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    1. Absolutely love this! The only issue preventing me from using your scripts is the GE support, need it to allow the ability to slow buy items and change the price on the fly.
    2. Works great but there is a loop issue - If you have less than 14 vials of water in your bank, it'll withdraw them making 0 vials in your bank, triggering a buy vial state but then it puts everything in your bank which puts the vials of water total above 0 which loops back into the processing state and will loop forever.
    3. The great downtime of May 2024 has finished!
    4. Rest in peace Meteorite Logger. 🫡
    5. Great first script, keep it up!
    6. Meteorite

      Sub DevTools

      Love this!
    7. Unpatch it the same way you patched it.
    8. Meteorite Logger Logs you into the account you select. Very useful for Jagex accounts that can't be logged into manually.
    9. Could you use String#trim on the item name/id inputs when you click add, getting sick of copy-pasting item names and they have random spaces before or after the name.
    10. Any chance we could make it auto-bond if the bond days are at less than X, had a few times now where it stops due to running out of membership and fucks everything up.
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