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    1. Crushing the competition with better a script is always an option 💯
    2. what are the script names? There are lots of scripts out there that do these things, there were also some updates this morning so maybe relaunch and try again?
    3. when are you going to manipulate the osrs cabbage market

    4. its hard impossible to believe because so many of us have been doing this for so many years that at this point ii is a fact.
    5. Going to doubt that error is what got you banned, sounds like just some poor luck.
    6. Give more info, for all we know from your post your 40 minutes might had just been you begging to be banned.
    7. 1) Dreambot was not the cause of your ban, you are more likely at fault for misuse of the client. Things like running a low quality script for extended periods of time can result in a ban, botting for many consecutive hours with no breaks can cause a ban, doing highly botted things like willows has an increased chance of receiving a ban. None of these are the clients fault. 2) Dreambot is safe to use and the scripts on the SDN are safe to use, if Dreambot were not a safe application we would not have thousands of loyal paying users, and tens of thousands of free users over the years.
    8. as safe as safe can get
    9. Most likely a game update happened today, our devs will fix it ASAP 😃
    10. I have reached out to Hosfad and banned him, he stated that he will be returning your money. Please confirm once your money is returned.
    11. yeeter01

      Bone farm

      what kind of bones?
    12. yeeter01


      Scholar? wut?
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