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    1. whatever guide you are using is out of date, you'll want to remove the word 'get' infront of your methods. So it'll just be Inventory and Tabs etc.. This was an update to the API that recently happened, many old guides will no break if you follow them, core logic should be the same just the API calls have changed.
    2. Yamato, like the Japanese steakhouse in Richmond Indiana? http://richmondyamato.com/
    3. lmfao wtf is that delivery estimate? hard pass
    4. Use a mule in the middle, thats about the only precaution you can take. Just being burtaliy honest with you. You saying you don't want to run 15 accounts at once is already enough for me to tell you that you won't make any real money off botting. If running 15 accounts is to spooky already and you want to make big $$$ you'll need to boss, but boss accounts are $$$$$$$ and can still get banned. TLDR takes money to make money as well as a lot of trail and error. Will honestly just be easier to go work a few extra hours one day or mow some yards and rebuy the gold. No one is going to hold you hand to the extent I think you are wanting.
    5. I am busy this weekend but am planning on running a large sample set of accounts proving the walker is not the issue, I will publicly post the test script and my results once completed to finally prove for once it is not Dreambot's new walker or mouse movement. Both will be tested independently and together. Just give me a couple of week I am busy with my real job.
    6. What kind of issues were you running into? Sounds like an issue on your machine I don't believe we have seen any issues like this with our launcher.... Mind sharing your systems specs / os / java version?
    7. This could be farm specific, trust me a lot more people are leaving OSBot and coming to Dreambot then the other way around. This ban wave hit all clients to some extent including private clients. The client is safe, currently have a very vocal minority trying to use the walker update as a scapegoat for their farms getting wiped, when like I had mentioned before is something being reported across MULTIPLE PUBLIC AND PRIAVTE clients. Sorry about your loss o7 glhf on your future endeavors
    8. why are you asking on this thread?
    9. Welcome 😃 Botting can be a blast, feel free to join our educational botting Discord -> https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W
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