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    1. Disregard, I've been running for 6 hours no issue, I'm thinking it must be a network issue. Normally it just shuts down, without a prompt... interesting. Will just have to go the ethernet route.
    2. Not sure what you're trying to say, but you're entitled to your opinion regardless. I've issued my thoughts on the topic, unless the OP has additional comment.
    3. I'd vouch for anything written by Hosfad, Hashtag, Holic or Neffarion. Hosfad probably has the best anti-ban in my opinion, his scripts are pending re-release at the moment. All talented scripters. Honestly though, I'd say most of the regular scripters on DreamBot are very good at what they do, just look at the frequency of updates a scripter provides their product and that will give you a pretty good idea of who takes their work seriously. I've seen solid feedback SubCZ, Camel & Zawy but I've never tried their scripts.
    4. Afternoon, In the last week my client has been shutting down my scripts and telling me "I have too many clients open" I need to upgrade to VIP in order to continue playing, I can generally close the prompt and restart the script, massive inconvenience as one can imagine. It has been letting the scripts run for what I imagine is only about 2-3 hours before shutting them down, I can only speculate based on my gains. This has happened with both Neffarions and Holics scripts. I have no idea what is causing the script to shut down, I'm definitely not attempting to open any additional clients. Any input is appreciated......
    5. _ CRASTACTI_

    6. - I'm checking DreamBot everyday looking for those Zodiac Scripts to come back! Worse than Christmas eve man, Zodiac is fire - 

    7. The format "Hi my name is...... and I am here because......." is also a suitable introduction tactic........ I won't talk shit, but dido to Yeeter, weak ass post man.
    8. - She's married to the muffin man -

      1. Parker5221


        Not the gumdrop buttons….

    9. Neffarion employs a text log in his scripts, it records the chat of other players throughout the run time. I find that if a script runs well for about an hour, there's no need to monitor much other than possible red flags from other players. idk why, but people feel the need to be vocal that they've reported an account for macroing, give those folks a gold star. Text log has served me well, wish more scripters would implement the feature, or just add it to the client. Purely opinion....
    10. Welcome back sir! Looking forward to more quality scripts! Thanks again!

      1. Hosfad


        Thank you . im glad to be back 🙂

    11. Been using this script for a year, no complaints. @Neffarion, are there any plans to enable the "special attack" feature for the dragon harpoon? I noticed your mining script supports it for the dragon pick axe, handy feature. Thanks again for the solid script.
    12. - Can't catch me -

    13. Fighting moss giants and it ran solid for about an hour, came back to my computer and it kept saying "Health below threshold", instead of eating the swordfish it just idled. I've ran this script for 8+ hours before with no issues, not sure what changed. I paused the script and played it again and it would figure it out, but without that manual fix, it just idles until log out, then logs back in and repeat. Edit: Also tried fighting Ogres, saw another player had luck with that on here. Went and set it up for Ogres and it did the same thing, the script runs to a point and then quits acknowledging food in the inventory and begins to idle, "Health Below Threshold". Also tried with white knights, same issue. This script got me to level 80, shame it's virtually broken at this point..... Thanks again for the awesome scripts.
    14. Ah man, Zodiacs scripts are gone. Bummer dude.....
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