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    1. Figured it out, hotfix will be live in a minute, you'll need to run the launcher for a fix
    2. Yeah that was the temporary fix, looking at it now.
    3. @Zawy can probably help with that
    4. Refunded all of those (bought <24h ago and under usage limits), in the future please note that being banned isn't a valid reason for a refund and also please use the template. Thanks!
    5. Temporary hotfix is live, it appears to fix that specific object, will need to look deeper into what's causing it.
    6. Glad to hear it's working As to your new issue, we only kill the script thread, not any extra that are spawned by the script itself so you'd need to manually clean those up in the onExit of your script. I'm not sure about the library in question but surely it has some methods to close/cleanup/dispose to stop listening, hope that helps!
    7. It's more likely that a script error caused the script to act strangely, repeating the same thing over and over or failing to do something repeatedly.
    8. As stated in the store terms you accept when you purchase anything, being banned isn't a valid reason as you're breaking the game's rules by using it so there's always a chance of that happening. If you purchase a knife from a store you couldn't get a refund for being arrested for cutting someone with it. Banned and refunded as fraudulent for threatening an illegitimate chargeback.
    9. Gotcha then it's most likely a loading issue, it should be printing an error in the console (CTRL+L or press the message in the bottom left of the client) when you open the script manager. Most likely you aren't including the dependencies in your final output artifact.
    10. In order for the client to recognize it as a script that can run, one class must extend AbstractScript and have a ScriptManifest annotation
    11. I'm not seeing any unusual client logins for you account, sometimes that happens if your network loses connection for too long or if you just restarted a client.
    12. Hello everyone! A new version of DreamBot is now live! Changes: Update fixes Fixed NPC Definition loading Fixed small error in other definition loadings Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself! Thanks, The Dream Team
    13. Refunded that and cancelled the renewals on it, your Sub Slayer renewal will be in a couple weeks or so also so if you'd like to cancel that one you can do so here: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/clients/purchases/ Click "Manage" on the purchase, then use the "Remove Renewals" button/link. Thanks!
    14. Something must be blocking your connection on your end, as everything is fine on our end. If it's not AV or a firewall, I'm not really sure what it could be
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