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  • DreamBot Logo / Forum Rank Images Contest! [$100+$100 PRIZE]


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    Hello everyone,

    We're excited to open up this little contest to see what our community's artists have to offer :D

    What we're looking for:

    [$100 CREDIT] Updated DreamBot Logo and VIP/Sponsor/Lifetime Sponsor/Donator product images

    • We think our logo is fairly recognizable, so we're looking for a minor update/refreshing that still should resemble our current logo for the most part
    • Product images for our subscriptions and donor products in the store
    • For this contest we'll only need you to showcase what you are thinking and we ask you to make the logo itself, and the VIP product image
      • If you win the contest with what you provide, before being paid you'll need to finish the job and make the rest of the product images (list will be provided)

    [$100 CREDIT] New Forum Rank Logos

    • As most of you can tell, our forum rank logos are a bit outdated, plus some of the newer ones aren't an exact match, which makes the issue even worse!
    • For this contest we'll only need you to showcase what you are thinking and we ask you to make two forum rank logos, VIP and Sponsor
      • If you win the contest with the two that you provide, before being paid you'll need to finish the job and make all of the logos for our current ranks (list will be provided)

    How to Enter

    If you're interested in entering in either of the two options, please make a new thread in this subforum:


    With [CONTEST] in the title so we can know where to look :)

    We'll keep it going until we receive enough entries, then we'll choose the top 3 we like, and then will have a public vote to see which wins!

    You can enter only one or the other, and you can make as many (unique) entries as you'd like.

    Rules and Terms

    • The winner(s) will provided DreamBot account credit which can be used, or sold to other users in whatever currency / payment method you'd like (we don't have PayPal so it'd be difficult to setup a direct payment, sorry!)
    • You do not need to do both, if you'd like to only try one, that's fine
    • You can and are encouraged to make multiple entries, there isn't a limit
    • You must use images / icons that are either CC licensed or licensed to you for commercial use
    • If you win, you'll need to send the art and any source files (PSD, AI, etc) to our email with an explicit section transferring any and all copyrights from yourself to us (message will be provided) for anything provided to us


    The Dream Team

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    On 4/12/2021 at 4:54 PM, Decipher said:


    happy bot

    I am the original artist of this image. It was designed for use with another client (and based off of that client's logo). I ask that you please rescind this submission.

    Edited by Bonfire
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