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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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  1. Requested my account be banned in order to focus more on my business.  See thread linked below.


  2. Thought I would make this post encase people question what happened to me. TLDR: Helping people for free takes a lot of spare time that I should be spending making money to fund my company or working on my product. I am no longer growing knowledge wise, community wise, or business wise. I have stagnated and need to move on. So yeah I asked @Hashtag to ban my account, I DID NOT break any forum rules or scam anyone. I am currently working on starting another company. After scaling my last one down due to lack of growth this new one has seen a lot of interest so far and I now am paying people to help me work on it. I have offered help, and written many guides on Dreambot and other bot forums over the last couple of years because it was something I enjoyed to do! When random skids would enter my DMs asking questions I enjoyed teaching them even tho 98.5% of them never got past a simple tree cutter script. The few that did make it further into scripting / botting it was amazing to watch them grow and the succeed. Overall being part of this forum has been a blast. During this time I justified all of the free help and time I invested as giving back to the community in a since funded by my private scripting. That source of income has dried up considerably for me recently, and my recent failure at S+ (again) meant it wasn't going to get any better anytime soon. This quickly broke down from being some side income I could invest back into my company into, "fuck I wasted 4 hours debugging some dudes code instead of working on my own shit". 110% my fault for the trash time management skills. I figure the best way to prevent this is to focus on my new contracting job and growing my company. In order to do this I decided to request my account be banned to avoid further procrastination (big brained as fuck fuck right?). Who knows this might be the drug I can't stop being addicted to or hell DB3 might drop and I come crawling back. Overall Dreambot has some of the best staff members in the scene even tho DB2 sometimes needs a good beating with a baseball bat. Big thanks to @Nuclear Nezz, @Xephy, and @Hashtag for being some great staff (The rest of you I barely talked to nothing personal). My Discord information will still be the same as whatever is in my profile if you need me. You can also contact @depwession (the worst chat mod in existence (and my excellent business partner over the last year)) to get in touch with me. Chances are I will still be in the Dreambot EDU discord unless that also becomes to much of a distraction for me. :dabs: * Someone hmu once db3 drops tho so I can check that shit out.
  3. And those are the questions we have all been wanting answers to for the last couple years.
  4. It's okay it'll all be fixed with DB3~
  5. Gone for awhile if you need anything from me contact @depwession or hit my Discord.

  6. If you have a properly filled out script manifest something is boned with your jar. If a single script is broken it can cause the rest of your scripts not to show. Assure your jar export correctly and that there are no errors in your script.
  7. Pro tip Use git, either a local instance or you can use a site like GitHub. This allows you to revert back and will save you time and headache in the future.
  8. Under your user profile their is a folder called DreamBot Delete it and rerun DBLauncher.jar and lmk if that works.
  9. The names might be similar but they are pretty far from the same. If you look into the history of JS it was originally called something else but no one used it because it was garbage. Java had started for boom so they renamed it in a shitty (but successful) marketing ploy to draw users to thier language. I suggest using Eclipse or IntelliJ. While you can use VSCode it is definitely more focused on web apps. Unless you have a lot of experience compiling Java applications by hand this can be a bitch vs just compiling with Eclipse / IntelliJ. NetBeans is also a good option but tends to get more hate because its considered a beginers IDE and not used by any relevant companies. If you do decide taking the VSCode route and dont want to fuck with compiling every time you make a change I would consider looking into making a build script. It's a simple couple line shell script you can call to build applications for you. Basically just write the same commands you would use to normally compile the application then write them on each line of the build.sh file. Whenever you want to build call build.sh and boom it shits out a jar.
  10. yeeter01

    Dreambot discord?

    Dreambot its self does not have a discord. There was one at one time but it was deleted/banned by Discord due to Discords policies. Thier are a few unofficial ones focused on education but they do not support any form of advertising, sales of accounts/gold, etc. Only for educational purposes of writing scripts.
  11. Read the getting started guide under the featured sub section of the forum to ensure your environment is configured properly. Or click this link ->
  12. are you certain you pointed the export towards your Dreambot/scripts folder? If you didn't they wouldn't be in their.
  13. All I want for Christmas Nezz is an update on DB3 thnx
  14. yeeter01


    I always look forward to your single letter post. Gives me a way to kill sometime at the start of my work day.
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