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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from another users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox

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  1. Another important question is how many accounts are you running when this occurs? Please check task manager during it happening to provide some more information. You could also try clearing your Jagex cache, reinstalling Dreambot, assure your internet is properly functioning, and that nothing is getting caught up in firewall/anti virus. I highly doubt this is a DreamBot issue tho. >inb4 muh specs Depending on what else you are doing on the machine you could easily max an i3 with 8gb ram simply be using Chrome, Discord and other services while attempting to bot. So it's not as much of a spec thing more of a user configuration thing.
  2. I wish you luck. One thing that I noticed on my combat farm while it was running was that if I leveled the first 20 or so levels by hand the ban rate was considerably lower for the next 20 levels. Just something I had noticed when I was farming combat accounts, might just be some tinfoil hat theory but thought i'd share.
  3. I have never noticed a difference between the two, so just do direct trades. If anything trading is less sketch, because no one just randomly drops 250m multiple times a day to bots. Yet I trade mills to people all day for real purposes for nothing in return.
  4. Its not a standalone application I have it tied into my farm atm and manage it all via this program lol. If I get some free time this summer I could probably take out the management part and open source it. It is just some fancy JavaFX and a list lol.
  5. Did you adjust the location of your client? I did that before on accident but I keep backups of my accounts now just incase. I also wrote an external management application to keep a copy / manage my bot accounts -> https://imgur.com/a/H89wmVa might be worth tracking your bots in an excel sheet if your running a small farm.
  6. Script was removed from the SDN due to it not functioning and the script writer being inactive/ignoring the script as posted by Hashtag earlier today on the scripts's thread.
  7. are you sure you are visiting this link here -> https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar
  8. yeeter01

    Account YEETER

    no problem! was really scratching my head for a second there trying to figure out what might of caused that. Feel free to post a proggy of that many accounts!
  9. yeeter01

    Account YEETER

    I did not put a limit into the amount that can be checked, can you elaborate on what your message?
  10. yeeter01


    you can look at the sub section of the forum dealing with private script sales/shops some of them may accept OSRS gold but you would have to check each script shop.
  11. def flagged, Lot of popel use Proxifier so a lot of them are probably flagged. +1 on the MLP pfp tho
  12. There should be a 1 question quiz before downloading the client consisting of 1.) What will you do if you are banned? a.) Move on with my life and spool up another account b.) Blame the developers c.) Blame the free script I downloaded for not having NSA level anti-ban that does their homework for them while they bot d.) Make a thread questioning why they you were banned when Jagex obviously answered the questions for you in the ban report. and depending their answer it unlocks the client.
  13. yeeter01

    Metal Thread

    I'll have to check for tickete then lol
  14. yeeter01

    Metal Thread

    Gimme chocolate is my literal shit, saw them live last year in the US
  15. yeeter01

    Account YEETER

    Thanks for the proggy!
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