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    1. Thanks haha if (Inventory.isItemSelected()) { Inventory.deselect(); } ez pz
    2. Sorry if there is an API for this but I couldn't find it. Would it be possible to add some API to check if an Item object is in a "clicked" state, the one where you are using it on another item/npc/gameobject when it has the white outline. My scripts are sometimes getting stuck when using Item#useOn and it does dead clicks or just misses the item.
    3. Love this, tysm. Only wish there was a way to make the mouse change size.
    4. Dreambot should run Client.getInstance().setDrawMouse(true); whenever a script ends/stops to make sure the mouse is showing since a lot of scripts don't do this when they stop.
    5. Just wanted to post again and say since the GE change my scripts haven't had the same issue previously.
    6. 7:54:01 PM: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile.distance(Tile.java) at aF.execute(aF.java:223) at org.dreambot.api.script.impl.TaskScript.onLoop(TaskScript.java) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:836) Had this error while it was making bronze bars at edge, guessing the tile is null for some reason.
    7. Do you happen to accept OSRS gold for instances? Also have you thought about doing a Lifetime version that is like $99.99 or something.
    8. Meteorite

      Wet Quests

      Welcome back!
    9. You're botting the two most repeated actions in the game. Like I said, try to swap out for fishing for a little, trust me.
    10. Love the script, very nicely made with amazing paint! Only suggestion is to make it switch styles or at least a button on the paint to switch to x style.
    11. Repeated actions give the highest ban rates such as agility, have you tried making the bot go do something else around 30ish agility? like some combat or someshit for an hour then going back to agility?
    12. Thanks for the GE improvement
    13. Sometimes when the bot is entering 208 for example to buy, it can type 20 and press enter before it types the 8, thus buying 20 not 208
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