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  • [FREE] bonIdler 🔥 AFK for hours on end!


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    "AFK for hours on end!"



    Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce my second free script for DreamBot, bonIdler.

    This script attempts to idle and keep itself logged into the game for as long as you'd like to run the script. Start the script to idle. Stop the script to stop idling. It's that simple. Perfect for meeting the 20-hour trade restriction requirement for newly created Free-to-Play accounts!


    • Keeps the player logged in
    • Comes equipped with log-normal distribution randomization to have very realistic interaction timings that are unique to each player
      • This allows the player to very rarely logout due to being too idle. This is done on purpose to appear more human-like, as humans cannot be logged in 100% of the time
    • Performs a variety of human-like actions to keep itself logged in, including:
      • Panning the camera
      • Clicking on random tabs
      • Pressing keyboard keys
      • Hovering over random skills
    • Prevents common failure states by doing the following:
      • Closing dialogues
      • Closing widgets
      • Turning off "Accept Aid" (to prevent Tele-Other)
      • Handling and accepting OldSchool Bonds that are offered to the player 😛
    • Moves the mouse off-screen to simulate the user having the game out of focus
    • Logs the total idling time to the console when the script has been stopped




    Shown is an account fresh off of tutorial island that was able to idle for 28 hours straight (well over the 20 hour requirement).


    The same account idling for 40 hours straight


    Account age when checking with Hans



    One example of the log-normal distributions used to determine how often a user should perform an action (how long to idle for before resetting the idle timer).


    One example of the log-normal distributions to determine player interaction duration. This is unique to each player and will persist between restarts.



    Version 1.03 - Fixed disabling accept aid

    • chore: update script to v1.03
    • fix: disabling accept aid as a result of recent game updates

    Version 1.02 - Fixed the widgets revolving around disabling accept aid.

    • chore: update script to v1.02
    • fix: update widgets for disabling aid

    Version 1.01 - Version reset due to public release. Fixed a bug with the idle reactions. Nothing you should notice on your end.

    • chore: update script to v1.01
    • fix: disable accept aid reaction

    Version 1.0

    • feat: add script to SDN

    Current Version: v1.03

    User Reviews

    Here's what some of bonIdler's users have to say about the script:


    "I saw reviews on the forums and on this discord and thought LOL they must be trolling, but my cripling depression woke me up at night, some voice in my head, probably yeeter, kept whispering and my hand, as if pushed by magic, added BonIdler to my script selector. I took one last giant swig of air into my depressed as fuck sack of lungs and hit run. I am now a multimillionair living the life I’ve always wanted to live." - @Articron

    "after I ran bonIdler for just 1 hour, I stopped getting dumb messages asking me how to run the client. ty bonidle man" - @Dreamlicker

    "It idles..." - Castro

    "I've idled so many accounts bro and some even idled for up to 48 hrs because I forgot about those ones but yah bro bonIdler one of the best scripts you will love it trust me. BonIdler helped me save 15 percent on my car insurance 🙏" - Bits

    "Literally increase your chance of getting laid to 100% by using BonIdler for 10m a night. Results may vary." - HOsfad

    "Nothing beats bonIdler" - @Elliott1

    "If you notice increased symptoms of depression after starting bonidler please stop taking it and call your doctor." - Kittyrgnarok

    "bonIdler doesn't telegrab my white berries 😠" - @brave

    "Why BonIdler stop at level 99?" - Proto

    "Only fool proof way to make money is with Bonidler" - @yeeter01

    "Bonidler cured my ED. 10/10 would recommend!" - Katana

    "everyone on rs is using bonIdler all the time. bonIdler is the only reason I have 27 maxed accounts. I used bonIdler to teach a bunch of noobs to pass the S+ test" - @Pandemic

    "if you start using bon idler you might be able to retire this year" - @RetroBot

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Banned on every account.

    Edit: With further testing, I'd like to retract this statement. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Great script.

    Edited by InstaBan
    Negligence on my own behalf.
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    3 hours ago, InstaBan said:

    Banned on every account.

    Hey! Sorry to hear that you got banned on every account you used. Is this the only script you ran on those accounts? Was tutorial island botted on the accounts? Were the accounts on a home IP, VPN, proxy, etc.? Any information you can give me I can use to help make the script better.

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    I've had no issue with this! Super helpful for getting account times up.


    Suggested future optional features:

    • Disable game sounds
    • Walk to GE
    • Option to enable resizable mode
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    • 1 month later...

    is the script broken?

    Just clicks the wrench then continues to get logged out for not doing anything and logging back in and repeats. thought it was supposed to move camera and do something to prevent getting logged out over and over again

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    5 minutes ago, KoolKidzKlub said:

    is the script broken?

    Just clicks the wrench then continues to get logged out for not doing anything and logging back in and repeats. thought it was supposed to move camera and do something to prevent getting logged out over and over again

    Looking at its usage statistics, I'd wager to say it is not broken. The script will rarely let itself log out. This is done to appear more human-like, as a human is not perfect at keeping itself logged in. If you are seeing it log out very frequently, then it is possible that there is an issue, though I have not received any similar reports.

    As for the wrench, the bot will automatically disable Accept Aid, to prevent others from messing with it.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

    Edited by Bonfire
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    • Bonfire changed the title to [FREE] bonIdler 🔥 AFK for hours on end!

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