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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. I already have enough windows up I'd really prefer not to have another... especially with some of the windows that are pinned to the top, this becomes a major annoyance when alt tabbing a lot.
  2. I use both Jenkins and Docker at work. I fucking hate Jenkins with a passion and don't see why it would be useful for botting. I have played with Docker a bit for botting and plan on experimenting with it more this winter once work slows down and if everything checks out migrating to it fully. If you have any questions feel free to hmu dude!
  3. yeeter01


    Thanks hash
  4. I would highly suggest reaching out to someone under the "private script shops" subsection of the forum. Those are the only people on Dreambot who have passed some set standardization testing to prove there quality. You can see the shops here -> https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/ I personally recommend @Nex and @Zawy Anyone else who randomly DMs you saying that can complete your order you would just be gambling on the completion/if its a scam. Be sure to do your research before handing anyone money!!!
  5. I agree on the YouTube channel. Something like that sould be rather nice feature. Chatbox wise idk if there is anything better than Babble.... Proggies comp - could easily be cheated so you'd need to figure out a shared framework or system for scripts to use that relay data back. Could still be cheated tho. (Not saying anyone would but at the end of the day we are on a forum full of people cheating on a video game so wouldn't be out of line imo for them to cheat in a video game cheating competition). Post count - sounds like hell to moderate and would up the low quality post count stupid amounts. Ex nothing would prevent someone requesting a trail for every script to farm post count. More mods - if it was more active I'd say yeah but most mods are on speed dial. Usually I just @ my boi @depwession and he shows up does his thing then dabs out. Abandoned cart - I could see this being kinda cool. Just make it an unsubscribable option. Give away system - would require more active people I think and probably be more work on staffs end. I'd donate tho. As for the last part Uuuhhhh.. While I like to help people idk if I'd want to be the go to guy for that, would depend what all was required. I also have staff app sitting already so if they needed me they'ed lmk(probably?). Most of the time helping new comers is either hand holding how to install Java 8 or crushing their dreams of being the worlds best botter in under an hour and 0$ (in as polite as possible way).
  6. yeeter01


    YEETSpammer Features Simple user interface with dark theme Variable wait time between each message Variable time between each spam Screenshot(s) Bug Reports If you find any issues with this script please post in this thread or reach out to me via Discord (can be found on my profile). I will fix them as soon as I get a chance! Please be sure to provide any errors thrown in the debugger so I can easily figure out how to replicate your errors!
  7. How much you want for the source code 😃 clearly it can't be worth all that much if you keep getting banned but I'll gladly pay for them to prove a point if your charge a reasonable amount after the fact your clearly said they pick up frequent bans. Nah I'm saying DreamBot feeds accounts to my OSBot farm. My OSBot farm cant scale anymore. So scaling on DreamBot at the moment just results in stagnate accounts.
  8. I could easily scale it past 2 accounts slots I just have no reason with how my farm operates. I dont need that amount of accounts sitting waiting to be used in my main farm. My bad for not giving more details on the usage their. If you feel so confident in your scripts and are on your way out you should open source them for review 😃 I'd be more than glad to verify they claims you make of it being a top quality bot. If everyone knew how to avoid Jagex detection botting would then be dead since no one would get banned. Bans are the skill check for botters weeding out the people who can't find their niche or a way around their detection.
  9. Botting while it isn't getting better is far from dead. It's a prime example of the resourceful will find a way. As for your bad experience botting using free scripts expecting no bans is a solid meme. I am uncertain of your programming skills but from the sounds of it you followed some old tutorials and guides followed by hundreds if not thousands of others most likely botting super common and high ban rate task, changed up some timings and added some low quality meme anti-ban (right click inspect tier trash). Let's not forget most guides/tutorials are for commonly botted methods such as woodcutting, mining, cow killing etc all of which have higher ban rates generally. Name of the game is thinking outside the box. My small farm running on DB has ran for 4 months alternating accounts with the 2 free slots and only resulted in 1 ban and several locks across a large number of accounts(400+). While my other larger farm running on a different client does have more bans I am still easily turning a profit. Just because YOU failed to achieve your goal doesn't mean botting is dead it means you failed achieving your goal and your dream of botting is dead not everyone else's.
  10. OwO what's this?!?! What payment methods do you accept?
  11. Google and run something called JarFix that fixes it for most people. If the problem persist feel free to hmu on Discord and I can take a loot at it for you (discord info on my profile).
  12. use the template here in order to request a refund ->
  13. Well edit and add those two points, thanks guys
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