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    1. Those are some debug messages that I left in by mistake, I'll remove those and push out a hotfix now, sorry about that! Edit: That is live, run the launcher and it'll update
    2. Hey there, the proxy must be of the SOCKS type, not HTTP(S).
    3. Thanks for the suggestion for -json
    4. Hello everyone! A new version of DreamBot is now live! Changes: Welcome Back URL will always be blocked regardless of user input setting Added QuickStart arg "-json <path>" for loading QuickStart args from a JSON formatted file Note: If you use this arg it will completely ignore any other args passed to the client The config file simply uses each key as the param name (-fps 33 would be translated to "fps": 33) for all args with these exceptions: Script params MUST be an array, with a string for each param (considered a space in the CLI) to make sure it's compatible with the CLI version Example: CLI: -params a b c JSON: "params": ["a", "b", "c"] Any flags (QuickStart args without a parameter like -minimized, -fresh, etc.) MUST be included with the dash in an array with the key "flags" Example: CLI: -minimized -fresh -destroy JSON: "flags": ["-minimized", "-fresh", "-destroy"] A full example of your JSON config file might look like this: { "account": "Account Name", "flags": ["-minimized"], "fps": 30, "world": 301, "script": "Script Name", "params": ["a", "b", "c"] } Note: If the param doesn't work with some primitive type (like a number) you can instead make it into a string as that'll work exactly the same as the CLI version. Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself! Thanks, The Dream Team
    5. Appeal approved. Your account will have a temporary Trade With Caution rank, and if there are no incidents in that time it'll be removed after 30 days. Welcome back.
    6. We believe the messages sent via the Babble chat started around 5 days ago, although it's possible they started a couple days before and were just unnoticed. Again the underlying exploit allowed someone to try and start a download of a file, and a rogue user was sending a file called "DBLauncher.jar" to make people think it was our actual launcher. This exploit did not automatically download this file (or any other file), it just popped up the prompt in your browser acting like you clicked a link to download it. Our actual download links were fine, and none of our systems were affected at all, this was just a person to person exploit through the Babble chat messages.
    7. @Mank Could you please provide a screenshot of the GUI as you see it so I can confirm it's not functional? @SubCZ Have you experienced this or heard reports like this before?
    8. Update: If you have any "DBLauncher.jar" files downloaded that don't match the latest version's hash (https://dreambot.org/guides/download/) to be on the safe side you should delete them, restart your computer, then run a virus scan and download the DBLauncher from our site. Please note that the fake DBLauncher.jar did not actually act as our real launcher (it wouldn't look the same or actually launch the clients), so if your version actually functions it's most likely safe. If you accepted the uninitiated download popup then actually ran the fake DBLauncher.jar, please delete it immediately and follow the steps above to protect your computer. You can only find the official DreamBot launcher / client from our site (https://dreambot.org), NEVER download it from a third party file hosting site (like gofile / mega)!
    9. Hello everyone! A new version of DreamBot is now live! Changes: QuickStart improved and refactored Note: If any QuickStart options aren't working as they used to, please let us know so we can fix it. QuickStart has been improved vastly to help make using it a bit easier as well as more correct: The client will now exit if you provide any invalid arguments or missing required arguments The client will now show helpful usage info with the -help option (or any invalid argument) The client will also give suggestions if you misspell an argument: Unknown option: '-user' Possible solutions: -username, -userhome Added -minimized QuickStart option Added -world f2p/members options Improved -destroy QuickStart option to close the client on additional connection failures Randomized starting worlds will now ignore special worlds MPORTANT NOTE: Older versions of the launcher (6 months+) may no longer work or fail to update the client! If you're having any trouble at all, please try downloading the latest version from the top menu before reporting a bug. Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself! Thanks, The Dream Team
    10. Hey there, you need to open the bank before trying to withdraw/deposit items. You can do so with Bank.open() or Bank.openClosest().
    11. Yeah that was via Discord, I didn't realize he opened a thread also. Handled
    12. I replied to your other topic, and will lock this one as it's a duplicate:
    13. Hey there! Can you try logging into the client again by opening the Settings button (bottom right icon on the client), then go to the Help tab at the top, and press the "Client Login" button. You might be on another account or something, I'm not sure. After logging in again, open the script manager again and press the refresh button as they should show up Hope that helps!
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