completing Tutorial Island
      • Enable Resizable Mode
      • Enable the "Press Escape to Close Open Menu" option
    • Randomized character gender, design, and color
    • Realistic account name generation
      • With nearly 5 million different generated names 
      • Option to default to using a suggested name if the generated name is taken
    • Human-like anti-ban:
      • Log-normal distribution interaction timings (with idles), unique to each player
      • Fail safes (never get stuck!)
      • Randomized player experience setting (if one isn't specified)
      • Randomized object interaction:
        • Fish at a random finishing spot
        • Chop a random tree
        • Light fires in a randomized fashion
        • Create dough in a randomized fashion
        • Mine a random tin rock
        • Mine a random copper rock
        • Smelt ore in a randomized fashion
        • Smith at a random anvil
        • Equip your sword and shield in a randomized fashion
        • Equip your bow and arrows in a randomized fashion
        • Access a random bank booth
        • Randomize bank depositing
    • QuickStart support:
      • exitOnFinish - This will close the client after the account has finished Tutorial Island (suggested by @Fearsyy)
      • stayLoggedIn - This will keep the player logged in, but still stop the script when Tutorial Island is finished
      • quickComplete - This will disable most anti-ban and complete Tutorial Island much quicker
        • Note that enabling this setting may significantly increase ban rates!
      • muteAudio - This will make your player mute all in-game audio
      • shiftDrop - This will make your player enable the Shift-Dropping setting
      • accountExp - This will allow you to set your account's experience
      • gender - This will allow you to set a specified gender for your character
      • accountType - This will allow you to set your account as an Iron Man, and specify which type of Iron Man
        • Note that this requires a bank pin to be set on the account!
      • endArea - Specify an area that your player should walk to after completing Tutorial Island
      • nameFallback - In the event that a randomly generated name is taken, choose a suggested name instead of generating another name
      • resizableMode - Sets the current client view mode to "Resizable Mode - Modern"
      • escapeClose - Enables the "Press Escape to Close Open Menu" option
    • Tutorial Island completion tracker
    • Simple and easy-to-understand paint

    Try & Buy


    1065615540_TryFree.png.e7702cf83e4094721c6568cb8cb34166.png 1819363607_PurchaseScript.png.b66ea40f5d6904760bf4271292651d62.png

    Preview Video (with all anti-ban measures enabled)



    Preview Images






    Quickstart Information

    javaw -jar "PATH\TO\YOUR\CLIENT.JAR\HERE" -script "bonTutorial" -accountUsername "[email protected]" -accountPassword "ACCOUNTPASSWORDHERE"
    You can also add the following quickstart arguments to modify the behavior of the script/client:
    -covert (to enable Covert Mode)
    -proxy "PROXY NAME HERE" (to use a specified proxy)
    -fps (to limit the client's FPS)
    -params exitOnFinish (to exit the client upon the script finishing)
    -params stayLoggedIn (to stay logged in after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params quickComplete (removes most anti-ban and completes Tutorial Island much faster)
    -params muteAudio (mutes all audio)
    -params shiftDrop (enables shift-dropping)
    -params accountExp=New (set your character as a "New" player)
    -params accountExp=Med (set your character as a "Med" player)
    -params accountExp=Old (set your character as a "Old" player)
    -params gender=Male (set yourself as a Male character)
    -params gender=Female (set yourself as a Female character)
    -params accountType=IM (set yourself as an "Iron Man" character)
    -params accountType=HCIM (set yourself as a "Hardcore Iron Man" character)
    -params accountType=UIM (set yourself as an "Ultimate Iron Man" character)
    -params endArea=GrandExchange (make your player walk to the Grand Exchange after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=VarrockWest (make your player walk to the Varrock West Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=VarrockEast (make your player walk to the Varrock East Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=LumbridgeBank (make your player walk to the Lumbridge Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=FaladorWest (make your player walk to the Falador West Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=FaladorEast (make your player walk to the Falador East Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=AlKharid (make your player walk to the Al Kharid Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=DraynorVillage (make your player walk to the Draynor Village Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params endArea=Edgeville (make your player walk to the Edgeville Bank after completing Tutorial Island)
    -params nameFallback (in the event that a generated name is taken, choose a suggested name instead of generating another name)
    -params resizableMode (sets the current client view mode to "Resizable Mode - Modern")
    -params escapeClose (enables the "Press Escape to Close Open Menu" option)
    Note that "-params" can be chained, like so:
    -params stayLoggedIn quickComplete muteAudio shiftDrop accountExp=Old gender=Female endArea=Edgeville resizableMode escapeClose
    Note that for the "accountType" parameter, accounts require a bank pin. To add a bank pin to the quickstart, simply specify the pin using the "-accountPin" quickstart parameter or specify an account with a pin in the account manager.

    NOTE: The "-params" quickstart parameter must always be the last parameter (as per DreamBot specifications)

    More parameters can be found here: https://dreambot.org/guides/user-guide/quickstart/



    Version 2.05 - Fixed issue with the gender selection getting stuck when option is already selected

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.04
    • fix: gender selection getting stuck when option is already selected

    Version 2.04 - Fixed issue with Master Chef interact after a client mis-click

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.04
    • fix: add failsafe for Master Chef mis-click

    Version 2.03 - Added resizableMode and escapeClose quickstart parameters. Fixed issue with the completion percentage showing when Tutorial Island is completed. The "muteSound" quickstart parameter has been renamed to "muteAudio".

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.03
    • feat: add logs to settings args
    • refactor: update settings menu closing
    • refactor: modify quickstart args list
    • refactor: rename muteSound to muteAudio
    • feat: add escapeClose quickstart arg
    • feat: add resizableMode quickstart arg
    • fix: hide completion percent when tut is completed

    Version 2.02 - Added name re-generation and nameFallback quickstart parameter.

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.02
    • feat: add name re-generation
    • feat: add nameFallback quickstart parameter

    Version 2.01 - Fixed audio muting due to recent widget changes. Made code more robust to be more resilient to future changes.

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.01
    • fix: audio muting

    Version 2.00 - Performed a complete overhaul of nearly all of the existing code (essentially re-wrote the entire script). Adding a lot of bug fixes and logs (to aid with debugging).

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v2.00
    • fix: bugs from overhaul
    • refactor: overhaul survival expert section
    • refactor: overhaul setup section
    • refactor: overhaul quest guide section
    • refactor: overhaul master chef section
    • refactor: overhaul magic instructor section
    • refactor: overhaul iron man tutor section
    • refactor: overhaul gielinor guide section
    • refactor: overhaul combat instruction section
    • refactor: overhaul brother brace section
    • refactor: overhaul account guide section
    • refactor: overhaul mining instructor section
    • fix: multiple interacts with various gameobjects

    Version 1.19 - Completely overhauled the character selection code, and made it more randomized. Also made the fire lighting check more robust.

    • chore: update script to v1.19
    • fix: make fire lighting check more robust
    • refactor: completely overhaul character selection

    Version 1.18 - Fixed rare NPE during firemaking

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v1.18
    • fix: rare NPE when firemaking

    Version 1.17 - Significantly improved completion times, as well as fixed various edge cases and improved the overall robustness of the script.

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v1.17
    • fix: fire lighting check
    • refactor: add processing check to dialogue handling
    • refactor: remove debugging from interaction changes
    • fix: rare NPE when lighting fires
    • feat: improve dialogue handling
    • refactor: increase randomness of name generation

    Version 1.16 - Various bug fixes, improved the handling of various edge cases, and made some script checks more robust. Also updated various widgets as a result of the recent client changes.

    • chore: update bonTutorial to v1.16
    • refactor: make fire lighting checks more robust
    • feat: handle combat instructor talking edge case
    • refactor: make spell casting area less error-prone
    • feat: add support for mining edge case
    • refactor: update progress bar child widget ID

    Version 1.15 - Various tweaks to increase "quality of life" and script randomization.

    • chore: update bonTutorial to version v1.15
    • refactor: update magic instructor casting area
    • refactor: remove keyboard and mouse speed overrides
    • refactor: decrease "long complete" mouse speed
    • feat: add more randomization to name generation
    • refactor: increase character selection speed
    • refactor: update short sleep timing for long complete

    Version 1.14 - Added an "endArea" quickstart parameter so that users can specify an area to walk to after completing Tutorial Island.

    • chore: update version to v1.14
    • feat: add endArea quickstart parameter

    Version 1.13 - Added an "accountType" quickstart parameter so that users can specify if they'd like to be an Iron Man, and which type of Iron Man they'd like to be.

    • chore: update version to v1.13
    • refactor: remove branch/leaf display
    • feat: add accountType quickstart parameter

    Version 1.12 - Added a "gender" quickstart parameter so that users can specify which gender they'd like for their characters.

    • chore: update version to v1.12
    • feat: add gender quickstart parameter

    Version 1.11 - Surprise! Version number reset because I don't know how numbers work! I've added another quickstart parameter for account experience in this update.

    • chore: update version to v1.11
    • feat: add account experience quickstart parameter

    Version 1.91 - Quest Guide failsafe implemented. In this hotfix I've added a new failsafe for when the DreamBot client mis-clicks on the Quest Guide's door. This would cause users to walk outside and not be able to reach the Quest Guide.

    • chore: update version to v1.91
    • chore: update script description
    • fix: failsafe for quest guide door mis-clicking

    Version 1.9 - More QuickStart arguments! In this update I've added "quickComplete", "muteSound", and "shiftDrop" as quickstart parameters. More information on these parameters can be found above.

    • chore: update version to v1.9
    • fix: double notification for script ending
    • feat: add shiftDrop quickstart parameter
    • feat: add muteSound quickstart parameter
    • refactor: argument parsing
    • feat: increase keyboard words-per-minute for quickComplete quickstart
    • feat: add quickComplete quickstart parameter
    • fix: improve spell casting area check

    Version 1.8 - The "QuickStart" update. In this update, I've added the first of many quickstart arguments (or parameters) to the script.

    • chore: update version to v1.8
    • chore: update script preview images
    • feat: add stayLoggedIn paint
    • feat: add stayLoggedIn quickstart parameter
    • refactor: bonTutorial paint
    • feat: add exitOnFinish paint
    • feat: add exitOnFinish quickstart parameter

    Version 1.7 - The "More Randomness" update. I've went ahead and added a few more randomizations to the script. Things like the order items are equipped, and the order that items are used. This is done in an effort to keep ban rates as low as possible.

    • chore: update version to v1.7
    • feat: increase randomness of name generation
    • feat: randomize bronze smelting
    • feat: randomize log lighting order
    • fix: walking to Quest Guides house timing
    • feat: randomize if player should deposit items into bank
    • feat: randomize bow and arrows equipping
    • feat: randomize sword and shield equipping
    • feat: randomize flour and water combo 

    Version 1.6 - The "Real Name" update. No more are the days of "85 frog192"! In this update, I've added realistic name generation that should (hopefully) help make you appear more like a real player. If by some chance the randomly generated name is already taken, the script will default to using one of the suggested names.

    • chore: update version to v1.6
    • feat: add realistic name generation
    • fix: misclicking on quest guide stairs
    • fix: sporadic movements when lighting fire

    Version 1.51 (Hotfix) - Fixes the name selection interface after a recent game update modified the layout of the interface.

    • chore: update version to v1.51
    • fix: name selection after recent game update

    Version 1.5 - The "Anti-Ban" update. This update increases completion times, but adds a myriad of different randomizations to player choices, hopefully improving ban rates. In this update also comes log-normal distribution interaction timings that are unique to each player. The muting functionality has been removed to help prevent profiling (sorry!)

    • chore: update version to v1.5
    • fix: improve fragility of tin and copper mining
    • fix: make spell casting less fragile
    • fix: player settings menu opening
    • refactor: make equipment tab opening less fragile
    • refactor: make fire lighting less fragile
    • refactor: make random tree filtering more strict
    • refactor: remove audio muting
    • refactor: select random anvil
    • refactor: select random bank booth
    • refactor: reduce number of character customization clicks
    • refactor: change closest copper rock to random copper rock
    • refactor: change closest tin rock to random tin rock
    • refactor: change closest fishing spot to random fishing spot
    • refactor: change closest tree to random tree
    • fix: remove equipment tab hovering
    • refactor: make player experience setting random
    • refactor: character customization click count
    • refactor: mouse speed and typing speed randomization
    • fix: interaction "busy" timing
    • fix: closing the poll booth
    • fix: left-right randomness on character customization
    • refactor: update interaction timings to use log-normal distributions

    Version 1.4 - This version includes many fixes for bot-like interactions (stopping while walking, double-clicking on NPCs/Objects, etc.)

    • chore: update version to v1.4
    • fix: double-clicking on Name components
    • fix: double-clicking on Survival Expert
    • fix: stopping while walking to Quest Guide
    • fix: double-clicking on Poll Booth
    • refactor: open Quest Tab into new leaf
    • fix: double-clicking on Anvil
    • refactor: Brother Brace leaf structure
    • fix: double-clicking on Bank Booths
    • refactor: talking to Brother Brace into its own handler
    • fix: misclicking on Equipment Stats
    • fix: double-clicking on Quest Guide door
    • fix: cannot reach dialogue when attacking rats
    • fix: double-clicking on Bread Dough
    • fix: double-clicking on Gielinor Guide door
    • fix: Sword and Shield equipping
    • fix: Prayer and Friends tab hovering
    • fix: make tab interactions more robust

    Version 1.3 - This version comes with a completely overhauled interaction system, meaning faster and less error-prone interactions. You should see completion times decrease by roughly 3 minutes (down from 10 minutes to 7 minutes).

    • chore: update version to v1.3
    • fix: buggy interactions with NPCs/Objects
    • refactor: remove WindMouse (resulted in some misclicks and odd interactions with NPCs)
    • refactor: code cleanup
    • feat: completely overhaul interaction and movement

    Version 1.2 - This version comes with less task fragility, more robust path-finding, audio muting, and more human-like behaviors.

    • chore: update version to v1.2
    • refactor: code cleanup
    • fix: bank booth getting stuck when not on screen
    • fix: rat re-attacking issue
    • fix: walking destination stuttering at quest guide
    • fix: mouse hovering issue on setName
    • fix: add visibiltiy check to audio removal
    • fix: remove gender customization for males
    • fix: remove Jaw customization from females
    • fix: make OpenBankLeaf less error-prone
    • fix: make ClimUpLadderLeaf less error-prone
    • feat: add new custom WebNodes to underground and bank areas
    • feat: add WindMouse (courtesy of @holic)
    • feat: add audio muting

    Version 1.1

    • feat: modify script info colors

    Version 1.0

    • feat: add script to SDN

    Current Version: v2.05

    Script Support

    For support with this script, or any of my other scripts, please feel free to join my Discord server below!


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    On 4/12/2021 at 3:56 AM, Zawy said:

    Very nice release @Bonfire

    Thank you 👉👈🥺

    On 4/12/2021 at 2:58 PM, Hashtag said:

    Looks dope, nice work 🙂

    Thanks Hashtag 😁

    8 hours ago, purepanic said:

    Pretty nice, great work

    Appreciate the kind words! Thank you 😄

    2 hours ago, notafraid90 said:

    Grats on release!

    Thank you! 😊

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    Script has been updated to version v1.4! This version includes many fixes for bot-like interactions (stopping while walking, double-clicking on NPCs/Objects, etc.) and decrease overall script fragility. As always, if you find any issues please report them through DreamBot's "Report Issue" feature in the client Script Manager.

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