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    1. Great release! Tested some accs for fun with diff proxies and detection works great. Just curious if it's supposed to wait on ironman selection, mine gets stuck there. If it's on purpose, its a great idea for hcim farmers.
    2. xSam

      Sam's Cannonball Master

      Script Update v1.3 - MAJOR UPDATE - Added start GUI, and multiple new smithing locations.
    3. 10 of each, other stats do not matter at all. Looking for estimates, thanks.
    4. xSam

      Sam's Cannonball Master

      Script Update v1.2 - Added an animation check to fix some issues
    5. Great utility, and very easy set up! Will be incredibly useful. 👍👍
    6. xSam

      Sam's Cannonball Master

      Script Update v1.1 - A couple of fixes involving leveling, and screen areas. Also implementation of DrawMouseUtil by holic.
    7. Sam's Cannonball Master Smiths cannonballs in multiple locations for a nice profit. IMPORTANT: Must run in FIXED client layout atm! Requirements: - Dwarf Cannon Quest - 35 Smithing - Ammo Mould Features: - Anti-ban movements - Slower, more natural afk skilling behavior - Supports multiple locations - More to come! Supported Locations: - Edgeville - Zanaris - Al-Kharid - Port Phasmatys - Falador - Burgh de Rott - Ardougne - Neitiznot - Mor Ul Rek Reporting Bugs: - Please provide screenshots of client & logs with the issue. - My discord: discord.gg/ZBHzCGMWgM
    8. Great tutorial, only issue is it's a little out dated, but this link: https://dreambot.org/guides/scripter-guide/script-dev/upgrading-to-db3/ helped a ton with updating the code if anyone needs it. Thank you
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