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    1. Sometimes Jagex may assume a ban wave was a tad over zealous and roll some of the bans back just to assure they didn't ban any actual players.
    2. Completely possible! Will just take some time and learning 😃
    3. IMO not worth the time an effort when DreamBot provides everything you need, you seem to be overthinking how much Jagex actually tracks.
    4. You'll have to make your own.
    5. They can change, not super common and to my knowledge no real pattern on when / why they change. Just Jagex being Jagex. Also here is a link to the DreamBot educational Discord -> https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W
    6. 10000000% normal and has been plaguing me for years due to insomnia.
    7. Finally a worthy challenger has approached.
    8. Pretty sure he had mentioned it was to much work to maintain / not worth it on his end. He still actively uses the forums so maybe he can provide some direct insight @wettofu
    9. yeeter01


      Mind providing some more detail?
    10. You should be able to install any common operating system available for the raspberry pi, and then just google how to install Java on it.
    11. You will need to do some trail and error / experimentation to figure out what works best for you and your setup. There is no "Just do X and you'll print money" If it were that easy everyone would be doing it lol.
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