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    1. good friend scrip sub zulrah you have


    2. Hey there, Being banned isn't a valid reason for a refund per our Refund Policy: Sorry about that!
    3. Pandemic

      [FREE] GE Alcher

      Released and promoted, congrats!
    4. Fixed that, you should have a full 30 days from now. The auto renew is enabled and will come out of your credit or any attached cards if not canceled first
    5. Hey there, I've refunded the Sub Quester - Advanced purchase but you have too much runtime on the Account Builder to still be eligible for a refund on that one. Sorry about that, you still have access to the script for the remainder of your purchase and I see you've already removed renewals so you won't be charged again.
    6. Hey there I've refunded the latest VIP renewal. Thanks!
    7. Hello everyone! A new version of DreamBot is now live! Changes: Fixed NPC#getSize sometimes returning -1 Added NPC#getSize to Game Explorer Added Area#getBoundaryPoints Changed FairyRingWebNode's requirements to allow for mid-quest use Allow WebFinder#calculate to not require a starting web node if teleports are available Added quest requirements to Watchtower and Trollheim teleports Added quest requirement to Corsair Cove BankLocation Fixed WebFinder#calculate returning suboptimal paths with teleports Added AbstractWebNode#getWeight/setWeight and weighted some default nodes in dangerous areas Just a reminder that all injectables features are currently in beta testing and as such are VIP+ features only. You can find information on the injectables here. Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself! Thanks, The Dream Team
    8. Can you help me get the client working? ive tried everything possible and still not getting anything

      1. runfromme


        I have the same problem. 

      2. Daviduramax


        did u figure it out yet?

    9. Hey there, unfortunately you've used the script for about 99 hours which is well above our eligibility limit of 6 hours for script refunds. You should work with the script writer and send them your concerns so they can improve it. Sorry about that!
    10. Refunded that and hid the script from the store. @Bunnybun please take a look at this script and make sure it's working, I think this is the second refund in 24 hours.
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