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    1. Not having any luck with the program. Only error 15's so far. When I try making an account normally I can so I don't think it's my IP or chrome. Any ideas?
    2. I did both in my Swing invokeLater and in the DreamFrame constuctor. I also made sure its before setting it visible. I don't understand.
    3. I'm getting two headers! What am I missing?
    4. I downloaded the code but I'm struggling to get it to run. Any help?
    5. First off, I'm so impressed by the depth of this script. As someone who just started looking into making scripts this amazes me beyond belief. And its Free! (for now) Question about the muling on this script: If I want my mule to be relatively safe and not really botted, how can I go about doing that in the settings? I want my mule to basically only login to collect gold and not risk the account by doing that many tasks. Thanks!
    6. Hello Everyone, I have run into some trouble when trying to use breaks. When I go into settings, the break section is grayed out. My photo app, gyazo, won't recognize it as a window, and doesn't show it, but I don't know what to do. Are breaks a special privilege? Thanks, Peter R
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